The Light in Jewish Life

(Kabbalah 101 with my comments)

Throughout the ages, the destiny and mission of the Jewish nation has been to teach monotheism. Jews live or die not for their own sake, but for the sake of humanity. By transmitting the message of monotheism and Love Your Neighbor, we continue to be a "Light unto the Nations" and thereby preserve the hope of world peace.

The term of “Chosen people” is misunderstood by ignorant people or deliberately distorted by anti-Semites - it is about our responsibility for the future of the world, not being “better”!

Despite horrible persecutions - by ancient Greeks, Romans and later by Christians and Muslims - Jews always treasured life, even of our enemies, because we understood our power to transform the world. Yet, when faced with conversion or death, we knew (at least we used to know not long ago) we had to fight or die for the sake of keeping the Jewish message alive.

Because our great-grandparents understood this, we are here as Jews today. That's why we teach our children to say the Shema: "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One."

There is an old saying: “G-d helps those who help themselves” - The heroic Jewish warriors Maccabees knew this. They rose up against the mighty legions of the Seleucid occupiers and were rewarded for their determination and achievement in fighting the Syrian Greeks by a miracle over 2000 years ago. We still celebrate that by lighting candles during Hanukkah!

It is time for Israel, as united Jewish nation, to remove cancer of Islamic terror from Jewish land and free Eretz-Israel, the Land of Israel, from Arab occupation!

We need to give high priority to the reunification of Eretz-Israel and to the future of Jewish people. Otherwise, during the festival of Sukkoth in the future - due to Islamic terror, anti-Semitic pressures and assimilation - there will be no Jew left to say prayers for the safety of the world and peace for all nations, even including Arabs and so-called Palestinians!

Happy Hanukah!

Hanukah is the commemoration of Jewish national liberation struggle for the freedom of Eretz-Israel, the Land of Israel!

Commemoration for 856,000 Jewish Refugees

On December 1, a special panel dealing with "The untold story of the Middle East: Justice for Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries" was held up at the United Nations. This was the third panel held by the UN that commemorates the 856,000 Jewish refugees who were displaced from Arab countries during the 20th century. (This news was not reported by anti-Israel press!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

I am unable to understand the anti-Zionist tendency many Jews still have. We fought so hard to obtain statehood to become an independent and a proud nation again. For how long will those Jews remain submissive to anti-Semitic masters of the West and Muslim worlds, who have been using the media and control of international organizations, quite skilfully and deliberately, in their modern anti-Israel "blood libel" propaganda? It is time to shake off this “victim mentality" so deeply ingrained in Jewish psyche, and stand up for our rights as a proud people! The Maccabees did it almost 2,000 years ago, we can do it too!


More than 1,000 US rabbis have signed a letter calling on elected officials to welcome refugees to the United States. The letter, sponsored by HIAS, the lead Jewish body dealing with immigration issues, said the rabbis are “alarmed to see so many politicians declaring their opposition to welcoming refugees.” (Hindu and Buddhist priests are silent on this issue - they do not have the same self-destructive tendency!)

Does Israel have Friends in the UN?

Netanyahu calls for friendly countries to change UN voting pattern on Israel. Netanyahu, following a meeting at the global climate summit in Paris with Russian President Vladimir Putin and before beginning a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said leaders from around the world – including Arab states – approached him to talk about counter-terrorism and technological issues.

Not a Meter of Jewish Land

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to Likud ministers that Israel would not transfer “even one meter” of territory to the Palestinian Authority. But it was not really clear what he was talking about. In fact, nothing was clear at all, except that he was adamant that there would be no unilateral transfer of territory, which is not the same thing as a properly negotiated transfer in a mutually worked out agreement, which may still be on the table. (He is just a political procrastinator and poser who does nothing! In spite of being in power for so long he failed to bring the reality of the Jewish Zionist dream - creating the Jewish state on all Jewish ancestral land!)

White House Welcomes Enemies of Israel

President Barack Obama is introducing anti-Zionist values into the White House. After J Street and “Breaking the Silence,” next in line is Arab Knesset Member Ayman Odeh, who refuses to condemn Arab terror and blames it on Israel. Even more absurd is that Odeh is a Christian, but the persecution and slaughter of Christians in the Moslem world has not stopped him from embracing his fellow Muslim MKs who call the Israeli government “Nazi” and openly campaign for the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

Israel Must Stop Financing PA Terror!

