There is no Even a Fake Peace Process!

The PLO council decided "to stop security cooperation in all its forms with the occupying power" which it urged to "take over full responsibility for the Palestinian people in the occupied State of Palestine, the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza".

The move, which Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas has threatened several times to carry out over the past few months, comes as a response to Israel’s decision to withhold the PA’s tax revenues. The funds are being held back from the PA in retaliation for its moves to join the International Criminal Court (ICC). (Funds must be used to pay PA debts to Israel.)

The PA submitted a UN Security Council resolution in December - which was voted down - calling for Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria within two years, and in January joined the International Criminal Court, where they plan to press for war crimes against Israel.

Israel has in response frozen $127 million per month in tax revenues due the PA, rendering it unable to pay tens of thousands of employees and threatening its very existence. (International bigots genarously help PA to pay salary to terrorists, including those imprisoned in Israel, while billions are  stealen by PA/PLO/Hamas leadership.)

PLO central committee member Mustapha Barghouthi said its decisions were binding on the PA "because it was the PLO which created it (the Authority) and which signed the Oslo accords". The decision spells "the end of the Oslo period, which Israel destroyed", he said.

PA Won't Accept Jewish State

Speaking at PLO Central Council meeting in Ramallah, PA President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated “We won’t accept a Jewish state … because of the many things it would mean in the future.” (They demand removal of Jews, like it was done in Gaza, from PA controlled land, but no recognition of the Jewish state because the plan is still is destruction of Israel, step by step!)

Unity - ‘My Foot’!

Acting on direct orders from Mahmoud Abbas, PA’s special forces raided all nine PA-ruled West Bank towns and detained 500 Hamas suspects. Abbas ordered the operation because he had discovered that Hamas had been hatching a plot for some weeks to stage an armed uprising against the Palestinian Authority.

US Senate Probing Funding of Anti-Netanyahu NGO

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has launched a bipartisan probe into an American nonprofit’s funding of efforts to oust Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, after the Obama administration’s State Department gave the nonprofit taxpayer-funded grants. Netanyahu has repeatedly claimed in the last few days that foreign governments were funneling millions of dollars, and possibly tens of millions, into the “Anyone but Bibi” campaign.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Isn’t it strange that Obama recently declares Venezuela a national security threat, but not the Iranian nuclear program or Saudi Arabian expansionistic Wahhabi ideology, not even the ugly Islamic ISIS cult? Is it a diversion tactic or does this US president absolutely clueless?

ISIL Forced ‘Palestinians’ to Flee

So-called Palestinians, living in Iraq - “professional refugees" - feel like there is no end to the constant upheaval. ISIL forces them to flee again, as it had happened after fall of Saddam Hussein. (The Muslim world uses them as political pawns but despise them! And, as usual, there is no international outrage, because Israel is not involved!)

Has Europe Awaken to Danger of Islamization

Around 5,198 foreign citizens were expelled from Norway in 2013. A very high percentage of them radical Muslims - and it’s had a dramatic effect on the country’s crime rate. (Violent crime has dropped by 30%). Of those deported for crimes, 232 were Nigerian, 136 were Afghani, and 76 were Moroccan. For those expelled for violations of immigration code, Afghanis and Iraqis topped the list, with 380 and 234, respectively.

Self-hating Jewish Left Funded by Foreign Sources

The Likud party night dismissed the leftist rally that took place at the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, saying it was part of a foreign-funded campaign. Participants included representatives from Meretz, Peace Now, Labor and representatives of the V15 group.

Bogus War on Terror

A new Office of the Director of National Intelligence report found that 116 Guantanamo Bay inmates who were released in recent years have returned to their terror battlefields or taken back up with their former terrorist organizations. Most, if not all, have resumed aggressive stances specifically against the United States and other Western nations. Of those, 23 have been taken back into custody and 25 have been confirmed dead.

US Intelligence is Almost Always Wrong!

One of the main western-backed rebel groups announced that it had dissolved itself and joined a larger Islamist alliance. Hazzm is one of the last remnants of non-jihadist opposition to President Bashar Assad in northern Syria, much of which has been seized by the Nusra Front and Islamic State, an offshoot of al-Qaeda that controls roughly a third of Syria. (The US, CIA, supported al-Qaeda in its fight against the USSR; Obama welcomed the rise of the Islamic ‘Arab Spring’ and the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt; failed to prevent attacks on US embassies in Africa, the bombing of USS Cole and massacre of US personal in Benghazi. Must Israel rely on them?)

“Iron Beam” is Coming!

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is expected to deploy the world’s first laser-based air defense system. The weapon system will extend the ability of the IDF to protect Israeli civilians from Hamas rocket attacks by using a laser to target and “bring down like flies” short-range rockets, artillery shells, and mortar bombs with trajectories too small for Israel’s famed Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries to engage and intercept effectively.

Jihad of Silent Islamic majority

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls issued the warning that “There are 3,000 Europeans in Iraq and Syria today. When you do a projection for the months to come, there could be 5,000 before summer and 10,000 before the end of the year.”

When will Obama Get It? There are no Moderate ‘Rebels’!

Retired US general John Allen, President Barack Obama's envoy to the international coalition fighting the Islamic State group, insisted that once moderate Syrian rebels were vetted, trained and armed, they would not be abandoned on the battlefield. "It is clearly part of our plan, that not only we will train them, and we will equip them with the latest weapons systems, but we will also protect them when the time comes." (When will the idiots learn? Was experiment with al-Qaeda, initially armed and trained by CIA, not enough?)

