The PA Rejected Israeli Rescue Plan

by Hana Levi Julian

Israeli officials have been expressing concern over the possibility the Palestinian Authority government could collapse, creating a vacuum that could open the door for a takeover by terrorist organizations.

The five-point plan to “stabilize the civil situation in the Palestinian arena”. The proposed plan included the following:

* Creation of a new industrial zone

* Development of an underwater natural gas reservoir off the coast of Gaza

* Deferral of debt payments by the Palestinian Authority

* Extending the opening hours at the Allenby border crossing

* Issuance of biometric passports to Palestinian Authority officials.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh refused, the conditions set by Israel, to stop payments to terrorists and their families, and said his government would continue its fight against Israel in the international diplomatic and legal arena.

In addition, the Palestinian Authority would be required to stop building in Area C, the portion of territory in Judea and Samaria controlled entirely by Israel as delineated in the internationally recognized Oslo Accords.

The United States Congress, which passed the Taylor Force Act years ago to prohibit foreign aid to Ramallah until it ceases such payments. The Biden Administration has ignored the legislation since entering office.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Antisemitism is a Jew-hating religion! Most haters are Christians, Muslims, Democrats, Socialists, Communists or Nazis. They could be highly educated or complete idiots. No rational response, facts or justification are able to end it, or most of the time even change the mind of the Anti-Semites. Only strong, proud, confident and unapologetic Israel, perusing the Jewish national goal, reunification of the Jewish land, Eretz-Israel, can make them respect the Jewish state and people! Although, they will never really love us.

Rotten Antisemitic Faces of Democratic Party

Democratic Party candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., the nephew of former US president John F. Kennedy, claims that COVID-19 was engineered in a manner that Ashkenazi Jews and the Chinese were more immune. According to him, the proof is that most of the victims of the epidemic were African Americans and non-Jewish whites. His chances of winning the primaries against incumbent President Biden are slim. (Why would a presidential hopeful make this comment? Is he trying to prove that he is a bigger anti-Semite than President Biden? When people are looking for a cheap popularity boost, the anti-Semitism is 'the best' tool.)

Anti-Government Protests - NO Indictments

The Israel Police has sent 89 files on anti-reform activists to the Prosecutor's Office, but not a single one of them has led to an indictment. Half of those files were opened following crimes of assault on police officers, while the other half are regarding illegal gatherings, rock-throwing, and violence. (That is why the judicial reform is needed.)

EU Antisemites Support ICC Probe

The European Union (EU) Parliament adopted a statement in support of an investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) into possible war crimes by Israel in Judea and Samaria. The EU Parliament offered its assistance to advance the investigations into "war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the occupied Palestinian territories", and expressed support for the ICC's independence, describing the body as objective and neutral. (Where Israel is involved, there is no objectivity and neutrality among international Jew-Haters.)

PTSD among IDF Combat Soldiers

One in five IDF combat soldiers have PTSD. There are about 5,000 such individuals, but it's estimated that there are 25,000 combat soldiers that are not diagnosed. Common elements include lashing out, and difficulty in maintaining jobs, friends, and relationships. (When soldiers are not able to act decisively in a combat situation, worrying about the legality of their actions, have no clear objectives, and are forced to treat enemies better than patriotic Jews - the direct result is PTSD.)

Hatikvah Played in Saudi Arabia

Israel’s national anthem was played in Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh. An Israeli team competing in the world finals for the soccer videogame FIFA flew the Israeli flag and were greeted with Israel’s anthem Hatikvah at the tournament’s opening ceremony. Saudi Arabia has no official diplomatic relations with Israel and Israeli passport holders cannot generally travel to Saudi Arabia, though Israeli business figures, media personalities, and journalists have increasingly been able to do so in recent years.

Anti-Israel Supreme Court

Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled 6-1 to overturn a law aimed at encouraging foreign workers whose work visas expired and illegal immigrants who infiltrated into Israel to self-deport from the country.

Anti-Israel UN Rapporteur

Francesca Albanese, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights accused Israel of transforming Palestinian Arab (controlled) territories into an "open-air prison" through widespread detentions of terrorist Palestinian Arabs. Albanese has previously come under fire for her anti-Israel bias. In 2014, she castigated the US and Europe for their conduct during Operation Protective Edge and wrote, “America and Europe, one of them subjugated by the Jewish lobby, and the other by the sense of guilt about the Holocaust. In February, a bipartisan group of US Congress members called on the UN to remove Albanese, after she refused to condemn a ramming attack in the Ramon neighbourhood of Jerusalem, in which three people were murdered. (Enemies of Israel can leave the "open-air prison", the Jewish land they occupy, at any time, and join their friends and relatives in many Arab/Muslim countries. Being anti-Israel is a requirement for jobs with the UN.)

Why Eviction of Squatters Took so Long?

Israeli authorities evicted a 'Palestinian' family from a Jewish-owned apartment in Jerusalem's Old City. Earlier this year, Israel’s Supreme Court struck down the family’s final appeal, ending a 45-year-long legal battle and clearing the way for the eviction. Israel describes the eviction as a simple battle over real estate, with settlers claiming the family was squatting in an apartment formerly owned by Jews.

Why is Judicial Reform Biden's Business?

