The UNRWA Dilemma

If the entire PA leadership lives off an international welfare check that arrives only because the conflict still exists, there isn't much incentive for ending the conflict.

The Palestinian people, according to a recent study by the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, have received per capita, adjusted for inflation, 25 times more aid than did Europeans to rebuild war-torn Western Europe under the Marshall plan after the Second World War.

Most of these funds, according to the study, reached the Palestinian people through The United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

UNRWA is the only UN refugee agency dedicated to a single group of people, and the only agency that designates individuals as original refugees if they have lived in areas affected by the 1948 Arab-Israeli war for a minimum of only two years before being displaced. UNRWA is also the only UN agency that designates the descendants of the original refugees as refugees as well - even though 90% of UNRWA-designated refugees have never actually been displaced.

UNRWA, furthermore, violates the UNHCR Refugee Convention by insisting that two million people (40% of UNWRA's beneficiaries) who have been given full citizenship in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, are nevertheless still classified as refugees, and by encouraging them to act on a "right of return."

Although, since World War II, fifty million people have been displaced by armed conflict, the Palestinian people are the only ones in history to receive this special treatment…

The total 2012 UNRWA budget was $907,907,371. Although the permanent supportive rhetoric for the "Palestinian case" from the Muslim world might lead one to expect that UNWRA is funded mainly by Muslim countries, in fact UNRWA is almost entirely funded by Western taxpayers: The USA, EU, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and Japan pay $644,701,999, or 71% of the annual UNRWA budget. Muslim states use the Palestinian people as pawns in a hostile game of chess against Israel(Although, Muslim and Arab states are not quite eager to make financial contributions to UNRWA funds. Traditional anti-Semites do it for them!)

By perpetuating the Palestinians' refugee status and enabling a demographic that does not educate its members for peace, UNRWA is an obstacle to peace… (This article is not a new revelation. It has just recycled the well-known old facts and ideas!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Contrary to common belief, there is no Arab-Israeli conflict. Instead Arab and Muslim countries, with the help of traditional international anti-Semites, have been conducting war against Israel with the intention to destroy the Jewish state, using military, Islamic terror and diplomatic means. Only Israel’s decisive victory will change their mind set and bring to reality the reunification of all Jewish land!

State of Israel Moving in the Right Direction?

Israel will continue to build anywhere in the state of Israel - in the Galilee, the Negev, Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Mahmoud Abbas is not the one to dictate to us how to behave in our capital city,” said Housing Minister Uri Ariel reacted to Abbas’ speech at the UN. ”We will continue and strengthen Jewish settlement. West of the Jordan, there will be only one country, the state of Israel,” he added. (Just building Jewish settlement is not enough. There is a need to implement a comprehensive plan of reunification of all Jewish land and free it from enemy occupation!)

The Same Wishy-Washy Policy on Iran Nukes

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s get-together at the White House on Monday, Sept. 30 turned into an amicable joust over their differences on how to handle Iran’s nuclear program. Obama did not endorse Netanyahu’s demands that Iran completely dismantle its military nuclear program, halt uranium enrichment and face tougher sanctions if its nuclear development continues while international negotiations are afoot.

Islamic Graffiti on IDF Memorial

The words "Allahu Akbar" were sprayed in Arabic a week ago in an IDF paratrooper memorial in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem.  Dozens of memorials have been defaced in recent years. (This kind of news is not reported by the ‘Israel-loving’ international press)

Israeli Attorney General Helping Enemies

Jews living east of the 1949 armistice line may be denied access to land records. The controversy began when a group of residents from the Israeli Jewish community of Psagot, in the Binyamin region, asked to see the land registry (Tabu) in order to find out who owns the land nearby. Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is seeking to bar Israelis living north of Jerusalem from finding out who owns neighbouring land. (There are lands that belong to Jews in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. But even in the territory under Israeli control Jews are denied their land rights by their own government!)

Gulf States Unhappy about Iran-friendly US

Gulf States are worried that the headline grabbing done recently could signal that a US-Iran rapprochement is on the way that may allow Iran to attain nuclear weapons and consolidate its regional position. Gulf leaders have been quiet, not wanting to show any public worry, but their press has revealed concern behind the scenes.

