The US Joined Enemies of Israel

by World Israel News Staff

An estimated 2,000 Jews, including lawmakers, ascended the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, on Thursday morning, on the holiday of Tisha b’Av, when Jews worldwide mourn the destruction of the first and second Holy Temples in Jerusalem. National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir was among them.

“This place is the most important place for the people of Israel, where we need to return and show our sovereignty,” said Ben-Gvir.

“On this day, in this place, it’s very important to remember, we are all brothers. right-wing, left-wing, religious, secular, we are all the same people. When a terrorist looks out the window, he doesn’t discriminate between us. Unity is important, and love of Israel is important,” he added.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry categorized Ben-Gvir’s walk-through of the site as a “flagrant violation of all international norms and agreements” and a “provocation to all Muslims around the world.”

The Biden administration also condemned the visit, saying it “stands firmly for the preservation of the historic status quo with respect to the holy sites in Jerusalem. (Disregarding any respect for Jewish holy sites and traditions!)

According to the (ugly) status quo (enemies of Israel want to maintain), Jews are barred from freedom of worship at the (Jewish holiest) site.

The Gaza-based Hamas terror group said Ben-Gvir’s visit was a “dangerous escalation” and pledged to “defend the identity of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and protect its Islamic and Arab character at all costs.” (Fake Palestinians 'escalate' the conflict at any time when their masters in Iran and Arab countries pay them to do so!)


The High Court of Justice will hear petitions against a law that limit the court’s oversight of government decisions, with a 15-judge panel for the first time in history, on September 12.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The Israeli Jewish Left is desperate to regain political power. To achieve this, they are destabilising the country. In Israel there is no such thing as Right-wing Jewish politicians. They are all Zionists, who believe in reunification of the Jewish ancestral land, many parts of which are still occupied by enemies. Zionists know that appeasement of international Jew-haters will never change the intentions of anti-Semites the destruction of Israel and elimination of Jews. Zionists also know that only a strong, self-reliant and proud Israel will be able to change the ugly status quo, and will force anti-Semites to at least start respecting the Jewish state!

Israel-Hating Barking in the UN

Addressing a meeting of the 15-member UNSC, Pakistani Ambassador Munir Akram strongly condemned the recent large-scale Israeli military’s operations in Jenin in the Occupied West Bank, and called for holding Israel accountable for its grave human rights violations and crimes in ‘Occupied' Palestine’. The special rapporteurs had also called for Israel to be held accountable under the international law. (They never say what international laws Israel violates by fighting terrorists. Anti-Semites have not really condemned the PA, Hamas, or supporting terrorism population of fake Palestinians. For over 70 years, the UN and other international Jew-haters politically and financially help the enemies of Israel!)

Reforms will Make Israeli Democracy Stronger

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the reasonableness law that passed as part of the judicial reform was a “minor correction”. “We have to bring Israeli democracy back in line with what is common to all democracies. The essence of democracy is the balance between the will of the majority and the rights of the minority and that’s achieved by the three branches of government,” Netanyahu told ABC News. “That’s been taken off the rails in Israel in the last 20 years because we have the most activist judicial court on the planet."

Enemies of Israel 'United'

Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh held a joint meeting in Ankara on Wednesday, July 27, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Erdoğan said that ongoing divisions among the “Palestinian” leadership were playing into the hands of those “who want to undermine peace.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to travel to Turkey on July 28. However, the trip was postponed after he underwent surgery to implant a cardiac pacemaker. (Instead, Erdoğan met the enemies of Israel. It is time to face the truth - the current Turkish Islamic government is not a friend of Israel.)

The Left is Fanning Flames of Civil War

- Ehud Olmert, the only Israeli Prime Minister who was convicted of a criminal offense and served a prison sentence, in an interview with British news outlet Channel 4 News, declared that Israel is going into a civil war following the vote to pass a bill severely restricting the use of the reasonableness standard by the Supreme Court. “There is a threat. This is a serious threat,” Olmert said. “It’s never happened before and we are going into a civil war now.” (Anti-Zionist Israeli Left have lost Jewish voters. They think that by scaring the public with anarchy, violence and chaos they will be able to regain their political power.)

