The US Pressure on Israel!

Israel can and must act in her own best interests

by Yoram Ettinger

Fact: In 1950, the US Administration pressured Israel to refrain from Jewish construction in Jerusalem and from declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel - Prime Minister Ben Gurion built, relocated government agencies and thousands of immigrants to Jerusalem and declared Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish State. In 1967, the US Administration pressured against annexation of East Jerusalem - Prime Minister Eshkol annexed, reunited Jerusalem, and built the formidable Ramat Eshkol neighbourhood. In 1970, the US Administration pressured Israel to relinquish control over parts of Jerusalem - Prime Minister Golda Meir constructed the neighbourhoods of Gilo, Ramot and Neveh Yaakov (current population over 100,000). The US Administration pressured, Israel constructed, Jerusalem expanded and the Jewish State earned strategic respect.

Fact: In 1948, the US Department of State, Pentagon and CIA pressured Ben Gurion to avoid a declaration of independence. In 1961, President Kennedy pressured to stop the construction of Israel’s nuclear reactor. In 1967, President Johnson pressured against pre-empting the Egypt-Syria-Jordan military offensive. In 1977, President Carter pressured Prime Minister Begin to abstain from direct negotiation with President Sadat and participate - instead - in an international conference, focusing on the Palestinian issue and Jerusalem. In 1981, President Reagan pressured Prime Minister Begin against bombing Iraq’s nuclear reactor. (There are many more examples of subservient ‘friendship’ between the US and Israel.)

New Fact: In pursue of useless ‘historic’ photo opportunity, President Obama dropped his demand for an Israeli settlement freeze. The demand for the PA to recognize Israel as the Jewish state was never vigorously pursued by the US administration!

NOTE: Defiance of pursuit entails short-term cost but enhances long-term national security. Submission to pressure exacerbates pressure. Fending off pressure is required, in order to attain Israel’s strategic goal!

Quote of the Week: “They [Israelis] have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?” - former national security advisor to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who enthusiastically campaigned for U.S. President Barack Obama – It is hard to purge traditional Polish anti-Semitism even from the American security advisor. Even harder to except that it was said by a ‘respectable’ American!

UNRWA Impedes Peace Process. More than 1,500 Arab refugees from Iraq, descendants of Arabs who fled pre-state Israel in the 1940s, have recently been welcomed into the United States and Chile. Refugees who relocated to Chile have settled in to their new home, and have received a warm welcome from Chile's leaders. The successful absorption of thousands of “Palestinian refugees” from Iraq proves that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency impedes Arab refugees from building a better future. (Nobody protested against how new ‘democratic’ Iraq treats its ‘poor Palestinians’! And none of the Muslim states, such great ‘lovers’ of Palestinians, have offered them home!)

Pakistan is Another Unremorseful Islamic State. A Pakistani court ordered the government to lift any remaining restrictions on a scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, who has spread nuclear technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya. After Khan admitted that he is responsible for operating a network that spread nuclear weapons technology, he was pardoned by then President Pervez Musharraf and placed under de facto house arrest. (This is a clear example of how Muslim countries respect international laws! The warm and enthusiastic welcome of the Lockerbie bomber in Libya is another display of ‘respect’!)

Madness of Political Correctness and Appeasement. Yale University Press, owned by the university, removed 12 caricatures from an upcoming book about how they caused outrage across the Muslim world. (Great academic way of studying Islamic violence! Where are the freedoms of speech and the freedoms of academic pursuit?)

Hamas Plans to Raise More Terrorists. 1. Hamas has sponsored the weddings of 382 so-called Palestinian couples in Syria. The point is to make babies, and more terrorists. 2. 900 Hamas sponsored marriages were performed not long ago in the north of the Gaza Strip. Each groom received a present of $500 from Hamas. (They hate the US, but love the US dollars!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

After so many ‘objective’ enquiries and reports about Israel it would only be logical to expect that the United Nations, as a part of its impartiality, will start its investigations of terrorist organization Hamas for committing war crimes and human rights abuse in Gaza!

All non-Muslims are the Target! A poll released by the Pew Global Attitudes Project found that support for terrorism remains unusually high among Palestinian Authority Arabs - 68 percent of them expressed support for suicide bombings against civilians “to defend Islam from enemies.” Among Israeli Muslims, only seven percent support attacks on civilians as a justification to protect Islam. (Not only Jews!)

Life with ‘Friendly’ Neighbours Takes its Toll. Stress and anxiety caused by living under the ongoing threat of rocket attacks has tremendously impacted the kids of Sderot. 45 percent of the town’s children under the age of six suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is expressed through developmental regression, sleeping disorders or aggression. Amongst adults, the data indicated that 41 percent of mothers and 33 percent of fathers suffer from PTSD, often experience flashbacks, and avoid places that remind them of rocket attacks. (International Jew-haters are usually ‘poor Palestinian’ lovers. They do not care about the wellbeing of Jewish children!)

Vatican in Holocaust Blame Game. Britain and the United States possessed detailed knowledge of Hitler’s plans to exterminate Jews and did nothing to stop it, accused the Vatican’s official newspaper. Authorities in both countries ignored, downplayed and even suppressed intelligence reports about Nazi extermination plans and chose not to bomb concentration camps and the railway stations that supplied them. The report quoted from the diary of Henry Morgenthau Jr., the wartime U.S. secretary of the treasury, who described the UK’s alleged indifference as “a Satanic combination of British chill and diplomatic double talk, cold and correct and adding up to a sentence of death”. As early as August 1942, the U.S. government “knew that the Nazis were planning to exterminate all the Jews of Europe” (The Vatican continuously downplays its own silence during WW2 and its facilitation of and moral responsibility for the Holocaust!)

Quote of the Week: ''IDF officers who committed war crimes should be punished, and those who did not punish them should also be sanctioned,'' – judge Richard Goldstone – This ‘impartial’ UN judge said nothing about punishing Hamas terrorists for committing war crimes, but he has already judged and sentenced Jews!

Israel Defending US and Europe.

Advances in Iran's rocket technology, coupled with its nuclear program, are chief concerns of the United States and Europe, as well as of Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. Alongside diplomatic efforts to persuade Iran to curb its nuclear research, missile defence programs have been designed with that country in mind.

The Obama administration decided to scrap a Bush-era plan to deploy a longer-range-missile defence system in the Czech Republic and Poland, and said it would move toward a more intermediate system that better matches its assessment of Iran's capabilities. (Deployment of a missile defence system nowadays is just an attempt to avoid dealing with the problems directly - Nuclear Iran and North Korea!)

As it pushes for international action against Iran's nuclear program, Israel is steadily assembling one of the world's most advanced missile defence systems, a multi-layered collection of weapons meant to guard against a variety of threats, including the shorter-range Grads used to strike Israeli towns like this one and intercontinental rockets.

(It is a well-known secret that Israel has been acting as a front line of defence for the Western world from Islamic terror for a long time. Instead of destroying the roots of the problem, fake wars are being conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are useless activities to create the appearance that something is done for world security. Only by removing the nuclear treat from Iran and by ending sponsorship of Islamic terrorism by Muslim countries, starting with Saudi Arabia, will the world end the perpetuation of the ‘cycle of violence’!)