The Peace Plan is a Non-Starter

by Helen Freedman

It's only because President Trump is leading the way in shaping and proposing a peace plan for the Arabs and Israelis that we are giving any credence to this plan. In the past, every plan was turned down by Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas and so we came to believe they would always inadvertently help us in the end. Slamming doors, walking out on negotiations on the part of the Arabs was guaranteed to help Israel...

Terrorism and educating the young and old to hate Jews and Israel are the main themes of Arab life. Tragically, the EU and the UN work together with the PA to fund them and to support their claims to Israel's land. After the signing of the hateful Oslo accords of 1993, with Bill Clinton overseeing the travesty and pushing Arafat, along with Rabin and Peres, to accept the idea of the "two-state solution," Israel became the oppressor in the "occupied territories" and the "poor Palestinians" were left to their evil devices...

We know the PA leaders will reject the plan. We're thrilled with that, because then there will be no threat to Israel's sovereignty... Israel must be recognized as an intact, sovereign Jewish state, fulfilling its biblical promise.

Here are a few key points of the plan that you should know:

1.    The territory that Israel is being asked to transfer is “territory to which Israel has asserted valid legal and historical claims, and which are part of the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people.”

2.    Under UN Security Council Resolution 242, Israel is not legally bound to provide the Palestinians with 100% of pre-1967 territory. and that Israel has already withdrawn from 88% of the territory Israel captured in 1967.

3.    Israel will not have to uproot any Jewish communities in Judea-Samaria where 450,000 Jews live.

4.    Jordan Valley will be under Israeli sovereignty.

5.    Israel will retain sovereignty over territorial waters.

6.    Full demilitarization of Gaza, Hamas, PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad), and other militias and terror groups; and placing a body acceptable to Israel in control of Gaza. This is required prior to Israeli implementation of peace agreement obligations.

7.    The Jewish people’s right to pray on the Temple Mount.

8.    “Jerusalem will remain the sovereign capital of the State of Israel” and should remain an undivided city. It was stated at the press conference the Palestinians will have a capital in the part of eastern Jerusalem that is on the other side of the security fence. We do not endorse this point.

9.    “The embassy of the United States to the State of Israel will remain in Jerusalem.”

The plan also calls for

a.    Full demilitarization of any Palestinian State and Gaza.

b.    Calls for Palestinians to “demonstrate both a clear intention and a sustained capacity to fight terrorism,” to be determined by Israel.

c.    The Plan calls for all Israeli captives and remains be returned to Israel.

(Yes, this plan is definitely a non-starter, but it is a good starting point to a process of removal of terror infested enemy population form the Jewish land and reestablishment Eretz-Israel!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

There are two sides to “the Peace Deal of the Century”:

1.    Hamas and PLO, predictably, rejected it and intensified terror attacks against Israel!

2.    Israel may proceed with annexation of area-C of Judea and Samaria (hopefully, it will be the first stage of the Sinai Option!)

IDF Hit Underground Hamas War Room

IDF fighter jets and helicopters attacked several Hamas terrorist targets in the northern Gaza Strip. Among the targets attacked were underground infrastructures used by Hamas. The attack was carried out in response to the rocket fire and incendiary balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli territory during Shabbat.

Economic Irony of 2 Failed Elections

Israel’s state budget recorded a particularly surprising surplus of about 4 billion shekels ($1.16 billion), compared to the rampant deficits during almost every month in 2019, and a deficit of close to 1 billion shekel ($290 million) in January 2019. In December 2019, the deficit constituted 3.7% of GDP, a significant deviation from the government’s target of 2.9%. When government is paralysed to spend, the result is a billion dollar budget surplus! Israel could become an unintentional laboratory in which the age-old warring concepts of economic liberalism vs. conservatism can be tested in real life.

PA Cuts all Ties with Israel and US

The Palestinian Authority has cut all ties with Israel and the US after rejecting Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan. President Mahmoud Abbas said there would be "no relations at all" with the two countries, which called for a demilitarised Palestinian state with borders drawn to meet Israeli security needs. Abbas said: “We’ve informed the Israeli side ... that there will be no relations at all with them and the United States including security ties. (Good start - Now move out and end the occupation of the Jewish Land!)

Boycott Works Both Ways

Israel stops importing agricultural produce from the Palestinian Authority. The PA has been continuously restricting trade from Israeli growers while significantly reducing its volume of imports. (For how long? It should have been a done long time ago. Why is Israel is helping enemies?)

Arab League Unanimously Rejects Trump’s Plan

The foreign ministers of the Arab League member states meeting in Cairo, Egypt, on Saturday issued a communiqué unanimously rejecting President Donald Trump’s plan to end the conflict between Israel and the so-called “Palestinians” and would not cooperate with the US to carry out the plan. Earlier in the week, ambassadors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Oman attended President Trump’s and Benjamin Netanyahu’s introduction of the plan at the White House, and Saudi Arabia and Egypt expressed their appreciation for Trump’s peace efforts. (So much for lip-service of support for the plan by some Arab states - they lie all the time!)

