There is a Solution for Gaza

by Moshe Feiglin (Zehut party)

(Good plan – a step in the right direction, but not good enough!)

1.    Eliminate the Hamas leadership.

2.    Restore Israeli military and civil control of Gaza.

3.    Nullify the Oslo Accords, extinguish the blaze that we ignited with those mad accords. (Which has been already irrelevant since its inception!)

4.    After we have a military government in place, slowly but surely, free the Arabs that have been stuck in Gaza since Oslo. They want to go. Approximately a million and a half Arabs dream of leaving Gaza. Israel would have no problem getting them at the front of the line for emigration, if it is done in an orderly and staged manner. (There are also other means of persuasion that would work faster!)

5.    Ultimately, we apply sovereignty there. Gaza should be like all the other predominantly Arab cities in Israel – like Jaffa, Acco or Nazareth. That should be the last frame in the movie. Israeli sovereignty in Gaza, a bustling, prosperous city. (The plan is still in line with all fake ‘politically correct’ ideas - it is not realistic as it leaves enemy population with an option to stay in Israel, and they will continue to practice terror and anti-Israel propaganda. Most of them will!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The population transfer is a legitimate approach for conflict resolution! In 1922 two guys received the Nobel Prize for this idea, after almost 2 million were transferred b/w Greece and Turkey. In 1947 12 million were transferred b/w India and Pakistan. In 1949 the 4th Geneva Convention was adopted to stop Israel from doing the same to the hostile Arab population, which was left in Israel after the War of Independence. Since then only Israel is forced to abide by it! Israel needs a self-respectful leadership with determination to end the conflict, and remove so-called Palestinians from Jewish land!

Terror-Nurse was No Angel of Mercy

Ashraf Najjar was not the innocent medic and an angel of mercy as Hamas propaganda portraying her. On a video, she goes out to the front line in her medic’s uniform, to act as a human shield, and laughing in delight as she throws a smoke grenade, actively participating in the Hamas violence along the Gaza fence. (As usual, IDF/Israel has been slow to respond to propaganda lies of the enemies! When will they learn? When they do, no one listens to them anyway.)

Incendiary Terror Kites War

More than 350 of the airborne incendiary devices have been felled by IDF drones during the last two weeks. Some 600 such balloons and kites have been sent over Israel border. Professional operators across Israel are asking to join IDF reservists to help. (NO war has been won by defence only - It is time to destroy enemy command and remove the threat from Jewish land!)

Another Wimpish Justification

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delayed a ministerial debate of motions to officially recognize the Armenian genocide. The Foreign Ministry said it had advised that going ahead with the initiative could help Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s re-election campaign. (He will be re-elected anyway! Delay is a gutless show of weak leadership!)

Delusional Hamas - Israel was Deterred

Hamas’ point of view, Israel was deterred, as it feared a wide-scale operation which would have undoubtedly resulted in Hamas firing long-range rockets capable of reaching Be’er Sheva, Ashdod, Rishon LeZion and maybe even Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion Airport. Although most rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome system! (Remove the 'cancer' - this is the only option to have some sort of peace in Israel!)

'Paycheck' Terrorism

Iran has raised its annual support for Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah to more than $700 million a year. (Is the raise a sign of war preparation?)

Trump Signed Jerusalem Embassy Waiver

US President Donald Trump, once again (quietly), signed a waiver of the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act despite having successfully transferred the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem last month. The reason: not all requirements under the Act have yet been met. (Strange and peculiar things are happening - only in relation to Israel!)

Enrichment Escalation was always the Plan

Iran’s top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that he had ordered preparations to increase uranium enrichment capacity if a nuclear deal with world powers falls apart after the US withdrawal, and he vowed never to accept limits on Tehran’s ballistic missile program. In case European, Russian, and Chinese signatories to the deal prove unable to protect its economic benefits for Iran, Khamenei said, “I have ordered Iran’s atomic energy agency to be prepared to upgrade our (uranium) enrichment capacity.” (Intimidation and blackmail are common tools of the Muslim diplomatic arsenal!)

