The Necessity to Remember.

by Steven Shamrak.

Since the end of WW2, May 2 has been established as an auspicious day, Yom Hashoa – Day of Remembrance, in the Jewish calendar! It is one day each year when Jews around the world remember the six million Jewish lives that were lost during the Holocaust. It must never happen again; we say it again and again.  Please remind your friends and members of your family. Israeli and other politicians especially need this reminder. It seems that they have forgotten it! Someone wrote:

“When my grandfather left Europe in 1935,

graffiti on the walls was saying:

Jews, go to Palestine!

And now, when I visit Europe, the graffiti says:

Jews, get out of Palestine!

What short memories these Europeans have!”

Palestine is Jewish land! The sooner we all realise it, the sooner we’ll be able to free Eretz-Israel of its enemies and peace come to Israel. It is time to look for workable, alternative solutions to the conflict. The bogus peace process does not work. It is easier to deter external enemies! We said “Never again”, but have continued to allow enemies of the Jews to terrorise Israel for 60 years.

At the same time, non-Jews must realize that the remembrance of the Holocaust is not about Jews only. It is also about death of 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians including 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated by Nazis with the help of ordinary Germans, Austrians, Poles, Latvians, Ukrainians, Russians and others who looked the other way or actively participated in genocide! It is also about millions of Germans who lost their lives it the madness of WW2 and their children and the grandchildren who carried the shame of Nazi Germany.

Remembrance of the Holocaust, contrary to common belief, is not about guilt, shame or even financial compensation. It is about the future of the humanity! We must end the pattern of hate and violence of human society. It destroys humanity and our planet. Since WW2, the world has again allowed genocides in Cambodia, Ruanda, Yugoslavia and Sudan! It is time for humanity to learn the lesson!

On my way home after a Purim party last Thursday I was verbally assaulted by four guys in the middle of one of the busiest street of Melbourne. Make no mistake, Israel’s deftest policy and excessive empathy toward a repulsive enemy has always been considered as a weakness of Israel and Jewish people and it emboldens all anti-Semitic scum around the world. This gutlessness is the main reason behind the sharp rise of the anti-Semitism worldwide since the Oslo agreement!

Latvia: March to Honour SS Unit. Thousands of Latvians marched in the capital city of Riga on last Sunday in honour of the Latvian Legion, an SS unit that fought with the German army in World War II. Local police protected the marchers from angry counter-protestors.

Quote of the Week:

Arab and Muslim terrorists have not stopped trying to kill us, they have been less successful thanks to our security services' vigilance and effectiveness.  We, in the USA and in Israel, are still very much at war with Jihadist and Islamic genocidal terrorists.” - David Meir-Levi.

Another Cycle of the Fake Peace Process. Israel's chief negotiator, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, met last Monday with her PA counterpart, Ahmed Queria, after a hiatus declared by the PA side in protest at a bloody five-day Israeli offensive against Hamas rocket crews in northern Gaza. "Terror will not be an excuse to suspend talks," Livni said. (What a stupid thing to say! Wasn’t Abbas offended just recently by Israel’s response to Hamas terror attacks and suspended talks?)

‘Human Shields’ is not a Secret. A senior member of Hamas, Fathi Hammad a member of the Hamas parliament, is seen bragging about the Islamic group’s use of women, children, and the elderly as “human shields” in a video by saying that Hamas terrorists “have formed human shields of the women, the children, the elderly, and the mujahideen (terrorists), in order to challenge the Zionist bombing machine.” (Will this crime against humanity, which the enemies of Israel commit, receive any international condemnation? You can bet your last dollar it will not!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Ideologically and ambition wise there is no difference between the aims of Islam and Christianity. Modern Islam is asserting itself as a prevailing religion, using force and terror, the same way that Christianity used to a few hundred years ago! Now in a position of power, Christianity is using the rules of law and democratic principles to keep itself in a position of power. Throughout history, the leaders of both sides have been instigating hate toward Jews in order to destroy Judaism, thus their followers would not be reminded about the ugly distortions and falsifications that had been introduced into the theology from which both Christianity and Islam have taken root. Therefore, it is not surprising that both sides, although detesting each other, have absolutely the same hateful attitude toward Jews and Israel, as a Jewish state!

Ongoing Hypocrisy. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned Israel during his speech at the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) summit in Senegal's capital Dakar: "Israel's disproportionate and excessive use of force has killed and injured many civilians including children ... I condemn these actions and call on Israel to cease such acts". (He did not ‘balance’ his speech with condemnation of rocket attacks from Gaza, which are terrorising and killing civilians in Israel. And, he did not condemn use of civilians as a human shield by Hamas and Al Qaeda! At the same time, he said nothing about civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan that are caused by both sides! There was no condemnation of ethnic cleansing in Darfur, committed by Sudan. Like his predecessors, he is playing the same ugly game!)

Sudan: Another Genocide for UN to Answer for. "The weapons, the cars, all that you see, we got it from the Government," Mohammed Hamdan, a Janjaweed commander said. This support was given in direct breach of United Nations Resolution 1556, passed in July 2004, which gave Sudan's regime 30 days to disarm the Janjaweed and bring its leaders to justice. The war, which began in 2003, has claimed up to 300,000 lives from violence, starvation and disease. At least 2 million people have fled their homes. (The Holocaust was facilitated by the League of nations and member states. The UN (“Useless Nothing”) is responsible for genocides in Tibet, Cambodia, Ruanda, war in Congo and more.)

Why is the US Financing Arabs in Israel? An alliance of Israeli-Arab dialogue groups, 55 organizations, has lobbied Congress and the Bush administration for more funding. Past lobbying led to a $9 million allocation for such groups in the 2008 budget. Now this group is asking for congressional appropriation for $11 million for 2009. (Why must the American taxpayer indulge the social and anti-Israel activity of Arabs in Israel? The money could be better used to provide education or health care for the poor in US.)

Hypocrisy of the ‘Loaded’ Headlines:

“Israel vows to expand Jerusalem settlement” - – But article started with: “Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday that Israel would keep expanding a Jewish neighbourhood in eastern Jerusalem.” – So, it is not a ‘settlement’ as the headline claims, but part of the natural expansion of Jerusalem! Just because someone had made an illegitimate claim to your property, would you stop you normal life?

Nothing is Enough!

Doris Wise Montrose and Anne Lieberman.

Condoleeza Rice's 13th trip to Israel culminated in the murder of eight Torah students in the heart of Jerusalem on March 6, 2008.

It would have been enough if she had continually excused Palestinians as victims. 

It would have been enough if she had overlooked the widespread popularity of Hamas in Palestinian society.

It would have been enough if she had ignored Fatah's support for Hamas in the face of Israeli attempt to end the missiles on Israeli cities. 

It would have been enough if she had ignored Fatah's terrorist activities through its own al Aksa Martyr's Brigade. 

It would have been enough if she had insisted that the only way to end violence is to establish a Palestinian state, rather than the other way around.  

It would have been enough if she had called for Israel to step up its humanitarian aid to Gaza, instead of holding Hamas responsible for any humanitarian crisis. 

It would have been enough if she had urged Israel to demolish the communities built by Jews in Judea and Samaria. 

It would have been enough if she had announced that the US will be giving $148 million to UNRWA in 2008 to support ‘refugee camps’ that are all hotbeds of terror recruitment, training and indoctrination. 

It would have been enough if President Bush had overridden a congressional ban on the transfer of $150 million to a corrupt Fatah. (It appears, 60 years of Israel’s history proves it, that nothing is enough for the enemies of Jewish people. Anything short of the demise of Israel will be unacceptable to them!)