- Opposition co-leader MK Benny Gantz told Israeli media that “We may have lost a battle, but we will win the war. Everything approved here will be cancelled and erased from the book of laws, sooner or later. A majority in the Knesset that want agreements was defeated by extreme MKs who decided to change our identity, who want to take us to an abyss of hatred, to divide us, and to turn us against each other.” (So far, it is him and his 'comrades' who are hatefully turning Jews against each other. Since when do unelected, Leftist Supreme Court judges, who have been sabotaging the future of Israel for 30 years, become the Jewish identity?)

White House still Working on Visit Details

The White House Press Secretary won't confirm the location of a meeting between Biden and Netanyahu “What I can say is they both agreed to meet in the United States later this year". (Not in the White House? For the sake of self-respect and respect toward Israel as a sovereign country, Netanyahu should not meet the President of the United States before the next year election.)

Quotes of the Week:

“Biden meets with dictators of countries such as Venezuela but snubs the democratically elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This is not how you should treat an ally," - Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida.

The Supreme Court Rulings Against Israel

by Rochel Sylvetsky

Do you really want to understand court reform? Read this list of the Supreme Court’s rulings. Read their justification for not allowing our immigration laws to be enforced. Read how they send our tax money to terrorists and their families. The court repeatedly overruled the government. The court has the final authority. The court IS THE GOVERNMENT. Court reform will let the people we elect run the country. Without it we are NOT A DEMOCRACY. Bring democracy back to Israel, REFORM THE COURT!

JUDICIAL REFORM NOW! Here are 50 disastrous decisions the "Supreme Court" made against Israeli Jews and Zionism.

Rulings against security by the Supreme Court:

1. Set severe limitations on targeted killing of terrorist leaders (2006)

2. Prohibited use of a method saving lives of IDF soldiers known as the "neighbour rule" – i.e., when there is a strong possibility that an armed wanted terrorist lurks behind a door that must be opened, soldiers would have a Palestinian Arab stand in front of them and let the terrorist inside the room know about it so he would not shoot (2005)

3. Minimized permitted areas to be demolished in terrorist homes and delayed decisions for long periods, making them less effective (2016, 2018, 2020, 2020 etc).

4. Heard suits brought by terrorists who are citizens of enemy states (Dirani, 2011)

5. Limited IDF activity while fighting was taking place and set guidelines for IDF officers (Church of the Nativity 2002, Rafiah 2004}

6. Cancelled the Interior Minister's decision to void residence permits for Palestinian Parliament members who are Hamas delegates (2017)

7. Ordered granting National Insurance payments to terrorists whose citizenship was cancelled (2022)

8. Refused to allow Israel to keep bodies of killed terrorists as bargaining points for the return of IDF soldier's bodies (2017 – rescinded 2019!)

9. Struck down the law denying monthly child benefits for a terrorist who is a minor (2021)

10. Interfered in IDF security considerations for marking the location of the separation fence (2004)

Immigration as tool to assimilation by the Supreme Court:

11. Blocked the government policy for protecting elderly residents of south Tel Aviv terrorized by lawless illegal employment-seeking infiltrators from African countries who moved into the neighbourhood en masse - by invalidating three different laws meant to prevent illegal infiltration (2013 2014, 2015).

12. Blocked the government plan for relocating infiltrators from Africa, to another African country (2017)

13. Invalidated the "collateral law" meant to encourage infiltrators to return to their native country (2020)

14. Invalidated the Interior minister's decision to limit the number of non-Jewish Ukrainian refugees allowed into Israel (2022)

15. Determined the status of female infiltrators as refugees based on a hypothetical possibility that they might undergo circumcision in their country of birth (2020)

16. Eased the process for residency permits in Israel for Gazan Arabs (2017).

Anti-Zionism by the Supreme Court:

17. Interpreted the Nation State Law, the Basic Law defining Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish People, so that it cannot have any effect on national policy (2021)

18. Forced the Education Ministry to award the Israel Prize to a BDS supporter despite the ministry's decision not to do so (2022)

19. Struck down the Interior Minister's decision to prevent entry to Israel of a BDS activist (2018)

20. Struck down the Film Critics Council decision to forbid the screening of "Jenin Jenin" – a mendacious slanderous film that accused IDF soldiers of a massacre in Jenin, when the truth was that 11 IDF soldiers paid with their lives for the decision not to bomb the city (after warning its residents to leave), thus exposing them to snipers in house-to-house fighting.