Every family of a PA terrorist who is killed receives from Abu Mazen (PA President Mahmoud Abbas) 14-15 thousand shekels a month that the PA gets from Netanyahu. The money transferred to the PA comes from taxes that Israel collects, and there is no reason to continue transferring the funds because the Palestinians were in breach of agreements regarding their use.

Does Israel have True Friends in Europe?

The Greek government has told Israel it will disregard European Union guidelines advising member states to re-label any good manufactured in communities past the 1949 Armistice Line, also known as the “Green Line.” The guidelines, published earlier this month, advise that anything produced in Judea and Samaria cannot be labelled “Made in Israel.” (…or is it the ‘smell’ of Israeli oil and gas export talking?)

Bigots Out of ‘Peace Process’

Israel suspended contacts with European Union representatives on Mideast peace issues to protest the 28-nation bloc's decision to label Israeli exports from Judea and Samaria. (There is no need for Israel-haters to participate in the fake peace process)

Syria is a No-Fly Zone Now

The deployment of the highly advanced Russian S-400 anti-air missiles at the Khmeimin base, Russia’s military enclave in Syria near Latakia, combined with Russian electronic jamming and other electronic warfare equipment, has effectively transformed most of Syria into a no-fly zone under Russian control.

Israeli Supreme Court is Enemy Within!

The Supreme Court cancelled the demolition order on the family home of Nur al-Din Abu Hashayeh, the Palestinian who stabbed soldier Almog Shiloni to death near a train station in south Tel Aviv in November 2014. (It is also the fault of the Government - it had a whole year to destroy the house! Why are Israeli governments not interested in ending this perpetual ugliness of terror?)

Keep Idiotic Presidential Candidates Out of Israel

Ahead of his trip to Israel this month, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed in an interview Thursday that forcing peace talks on Israel will head his priorities if elected – and that the onus for the lack of peace lies on the Jewish state, not the Palestinian Authority (PA). “A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal – whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things,” Trump said. (Funny, bigots do not question PA and intentions regarding the future of Israel! Obama came to Israel during his first election campaign to gain cheap popularity, now we see the result! Trump also declined to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel – words are cheap!)

Quote of the Week:

“There can be no peace when we have an onslaught of terror — not here or not anywhere else in the world, which is experiencing this same assault by militant Islamists and the forces of terror. Israel is fighting these forces every hour. We are fighting them directly against the terrorists themselves; we’re fighting also against the sources of incitement. And we believe that the entire international community should support this effort. It’s not only our battle, it’s everyone’s battle. It’s the battle of civilization against barbarism.” - Netanyahu told Kerry, before their recent meeting.

Time to Attack – Not Hide!

by Benny Tucker

Former Chief IDF Rabbi Avichai Rontzki is hard pressed to understand why Central Command Head Maj. Gen. Roni Numa reportedly told newsmen the day before that he would like to see a gamut of questionable moves made.

Those moves including having the Palestinian Authority (PA) "security forces" supplied with more weapons and bulletproof vehicles, and to see Arab terrorist prisoners freed – in order to assist and encourage the PA to fight terror.

"I know him many years," Rabbi Rontzki said. "He is a serious person. I can't understand it. They are trying to murder soldiers and civilians everywhere, and you want to embrace the PA, which is bringing about all of this, through incitement?"

The IDF has to go from defense to offense, he opined. "I do not want to talk about Defensive Shield 2, but the army knows what to do, there are contingency plans for every situation. A wide ranging operation that strikes at and completely eliminates the incitement, and the Justice Ministry needs to set up a protocol for deporting families." (There is a need for a plan to remove all enemy population from Jewish land, it is long overdue!)

"The state has got to provide its residents with security," he stressed. "Will we always walk around in dread, fearing that we will be stabbed or shot? The citizens don't care that it is hard to locate the terrorists because this is 'popular terror.' It's not interesting."

The rabbi, who now heads the Itamar Yeshiva, called on the security establishment to wake up and carry out effective offensive operations, not defensive ones.

"No more bullet-proofed jeeps or concrete barriers," he said. "We've turned our area into a military base with jeeps and weapons."

"There is a general rule in the army that says any defensive line stands the risk of being penetrated," he revealed. "You can add concrete barriers and they will break through that. They will find a way."