Unlikely Alliance Against Nuclear Evil

Associates of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu leaked to the media that Israel was in contact with Saudi and Gulf representatives to align their policies for offsetting President Barack Obama’s advancing rapprochement with Iran and any US easing-up on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

Suspicious Silence about Arafat’s Death Cause

Swiss, French and Russian experts have missed their deadline for delivering the results of tests conducted on the remains of Yasser Arafat to determine the causes of his deathForensic investigators from the three countries took samples from Arafat’s body last November for tests to determine whether he had been poisoned by polonium - a toxic, radioactive element found on some of his personal belongings. (His wife, most likely has received additional blackmail payments. After so much noise suddenly the members of the press became mute. The delay may also be aimed at preventing disclosure that Arafat, renowned pedophiliac and homosexual, had died from AIDS!)

Time to Stop Illegal Mosque Noise

Despite their many protests, residents of the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood of Jerusalem have still found no relief from the ongoing din made by mosque muezzins who issue the call to Muslim prayer at all hours of the day - and the night. There are already laws against noise pollution that require mosques to come up with alternative methods of calling people to prayer at a time when the vast majority of Jews and Arabs are sleeping. However, those laws are rarely, if ever, enforced. (Labor infested Israeli judiciary is more interested in fighting Jewish patriots, Zionists!)

Enemies Do not Care about International ‘Outrage’

Hamas terrorist rulers of Gaza hanged a prisoner who had been convicted of murder, in spite of repeated appeal from Human rights groups to halt executions. Under Palestinian Authority law, collaboration with Israel, murder and drug trafficking are all punishable by death. (Isn’t it is a time for Israel to adopt a similar law and execute all convicted Islamic terrorists?)

Quotes of the Week:

1) “The concern going forward from a threat perspective is there are individuals travelling to Syria, becoming further radicalized, becoming trained and then returning as part of really a global jihadist movement to Western Europe and, potentially, to the United States.” - Michael Morell, the Central Intelligence Agency’s second-in-command - At least 6,000 jihadist terrorists are in Syria, many affiliated with al-Qaida. They came from 50 nations, including fighters from Australia, France, Britain and the US.

2) "There is no civil war in Syria, but it is a war against terror that recognizes no values, nor justice, nor equality, and disregards any rights or laws." - Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem - Brutal dictators of the Muslim world are getting the first hand experience from the Islamic terrorist networks they have created!

Rowhani Sounds a lot like Ahmadinejad

by Lisa Daftari

(He maybe a sweet-talker, but he propagates the same evil!)

Iran’s new president Hassan Rowhani, a ‘moderate’ Western-educated veteran negotiator who has presented himself as the opposite of his predecessor, hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, proved in his U.N. address Tuesday they’re actually quite similar.

Leading up to this year’s annual U.N. General Assembly opening session, Rowhani, who took office last month, had been singing a different tune - that of diplomacy and finding a peaceful resolution to the country’s contested nuclear arms program.

Yet his speech, touching upon Iran’s rights to uranium enrichment, blaming Israel for the plight of Palestinians and bashing American superiority sounded similar to Ahmadinejad’s of past years.

Rowhani, who formerly served as Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, insisted that Iran's atomic energy program is "exclusively peaceful" and said he would work to “remove any and all reasonable concerns about Iran's peaceful nuclear program.”

But at the same time, he cautioned it would be “extremely unrealistic, to presume that the peaceful nature of the nuclear program of Iran could be ensured through impeding the program via illegitimate pressures.”

In his next sentence, Rowhani pledged Iran is “prepared to engage immediately in time-bound and result-oriented talks.” Translation: The centrifuges will keep spinning.

Sound familiar? Last year Ahmadinejad accused the West of nuclear "intimidation" in his UN address. Ahmadinejad later told reporters that Iran was ready for talks with the US. But the parallels don’t stop there.

Rowhani criticized American superiority: “A few actors (read: U.S.) still tend to rely on archaic and deeply ineffective ways and means to preserve their old superiority and domination,” he said. At the same time he boasted, “Iran is the anchor of stability in an otherwise ocean of regional instabilities.”

Wonder what the people of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon think about that claim!