Only Big Annexation will Help Bibi to Win Election

Despite the favourable response to President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” and the successful release of Israeli backpacker Naama Issachar from a Russian prison, it doesn’t look like either will help boost Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chances of breaking the political deadlock gripping the country. PM Binyamin Netanyahu is planning to declare Israel sovereignty over Maale Adummim, a small town 7km east of Jerusalem, as the first step towards realizing the Trump peace plan. The details of this step are still unclear, since the town is located in an area called E1, which connects it to Jerusalem and has not yet been precisely mapped. The right-wing and religious bloc would receive 56 Knesset seats compared to 57 seats for the left-wing and Arab bloc. (Because of Netanyahu’s political indecisiveness, appeasement and lack of strong Zionist conviction Likud is unable to will majority in the Knesset!)

PA Spent $150M on Stipends for Terrorists

The Palestinian Authority (PA) spent NIS 517.4 million ($150m) in stipends to terrorists and their families in 2019, a rise of NIS 5 million and a 3% increase compared to 2018. Israeli law stipulates that it must deduct the sum the PA pays to terrorists from the tax funds it collects on behalf of the PA.

Israeli Arabs Love Living in Israel

Israeli Arabs, in what is commonly known as the Triangle of Arab communities, have slammed Trump's Mideast peace plan. The peace plan singles out 10 Arab communities that it says could be part of future Palestine. (Israeli Arabs hate Israel and Jews, but are horrified of living in 'Palestine'!)

IS Using Israel in Recruitment Campaign

ISIS spokesman calls to sabotage Trump's peace plan, encourages fighters to launch a "new phase" and vowed major operations against Israel. That new focus "is fighting the Jews and reclaiming what they have stolen from the Muslims, and this cannot be reclaimed except through fighting," he said. (What has happened to 'old phase'? ISIS is not interested in Israel and definitely does not care about fake Palestinians – they only use them when its popularity is down!)

Blackmail by Terror Works on Weak Leadership

Israel has allowed hitherto banned imports to, and exports from, the Gaza Strip, a day after the Hamas rulers said they would escalate terrorist activities in protest against the Trump peace plan.  The imports include certain kinds of cement (without UN supervision), 6,000 new tires (which are burnt in demonstrations), $600,000 worth of medicines (financed by the US) and permits to purchase new fishing boats (used for smuggling) and buses (for transporting protesters). Gazans are allowed for the first time to sell farm products on Israeli markets. (When a country’s leaders do not care about national vision, only self-interests and ambitions, enemies are laughing!)

Saudi Duplicity of 'Friendship' Exposed

Despite Israel permitting its citizens, both Muslims and Jews, to travel to Saudi Arabia for the first time, the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan made clear on Monday that Israeli citizens are not allowed to come to the kingdom for the time being. Over the past few years there have been rumours of rapprochement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, but Saudi officials have denied those reports. (Believe Arabs when they talk about their enemies - they are always serious about their animosity toward infidels! They will never be friends of Israel. Partner against Iran – maybe!)

Quote of the Week:

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If not now, when?” (Ethics of the Fathers 1:14) – Political leadership of Israel needs to read this!

Ethnic Make Up of ‘Palestinians’.

Extracts from: “Bosnia - Motherland of "Palestinians" by Manfred R. Lehmann and “Palestinians ‘Peoplehood’ Based on a Big Lie” by Eli E. Hertz.

Arab Palestinian nationality (which was officially forged in 1964) is an entity defined by its opposition to Zionism (the Jewish national liberation movement) and not by its national aspirations.

Like a mantra, Arabs repeatedly claim that the Palestinians are a native people of Israel. The concept of a ‘Stateless Palestinian people’ is not based on fact. It is a fabrication! The following is a chronology of an ethnic makeup of so-called Palestinians and their origin.

During Ottoman Empire.

Until the Jews began returning to the Land of Israel in increasing numbers from the late 19th century, the area called Palestine was a God-forsaken backwash that was controlled by the Ottoman Empire.

1880-84 Turkish government settles Muslim Circassian refugees in the Golan to ward off Bedouin robbers. Other settlers in the area include Sudanese, Algerians, Kurds...

In 1878, an Ottoman law granted lands in Palestine to the Moslem refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Carmel region, in the Galilee and in the Plain of Sharon and in Caesarea. The refugees were further attracted by l2-year tax exemptions and exemption from military service.

The same colonization policy was also directed toward Moslem refugees from Russia - particularly from the Crimea and the Caucasus. They were Cherkesians and Turkmenians - leading to their settling in Abu Gosh, near Jerusalem and in the Golan Heights. Refugees from Algeria and Egypt were also settled in Jaffa, Gaza, Jericho and the Golan.

British Mandate: 1917-1947

1923 Having discovered the Golan lacks oil but that the Mosul area in northern Syria is rich in oil, the British cede the Golan to France in exchange for Mosul. At the same time the Trans-Jordan was ceded from Palestinian mandate as well and Egypt was given control of Sinai, Britain and France gain control of Suez Canal. (82% of Jewish land was sacrificed in the process!)

In 1934 alone, 30,000 Syrian Arabs from Hauran moved across the northern frontier into Mandate Palestine, attracted by work in and around the newly built British port and the construction of other infrastructure projects. They even dubbed Haifa Um el-Amal (‘the city of work’).

The Ottoman Turks’ census (1882) recorded only 141,000 Muslims in the Palestinian. The British census in 1922 reported 650,000 Muslims.