Abbas Revealed the Truth about 'One People'

by Ari Soffer

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has described Jordanian and Palestinian Arabs as "one people living in two states."

Many Israeli opponents of a "two state solution," which would see the State of Israel cede Judea and Samaria to the PA, challenge that Jordan already is a de-facto "Palestinian state."

The Kingdom of Jordan (originally known as "Transjordan") was established in 1946 - two years before the establishment of the State of Israel - on three quarters of the territory previously allocated for a Jewish state.

It was the result of a partition of the British Mandate of Palestine as a compromise between Jews and Arabs - a compromise which began at the 1922 San Remo Conference, when the Arab population received the lion's share (77%) of the country, to the east of the River Jordan, and the Jews received the remaining portion to its west.

That partition was made legally binding by the UN's predecessor - the League of Nations (It had violated its own previously adopted resolution for Mandate for Palestine, which was allocated as a land for Jewish state, Eretz-Israel, and was not allowed to be changed. As a result the 22nd Arab state, Jordan, was illegally created on Jewish land!)

Despite being the majority, Palestinians in Jordan are subject to widespread discrimination and repression by the government. Recently, sensing the growing threat from disgruntled Palestinians, the Jordanian government began stripping large numbers of their Jordanian citizenship...

While that history has been largely forgotten or ignored by advocates of a "two state solution," Israeli nationalists have long pointed to it as proof of the illegitimacy of establishing a 23rd "Palestinian" Arab state in Judea and Samaria (and Gaza).

Many Palestinians - including not just Rajoub but Abbas himself and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal - have Jordanian citizenship.

NOTE: Term “Palestinians” is used as commonly known definition, not as acceptance of existence of a fake nation, which was created by Arab states, with the help of the Soviet Union, in 1960’s in order to discredit and undermine legitimacy, and eventually destroy the Jewish state!

Embassy Waiver is Part of anti-Israel Policy

1) US President Barack Obama invoked again a waiver postponing the relocation of the American embassy to Jerusalem. US candidates often express their intention to move the embassy to Jerusalem from its current location in Tel Aviv, only to invoke the presidential waiver upon entering office. 2) In an interview to an Israeli television channel US President Barack Obama has warned Israel that its refusal to renew peace talks with the Palestinian Authority will “make it hard” for the US to veto anti-Israel motions in the United Nations. (President Obama does not question the PA interest in negotiation and how serious Abbas about two-state solution!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

ISIS has been killing barbarically thousands of Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, Shi’ite Muslims and removing all ‘infidels’ from IS controlled land; Kurds have begun ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Northern Syria; Myanmar is conducting systematic ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims. Population transfer and ethnic cleansing has been used all over the world, even in Europe (remember Yugoslavia), since it was ‘outlawed’ immediately after Israel had won the War of Independence in order to prevent Jews from reclaiming Jewish land and remove Arab occupiers from it. Only Israel is not allowed to end enemy occupation of Eretz-Israel!

Another pre-Election 'Embassy' Stunt?

Jeb Bush said that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and called for the US embassy to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A US law passed in 1995 designates Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and stipulates the American embassy should move to the city from Tel Aviv. However, the past three presidents (some of them supported the move of the embassy prior to election) have signed waivers suspending the law, citing security and diplomatic concerns. (His father and brother did nothing! He must put it in a legally binding written contract - words of the US presidents are hallowed!)

Time to Clear Gaza of Enemies

Hamas is planning to kidnap more Israeli soldiers said a spokesperson for the terror group. According to Abu Obaideh, kidnapping IDF soldiers is one of the best ways to ensure the release of terrorists from Israeli prisons. (They will never change their hateful way. The longer Israel waits, the harder it is to implement transfer of the enemy population from Jewish land! Two more rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza last week.)

Friend or Back-Stabber?

Germany's foreign minister has paid a rare visit to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, calling on Israel to ease a blockade on the territory and urging Hamas to make sure no more rockets are fired into Israel. Frank-Walter Steinmeier is the latest in a series of Western diplomats to tour Gaza since a 50-day war. While international donors have made fake pledges of billions of dollars in aid, little reconstruction has taken place. (He did not visit Gaza from Egypt; did not urge Egypt to open Rafah crossing! Israel must disallow foreign dignitaries meeting PA officials while they are visiting Israel.)