21. Struck down the Knesset Elections Committee decision to prohibit those who openly support terror from running for Knesset (Zakhalka 2002, Yazbak 2020)

22. Struck down the Defence Minister's decision to forbid terrorist families from Judea and Samaria to attend a ceremony organized by the left for bereaved Jewish and Arab families whose sons were terrorists (2018, 2023)

23. Ordered signs in Arabic in areas without Arab residents (2002)

24. Struck down suits brought to the court against illegal building of mosques on the Temple Mount (Solomon's Stables 2004, Mercy Gate, 2020)

25. Struck down suits brought to request partial or full freedom of worship for Jews on the Temple Mount (2006 2021)

26. Nullified the effectiveness of the law against boycotts of firms/businesses by BDS organizations by adding that fines can only be applied if damage to the business can be proven – an almost impossible demand due to all the factors involved in business gains and losses (2015)

Land and settlement: the Supreme Court acting AGAINST JEWS

27. Cancelled the long-existing policy allowing the establishment of villages that accept only Jews (Katsir vs. Kaen 2000)

28. Struck down the "Regulating Law" intended to regulate the status of homes built in Judea and Samaria on land whose ownership was contested after the homes were built, by paying claimants for it. Jewish homes were destroyed even though there was no way Arabs could use the land they claimed title to as it was located in the middle of existing communities and it was to the claimant's advantage to be paid for it (Ofra 2014, Netiv Haavot 2016)

29. Discriminated against Israelis in outposts by ordering them destroyed without proof of Arab claimants' ownership (Amona 2006, 2016, Migron 2011)

30. Expelled Jewish residents of Beit Ezra in Hevron against the wishes of the owners and the opinion of the Appeals Committee (2012)

31. Upheld the status of the illegal settlements of Negev Bedouin (Adalah 1997, Abu Efash 2000, Abu Mis'ad 2006, Adala 2016)

32. Upheld the racist PA law against selling land to Jews in Judea and Samaria (punishable by death) (2022)

The Economy damage by the Supreme Court:

33. Blocked the government plan for solving the housing crisis

34. Interfered in interpretations of contracts in contradiction to the wording of those contracts (Apropim 1995)

35. Interfered in the government's plan for developing the offshore gas fields damaging Israel's credibility in financial agreements (2016).

Religion, state and family manipulations by Supreme Court

36. Forbade hospital administrators to keep chametz out of hospitals on Pesach (2022, rescinded in 2023)

37. Allowed and upheld opening businesses on Shabbat in Tel Aviv (2017)

38. Forced a husband divorcing an unfaithful wife to share property that was proved to be his alone with the unfaithful spouse (2021)

39. Forced changing the law so that same sex partners can arrange surrogate pregnancies in Israel (2020)

40. Encouraged fining Channel 20 (now Channel 14) for not featuring members of the Reform Movement (not officially recognized in Israel) in broadcasts (2017)

41. Accepted the suit to allow pornographic broadcasts (2004)

42. Prevented the Haredi sector from having cultural events with separate seating for men and women although that is their halakhic position (2019).

Political skewing by the Supreme Court

43. Struck down the Knesset's Arutz Sheva Law that allowed the broadcasts of the only right-wing radio station at the time (2002)

44. Interfered with MK Yuri Edelstein (Likud) serving as Knesset Speaker although this is against the Knesset's bylaws (2020).

Interim governments – inconsistency in rulings by the Supreme Court:

45. Prevented the Internal Security Minister from evacuating the Orient House during an interim government (1999)

46. Struck down the suit against holding Taba negotiations during the period of a small interim government (2001)

47. Struck down the suits against concluding an agreement on maritime borders with Lebanon during an interim government – the agreements were not brought to the Knesset (2022)

48. Created a doctrine to allow striking down Basic Laws

49. Prevented Michael Ben-Ari from running for the Knesset while permitting the anti-Zionist Kasif and Balad Arab parties to run in contradiction to the decision of the Elections Committee (2019)

50. Backed the Supreme Court Chief Justice's decision to boycott the national ceremony celebrating 50 years of settlement in Judea and Samaria (2017)

The court’s rulings are crimes against Israel and its citizens. They are intentionally meant to dilute and drown our demographic and cultural identity. They are meant to support the people who attack and murder us. Most of the Left have no idea what they are supporting. They blindly follow the Leftist media.