There is no Muslim Silent Majority!

By keeping silence, all ‘moderate’ Muslims complicit in Islamic Terror.

The response of the Muslim world to Islamic attacks in Paris, which lacked clear and unconditional condemnation, was quite mute and inadequate compared to riots that erupted, from West Africa to East Asia, in protest of the latest issue of the French magazine:

- In Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound, hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated against the French satirical magazine, whose 12 staff members were killed by radical Islamists.

- In Amman, Jordan, around 2,500 protesters set off from the Al-Husseini mosque. Jordan's King Abdullah II also attended the march in protest of Charlie Hebdo cartoon. (So much for the best Arab ally of the US in the Middle East!)

- In Algiers, 2,000 to 3,000 marchers chanted "We are all Mohammed," though some shouted their support for the Islamist Kouachi brothers.

- In the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, hundreds poured out of the Grand Mosque and marched across the adjacent square, chanting "Expel the French ambassador. Victory to the Prophet of God!"

- A French flag was also set on fire outside the embassy in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, where 1,000 protesters rallied, denouncing Charlie Hebdo and chanting slogans of praise to the prophet.

Muslim governments also joined the terror supporting chorus:

- Qatar branded as "offensive" the drawing, which was reprinted by several European papers in a show of solidarity with the victims of the attack.

- Bahrain's foreign ministry echoed that, saying publication of such cartoons "will create fertile ground for the spread of hatred and terrorism."

In order to win the war against Islamic Terror, the Western democracies must identify clearly the enemy they are fighting against:

"I don't quibble with labels. I think we all recognize that this is a particular problem that has roots in Muslim communities," Obama said. "But I think we do ourselves a disservice in this fight if we are not taking into account the fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims reject this ideology."

"When I hear the President of the United States and his chief spokesperson failing to admit that we're in a religious war, it really bothers me," said Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Anti-Israel Britain does it Again - Ban pro-Israel Activists!

A British court has affirmed a governmental decision to ban American conservative and pro-Israel activists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from visiting the United Kingdom.

The British government had been advised by an investigator assigned to the case that, among other things, “Pamela Geller’s outspoken support for Israel may also attract pro-Palestinian groups to attend, further complicating the policing operation on the ground and making it harder to keep opposing groups apart.”

“The key element of its decision is its emphasis on the fact that ‘this was a public order case where the police had advised that significant public disorder and serious violence might ensue from the proposed visit,’” they explained.

Regarding the ban, Spencer and Geller wrote: “Will the British government now ban Jews from the country so as to ‘prevent public disorder,’ since the presence of Jews has been shown all too often to upset some Muslims and cause them to riot? The judgment permits such a Nazi approach.”

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Why is it so much time and energy devoted by the international press, the UN, USA and EU to Israel-bashing? The Jewish population of Israel is seven million, less than 0.01% of the world population! The only answer that can explain this strange anomaly is a deeply ingrained ugliness of anti-Semitism! (Message to cynical Arab-apologists and spin-doctors - so-called Arab “Semites” are not subjected to the same unfriendly scrutiny as ‘Jew-lovers’ reserve for Jews!)

UN Tradition to Appoint anti-Israel ‘Investigators’!

William Schabas, Canadian law professor, stepped down from leading the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) "war crimes" probe against Israel related to Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. There were concerns his documented bias could "harm the findings" of the report, he did work for the PLO. Just one day later a replacement has been found by UN - a judge from the infamous Goldstone Report, Mary McGowan Davis who was already a member of the inquiry. (It means that result of the inquiry is deliberately fixed, mafia style, loaded with anti-Israel members, like the Goldstone Report before! What a Joke: The ICJ rebuffed Serbian and Croatian claims, despite piles of bones, that their forces had committed genocide in the early 1990s.)

Elections 2015 - What a Mess!

Registration closes for March 17 elections. Anti-porn crusaders, hippie Hassids, are among 26 parties registered for elections jostling for the Knesset’s 120 seats. (At least number 26 is the godly one!)