Anti-Israel Stunt of Israeli Athletes Killers in FIFA

There is a certain irony in the fact that those who murdered Israeli athletes in the 1972 Munich Olympics (Abbas was a financier of this terror attack) were attempting to oust Israel from the FIFA world soccer federation, President Reuven Rivlin told German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The president was referring to the recent Palestinian request to FIFA to ban Israel from the soccer organization, which culminated Friday when Palestinian Football Association head Jibril Rajoub withdrew the demand. (It was a political stunt, one of many ‘hit-and-run’ smears against Israel, PA has been using to undermine Israel international image!)

Israel can Learn from International Idiots

South Sudan, the conflict-torn nation, has expelled deputy head of the UN Mission - its humanitarian coordinator, without any explanation. Toby Lanzer has been instrumental in addressing the increasing humanitarian needs of conflict-affected communities in the country. More than 40 percent of South Sudan's 11 million people need food aid. The UN has 14,000 peacekeepers in South Sudan, and 130,000 people who have fled violence have sought shelter in UN camps. (Any international idiot can snub the UN, why not Israel?)

Iran Increased its Nuclear Fuel Stockpiles

Contrary to the Obama administration’s claims that Iran has frozen its nuclear program, with less than a one month left before a deadline to complete a nuclear deal with Iran, international inspectors discovered recently that the Islamic Republic’s stockpile of nuclear fuel has increased by about 20 percent over the course of the last 18 months. (The fake negotiation with Iran is deliberate procrastination. It is being conducted in order to prevent Israel from destroying the Iranian nuclear program and the Iranians are using it as cover to complete their weapons program!)

Quotes of the Week:

"The Jewish world had better wake up. I am dealing with it first hand with my younger son, who doesn’t even want to admit to being a Jew, and I told him explicitly that the German Jews were assimilated, but Hitler and all other virulent anti-Semites don’t care if you wear a Kippah or not, only that you have Jewish heritage." - Sheldon Potter, a subscriber of this letter - The biggest mistake many of our rabbis and community leaders make is by insisting that Jewishness is the religious observance only. Being a Jew has always meant for Jews and our enemies - the peoplehood, tribe, ethnicity or nation, whichever term you feel comfortable with. We also have the unique and advanced religion, deep sited spiritual tradition, common history and aspirations that bond us all, observant and secular Jews. This is the only cause of our survival for two millennia of persecution in exile!

The Heavenly Rewards for Shahids!

by Steven Shamrak

With the rise of ISIS and its rapid metamorphosis into the Islamic State, many in the Western world wonder why would seemingly nice people join this “death cult” and why are they so eager to become Shahids - Islamic martyrs?

Here are the ‘benefits’ many Muslims believe they will obtain by being a part of Islamic ‘revolution’ against all infidels and sacrificing their lives for it:

All sins of the Shahid are forgiven.

He sees his place in Paradise and lives a full life of joy with Allah.

He is protected from "the Great Shock" on Judgment Day.

He is crowned with a crown of honour, provided by the Muslim ‘silent majority’.

He marries 72 dark-eyed wives (all of them virgins of course).

He will be able to intervene on behalf of 70 of his family members on Judgment Day, thereby ensuring them the reward of the Afterlife

Jihadists hate all Infidels (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and pagans). The fight against Israel has been used by Arab states to destabilize the region and to weaken the Western democracies’ resolve to fight against the Islamic ideology of world domination - creation of the World Caliphate! So-called Palestinians are just used as expendable pawns in the global world Islamization game.

Now, they have moved forward their global objective. Europe, the United States and the all Muslim world are becoming the main focus of their attention.

We can and must offer better alternatives to them, by helping them to receive their rewards faster. If joining their Prophet in Heaven is their objective and ultimate reward, it is our obligation to help them - they must love it! Why do they complain so much when Israel grants them their wish?

Liberal idiots of the Western press and political hypocrites portray Muslims who join ISIS as innocent and lost souls, who are brainwashed and radicalized by Islamist propaganda. It is commonly said that they “will be radicalized after they join ISIS”. The truth is that the ones who are coming to Syria/Iraq to join ISIS are already radicalized. They are full of hate and prepared to kill innocent people who do not share their psychopathic ideology!