Let Hope NATO will not Interfere

NATO will not side with Israel if the Islamic Republic of Iran attacks the Jewish state, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, “The security guarantee (of NATO) does not apply to Israel” because the Jewish state is not a member of the 29 country alliance. (Stating the obvious! Most likely, as it was in the past, the EU members will condemn Israel when it is retaliating and winning conflict with the enemies.)

Iran is Dangerously Delusional

An Iranian official claimed on Friday that Israel was dealt a “heavy blow” by his country last month when 32 rockets were fired at the Golan Heights from Syria. “For the first time since the formation of the Zionist regime, Israel received a heavy blow from the Resistance Front in the Golan Heights,” said Ramezan Sharif, a former spokesman for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. (Problem is that they believe it their own lies!)

Russia in Understanding with Israel

Russia's Ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, confirmed that an agreement has been reached between Israel and Russia about removing Iranian forces from the Syrian-Israeli border. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov signaled that his country had accepted Israel’s long-time demand that Iranian forces not be allowed to operate near the Israeli frontier.

So Much for "Quiet" or Ceasefire!

Gaza Palestinians violated their own ceasefire Saturday night, June 2, after just three days. This time they launched small volleys at their unfortunate neighbours. They calculated they could traumatize Israel unendurably no less than they did by last week’s massive rocket barrage.

QUOTE of the WEEK:

“The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document. The JCPOA reflects political commitments between Iran, the P5+1 (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, China), and the European Union... Never was signed. Never was a treaty. Never even an “executive agreement.” - Rush Limbaugh, a talk radio hostIt allows Iran to regroup, obtain material and expertise, and get ready for the next round of nuclear weapon development escalation!

Time to “Leave Egypt”.

by Steven Shamrak.

Every year Jews celebrate the exodus from Egypt and freedom from slavery. It took place 3,320 years ago. It was a fundamental event in Jewish history. At the same time, it symbolizes not just freedom from physical slavery. Passover reminds us that internal freedom of mind and spirit are even more significant. This freedom allows us real freedom of choice.

Jews have nothing to apologise for. We have the right to live in peace on Jewish land in our own country. We lived in Galut (exile, slave mentality) for too long. It is time to say – “NO more”!

I am ashamed and feel sorry for those Jews who have no self-respect and are helping enemies to destroy Israel. Why do they hate themselves so much?

I do respect non-Jewish people who do not know and do not care about the Arab-Israel conflict. They are honest hard-working people who have their own problems and interests. At the same time, there is a danger when opinions are formed under the influence of selectively presented information, provided by mainly a press that is biased against Israel.

People become attached to the belief system they have adopted, and it is difficult to change it. For Jews the understanding of the conflict and support for Israel is existential! I would like to remind all of them: 

1. Israel is on a front line of the war between Arab-Muslim expansionism and Western democracy. This war has already shifted to America and Europe. 

2. According to the UN’s own legal opinion: Judea, Samaria and Gaza do not belong to any country at the moment. Therefore, it is wrong to call them ‘Occupied Territories’. They used to be a part of Jewish land 2000 years ago and were allocated by the League of Nations for the creation of Eretz-Israel in 1922. There was never an Arab country in Palestine. 

3. So-called Palestinians are Arabs and Muslims who moved to the territories during the last 130 years, after the Zionist pioneers started to revitalize the land. 

4. Arabs have no intention of living in peace with Jews. When the former president of Egypt Nasser was asked: Why do you continue to fight Israel after so many defeats? His answer was: “Because. We need to win only one war!” Please make no mistake, the Arabs’ aim is total destruction of the Jewish state!

5. Arabs do respect charisma and strong leadership. It is time for Israel and her government to show it and end terror.  

6. Enemies and so-called friends have never treated the Jewish people as equals. They will never support Israel unconditionally regardless of facts. They do not care about facts and deliberately distort or falsify them.  

7. After 60 years of wars and terror, it is time to become an Independent nation with self-respect and be equal among equals. No more double standards!

8. Israel was created to fulfil a 2000-year-old national inspiration of Jewish people. Jews have the right to regain control over all Jewish land. The time is NOW!

At the same time, I am ashamed and feel sorry for Jews who advocate destruction of Israel. Why do they hate themselves so much?