UAE Withdrew/Rejoined Coalition

The United Arab Emirates withdrew from air strike missions against the Islamic State group in Syria after the capture of a Jordanian pilot, who has since been murdered by the jihadists. (Rats leaving a ship, but Israel is still not invited to fight Islamic terror! Shamed by Jordanian vigorous response UAE rejoined coalition, deploying F-16 fighter jets to Jordan)

'Friends' of Israel are Concerned Again

The White House has deep concerns about Israel's decision to issue tenders for the construction of 450 new housing units in occupied Palestinian territory. Similar comments were made by the EU, who said the tenders were "illegal" and "will further undermine the viability of the two-state solution." However, a senior Israel government official said that this is old tenders that are being reissued. (First of all, it is Jewish land occupied by PA! What “two-state solution”, what peace process? Financing Arab housing on Jewish ancestral land is not ‘neutral’ gesture. Not building Jewish home on Jewish land undermines Israel’s security!)

15,000 Young Gazans Received Terrorist Training

Thousands of recruits as young as 15 learned how to kidnap soldiers, use weapons, and infiltrate into Israel though tunnels at a Hamas paramilitary training camp in Gaza. Hamas organizes military-style camps for young recruits each year, but this was the first time its military wing hosted the training at its bases.

Pledges were Used as Cheap anti-Israel Stunt

1) UNRWA has suspended its cash assistance programme in Gaza. The agency has not received any of the $5bn pledged by international donors to pay for the rebuilding. To date, UNRWA has received only US$135 million in pledges. “It is unclear why this funding has not been forthcoming,” said UNRWA Director in Gaza Robert Turner. 2) A large group of ‘Palestinian’ protesters stormed a UN compound in the Gaza Strip after the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), citing lack of funds, suspended payments to Gaza families to rebuild their homes. (It is quite clear that international anti-Semites do not care about fake Palestinians! It would be cheaper and prudent for achieving the peace to move them all to Sinai. But, bigots also do not want it!)

Arabs Can Fight Islamic Terror, when they Want!

Jordanian fighter pilots carried out devastating sorties against ISIS last Thursday, making good on their king's vow of vengeance for the horrific burning death of a captured airman. The latest strikes killed 55 members of ISIS, including a senior commander known as the “Prince of Nineveh.”

“War on Terror” - Obama is Wrong Again!

(29 Jan) Just days after the White House spokesmen cynically claimed that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization the Afghan Taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed 3 American contractors at a military base attached to the Kabul airport.

Is ISIS in War with Hamas?

Islamic State (ISIS) has steadily been gaining hold in Gaza since taking part in last summer's terror war on Israel, but an attack on Friday indicates the terror group may have turned its sights on Hamas (ally of Iran) to vie for leadership of the coastal enclave.

'Someone' is Making a Bad Deal with Iran

Moshe Ya’alon said that 'someone' is also ignoring Iran's widespread regional terrorist activities. Anonymously, European officials say that US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif have discussed increasing the number of uranium-enriching centrifuges Iran would be allowed to retain under an agreement. 2) A top Iranian military leader, Mohammad Reza Naghdi, claims that US officials have been “begging us” to sign a nuclear deal during closed door negotiations with Tehran over its contested nuclear program.

Quote of the Week:

“This question is often posed to me, "Why did Jews vote to re-elect Obama when he clearly is not a friend to Israel or the Jewish people?" Now it is my turn, why did Christians vote to re-elect Obama when all he does is try to justify Islamic terrorism by throwing Christians under the bus? Obama does not stand with the Jewish people, he does not stand with Christians, he does not stand with Hindus, nor Buddhists, but he does stand with the cult of Islam.” - Karen Axelrod, an American Jew.

Is it Fault of Israel? Think about it! - Part2

Incomplete list of Islamic/Muslim Terror Organizations:

·  Islamic Jihad

·  ISIS, so-called Islamic State

·  Al-Qaeda

·  Taliban

·  Hamas

·  Hezbollah

·  Boko Haram

·  Al-Nusra

·  Abu Sayyaf

·  Al-Badr

·  Muslim Brotherhood

·  Lashkar-e-Taiba

·  Palestine Liberation Front (PLO)

·  Ansaru

·  Jemaah Islamiyah

·  Abdullah Azzam Brigades