The Biden administration published a rare statement in which it urged Israel to respect the right of peaceful protests (what if they are not peaceful?), in the wake of the “Day of Disruption” by protesters who oppose the judicial reform. US officials have repeatedly opined that any changes to the judicial reform in Israel should be implemented with the agreement of both the government and the opposition. In March, Biden offered very harsh criticism of Israel, saying he is “very concerned” about the goings on in light of the judicial reform and adding, “They cannot continue down this road.” (Israel is an independent democratic state - the internal laws of Israel in nobody's business. The Antisemite in the White House does not want to meet the Prime Minister of Israel, but he ‘cares’ about the Jewish state? The Biden administration has been supporting the anti-government protests in Israel - something they would not do for an ally, but did not support the Iranian


The Unreasonable 'Reasonableness'

The Knesset approved the first reading, by a majority of 64 to 56, of the law to reduce the cause of reasonableness. All members of the coalition voted in favour of the law, while all members of the opposition voted against it. The legislation would bar “reasonableness” as a legal justification for judges to reverse decisions made by the Cabinet, ministers and “other elected officials as set by law.” Minister Itamar Ben Gvir said, "We started by correcting the cause of reasonableness, as part of the important reform to correct the entire judicial system. Correcting the cause of reasonableness is an extremely important step, but we must pass the entire reform."

'Unaudited' UK Aid to the PA?

The UK Foreign Office has declined to disclose how British development aid to the Palestinian Authority is audited, claiming it would “not be in the public interest” to do so. The Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) is attempting to dodge a May 2023 freedom of information request. (What is thisa  traditional ‘friend’ of the Jewish people hiding?)

Israel Needs to Learn from Syria

Syria's Information Ministry has cancelled the BBC's media accreditation, accusing the British public broadcaster of biased and fake news in its coverage of the war-torn country. The announcement came days after BBC Arabic released an investigative documentary about the illicit drug trade in Syria. (Israel must start dealing with world-wide disinformation against the Jewish state, that has been conducted by an anti-Semitic and Leftist media outlets and Jew-hating international organisations.)

Israel Helping the PA to Survive - Why?

Israel's Diplomatic Security Cabinet voted eight to one, with one abstaining, to adopt Prime Minister Netanyahu's proposal concerning strengthening the Palestinian Authority. The proposal states: "Israel will act to prevent the collapse of the Palestinian Authority while demanding that it cease its anti-Israel activity in the international legal-diplomatic arena, the incitement in its media and education system, the payments to the families of terrorists and murderers, and the illegal construction in Area C." (Has it worked so far? There is no difference between Fatah/Abbas and Hamas/Haniya. Both have the same goals - destruction of Israel and killing Jews!)

Quotes of the Week:

"Why does President Biden go out of his way to snub, criticize and give marching orders to the government of Israel? The President and his Administration treat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his governing coalition worse than they do the ruling mullahs in Iran. How does it advance peace to indulge Palestinians in the belief that Jews are interlopers in Judea and at the Western Wall? While Mr. Biden undermines the Netanyahu government, Hamas and other Iranian proxies are gaining power in the West Bank, activating another front against Israel. The new wave of terrorism against Jewish civilians will set back the Palestinian cause but advance Iran’s." - The Wall Street Journal op-ed, titled: "What Does Biden Have Against Israel?

Message to anti-Israel Objectors.

by Steven Shamrak

You would like to call and see yourselves as genuine and objective supporters of a just cause but you never worry about the factual correctness of the anti-Israel information you are using. Quite often you knowingly use forged information and even deliberately make fake accusations or twist the facts in order to make an anti-Israel smear. When we show you factual proof that so-called Palestinians are a fake nation and are actually the occupiers of Jews’ land, you dismiss it as Zionist propaganda. Years of suicide bombings and rocket attacks against Jews in Israel are unable to shake off your support for terrorists and the murderous population, Palestinians, which sustain them!

If you are not anti-Semites, why don’t you care so much about the occupation of: Tibet by China; the Basque region by Spain and France; Northern Ireland by the United Kingdom; Kurdistan by five countries; Kashmir by India and Pakistan; and the Western Sahara by Morocco? Where is your concern about the fate of refugees created by the war in Congo, the genocidal policy of the Sudanese government and so on?

You did not care that Indonesian Christians of Sulawesi have suffered 10,000 murders, 80,000 homes destroyed and 1,000 churches burnt down from 1998-2002.

You did not scream out when more than 1,100 people (including 777 children) were burned alive and slaughtered in Beslan, Russia, in 2004. Neither the UN, the Vatican, or others of the usual international anti-Semitic suspects were outraged by the many atrocities committed against Christians and even fellow Muslims in the name of Allah in Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq and many other Muslim countries. They are mute about discrimination and genocide committed against other ethnic and religious minorities in Muslim countries. Only lip service is paid to the abuse of women. Nothing is done about the education/brainwashing of children, which perpetuates the genocidal tradition of hate, when suicide bombers become role models. You do not care about any of it!

Do you care that every year there are about 50 million refugees all over the world who are deprived of help because for over 60 years billions of dollars have been given to professional ‘Palestinian refugees’ every year? Do you actually care about “poor Palestinians”? I don’t think so! What is most important for you is hate toward Jews and your need to feed and satisfy it. You are hiding it behind ‘politically correct’ anti-Israel campaigning. Don’t kid yourself - it does not absolve you from the ‘honourable’ title of anti-Semite! At least your predecessors were honest about this pathologically inherited hate that they sucked with the milk of their mothers and did not bother to hide this animalistic trait of human ugliness!

Antisemitism is not logical. It is a sort of religion!