Egypt Getting Ready for War with Israel?

Egyptian and Russian media outlets have been reporting that a Russian advanced surface-to-air missile system, the S-300 - capable of intercepting aircraft at a range of up to 200 kilometers, has arrived in the Middle East. The Egyptian military has likely already commenced deployment of the long-range anti-aircraft batteries across the North African country.

Jews Must be Able to Pray at the Temple Mount

An Israeli judge ruled that police “must ensure that Jews are able to pray at the Temple Mount,” setting a ground-breaking legal precedent. The Jerusalem Magistrate court ordered Israeli police to pay equal-rights activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick NIS 500,000 for illegally banning him from the site for two years after seeing a video of him praying there. However, just days after the court ruling police again chose to ignore it and ban Jews from praying on the Temple Mount. (Israeli police must have Jewish national Zionist training and become accountable to the law!)

The Number of PA Residents Working for Israelis Doubled

The 92,000 PA Residents who are happily working for Israelis double, making on average NIS 198 per day - while their peers in the PA controlled territories make just 45% of that, or NIS 91 per day.

What was the Fuss About?

"…Prime Minister Netanyahu understands the difference between fantasy and reality. He understands the danger of ignoring the facts. As a leader responsible for the millions of lives that hang in the balance, he has shared those stark facts with Congress, with the American people, and with everyone in the world who is willing to look at hard evidence." said New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn). (By attacking Netanyahu, President Obama has been deliberately helping anti-Zionist Israel left to gain more votes!)

A Lesson for Complacent West

An Egyptian administrative court upheld the Ministry of Religious Endowments’ decision issued to close down neighbourhood places of worship of less than 80 square meters (861 square feet), almost 27,000 places of worship, a move intended to protect young people from the militancy and extremism that can prevail in such places, which lack the legal standing to hold Friday prayers.

Austria Remains anti-Semitic Nazi!

An Austrian leading panel of experts, the Art Restitution Advisory Board, "recommended unanimously ...not to return the 'Beethoven Frieze' by Gustav Klimt to the heirs of Erich Lederer," said panel chair Clemens Jabloner.

Will the Arab League Fight Its Own Islamic Barbarism?

The Arab League called for the creation of a regional force to combat militants as countries face a growing threat from Islamic State and other groups. There has been no comprehensive Arab force to fight Islamic terrorism. Previous calls for a unified force have failed to produce results.

Quotes of the Week:

"We are not going to give up more land. This approach has failed... I think the world right now is trying to twist Israel's arm into committing a huge mistake that would damage our own future... Israel needs to do what is right for it, what is right for its people, what is right for its long-term survival... We have a problem in the Arab world, which is getting more and more radical. Throwing them (the Palestinians) pieces of Israel's land and hoping that will satisfy the radical Islamist beast won't do it." - Naftali Bennett, leader of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home)

Ethnic Make Up of Fake Palestinians.

Extracts from: “Bosnia - Motherland of "Palestinians" by Manfred R. Lehmann and Palestinians ‘Peoplehood’ based on a Big Lie” by Eli E. Hertz.

Arab Palestinian nationality (which was officially forged in 1964) is an entity defined by its opposition to Zionism (the Jewish national liberation movement) and not by its national aspirations.

Like a mantra, Arabs repeatedly claim that the Palestinians are a native people of Israel. The concept of a ‘Stateless Palestinian people’ is not based on fact. It is a fabrication! The following is a chronology of the ethnic make up of so-called Palestinians and their origin.

During the Ottoman Empire.

Until the Jews began returning to the Land of Israel in increasing numbers from the late 19th century, the area called Palestine was a God-forsaken backwash that was controlled by the Ottoman Empire.

1880-84 Turkish government settles Muslim Circassian refugees in the Golan to ward off Bedouin robbers. Other settlers in the area include Sudanese, Algerians, Kurds...

In 1878, an Ottoman law granted lands in Palestine to the Moslem refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Carmel region, in the Galilee and in the Plain of Sharon and in Caesarea. The refugees were further attracted by l2-year tax exemptions and exemption from military service.

The same colonization policy was also directed toward Moslem refugees from Russia - particularly from the Crimea and the Caucasus. They were Cherkesians and Turkmenians - leading to their settling in Abu Gosh, near Jerusalem and in the Golan Heights. Refugees from Algeria and Egypt were also settled in Jaffa, Gaza, Jericho and the Golan.

British Mandate: 1917-1947

1923 Having discovered the Golan lacks oil but that the Mosul area in northern Syria is rich in oil, the British cede the Golan to France in exchange for Mosul. At the same time Trans-Jordan was ceded from the Palestinian mandate as well and Egypt was given control of Sinai, the British and France gain control of the Suez canal. (82% of Jewish land was sacrificed in the process!)

In 1934 alone, 30,000 Syrian Arabs from the Hauran moved across the northern frontier into Mandate Palestine, attracted by work in and around the newly built British port and the construction of other infrastructure projects. They even dubbed Haifa Um el-Amal (‘the city of work’).

The Ottoman Turks’ census (1882) recorded only 141,000 Muslims in the Palestinian. The British census in 1922 reported 650,000 Muslims. (Where did they come from?)