The Israeli Leadership.

Letter from Joseph Silver.

The Israeli leadership has reached the point of humiliation. They have no dignity left and no self-respect.  They are completely disconnected from recent history - from the footsteps of millions of Jewish people, men, women and children who were pushed, in a hurry, with no time left, into the ghettos, into the cattle cars, into the camps and into the gas chambers.

These millions are gone.  We failed to save them.  Now we have all the time in the world to stall, to push back and to declare [our right to the land of our ancestors] in the very face of Saeb Erekat and his blood-thirsty tribe.

We have a legitimate and historic claim to Jewish sovereignty over historic Jewish land.  Our claims are historically, legally and morally superior to any of your claims and pre-date your claims. In the name of each Jewish soul that was pushed and brutalized by the Nazis and now by their spiritual partners, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Fatah, the Al Asqa Martyrs Brigade, the Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, the Hezballah, the Wahhabis, the Wakf and so on, we will be pushed no more; we demand our rights and after 2000 years it is our historic imperative. Jewish democracy does not require a free people to submit to the tyranny of Arab predators!

During early Sabbath morning, at least 20 missiles were fired by Gaza terrorists at the coastal city of Ashkelon. Six civilians were wounded and a number of others suffered shock. One third of the residents of Sderot have left the city. More than 75 percent of its children suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the thousands of rocket attacks fired on the city in the past seven years. Limited military response is not enough. Even if Israel returns to Gaza, it will not end terror. Complete clean up of entire Gaza strip is needed!

War with Restraint is a Symptom of Schizophrenia. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert commented on the situation in southern Israel: "We are in the midst of warfare and we will continue fighting until the danger looming over the residents of the south will cease to exist.” At the same time he assured Rice publicly that Israel would continue to act with restraint: "We will make terrorists pay a heavy price, but we will not make exaggerated statements.” (One either fights the enemy or surrenders Destroying empty buildings n Gaza will not stop terror!)

Attacking Empty Spaces. The IAF has gone back to attacking empty fields in Gaza, which are defined as "Kassam launching grounds." Three such attacks were carried out Friday morning in Jabalya and Beit Lahiya. (These impotence Israeli response only encourage Hamas to more bold attacks. Government of Israel is playing stupid ‘war games’ with the lives of its citizens!)

New Face, the Same ‘Useless Nothing’! U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned Israel for using "excessive" force. – He have not called it ‘excessive’ when up to 50 rockets a day were fired at Jewish civilian population by terrorists from Gaza and he did not call an emergency session of the Security Council to condemn Hamas or PA! So, shut up and get lost ‘Useless Nothing’!

What Peace Process? PLO chief terrorist and PA ‘President’ Mahmoud Abbas wasted no time responding to the IDF's action against rocket-launching Arabs in Gaza by announcing the freezing of "peace" talks with Israel. (It has never existed – Just a sham!)

Gaza's terrorists are responsible for the harm they bring to their own population! They are shielding themselves behind civilians who get hurt or killed when Israel is forced to retaliate.

Quote of the Week #1:

“I say for the whole world to hear that our war will extend everywhere without restraints. The Lebanon War is not over; there is no ceasefire.” - Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah leader. - Isn’t it time for Israel to decisively destroy all enemies and remove them from Jewish land? This will end their opportunistic behaviour and hopefully end the terror that Israel faces daily! Hisbollah’s message was sent to “the whole world”, not just Israel. Recognise this! Our enemy is your enemy, even if you do not want to admit it!

What is Next? Roni Yahya, 47, a father of four, is the man who was killed by a Kassam rocket in Sapir College. 15 people were hospitalized at Ashkelon's Barzilai hospital. All in all, Gaza terrorists' violence against civilians hurt 49 people in one day. More than 50 missiles and dozens of mortar rounds were fired from Gaza in five hours last Wednesday afternoon including four Russian “Grad” Katyushas that hit the Ashkelon area around 6pm. (Ask yourself: How would any self-respecting country respond to this attack? Shelling empty buildings is a waste of time and money! It will not stop Islamic terror. Only a swift and decisive clean up of Gaza of all its enemy population can end this impotent situation. This stupidity of the Israeli government must end now!)

Egypt Doubles Sinai Garrison. Since Hamas blew open the Gaza-Egypt border wall last month, Egypt has doubled the number of troops it has stationed on its border with the Gaza Strip. Some of the soldiers are in civilian dress to avoid drawing attention. Under the 1979 Camp David peace accord between Israel and Egypt, the Sinai was demilitarised and Egypt was allowed a limited garrison of 750 soldiers. (Do Hamas terror acts against Israel have a hidden agenda – to undermine the Camp David accord and render it obsolete?)

‘Useless Nothing’ Remains the Jew-hateful. The United Nations Human Rights Council, uses terms such as "Israeli occupation" and refers to Israeli laws that "resemble South African apartheid" to explain terrorist attacks carried out by Palestinian Authority operatives as the "inevitable consequence" of Israel's presence in territories that were recovered during the 1967 Six-Day War. (The UN does not respect even its own resolutions, most of which were rejected by the Arabs, and conveniently forgets modern history - I am not even talking about ancient times. The PA is occupying Jewish land and using terror to achieve its goal; destabilisation and destruction of Israel. The international Jew-haters are collaborating with the Muslim world, the same way that the League of Nations and Red Cross facilitated the Holocaust!)

Quote of the Week #2:

"We will not permit ourselves to be complacent to the sounds of voices calling for the obliteration of Israel, which are backed by murderous and jealous ideologies, tyrannical regimes, supporters of terrors and malicious programs to develop weapons of massive destruction," - Olmert said during his address to the Knesset. - But he has been negotiating the surrender of Israel with the people who call "for the obliteration of Israel"!

Another Gutless Traitor in-Waiting. "I don't know how long the [peace] process will last, but we will definitely have to cede certain parts of the Land of Israel," Tzipi Livni told a meeting of the Jewish Agency last Tuesday, while acting as Prime Minister. She is also the chief negotiator for Israel in talks with the Palestinian Authority in discussions meant to reach a final status agreement. (A traitor, who only cares about her own ambitions, in charge of the future of Israel! While negotiating, one must not reveal to the opposite side ones weakness and folly.)

Inherent Terror Behaviour. Bedouin demonstrators in Be'er Sheva stoned policemen last Monday morning and have injured at least one police officer who was treated on the scene for wounds.

Political Blackmail Pays. The Knesset Finance Committee on Wednesday approved the transfer of NIS 475 million to Shas's Torah institutions. The transfer was part of a coalition agreement between Shas and Kadima, which keeps self-serving traitors in power. (Enemies within, in order to avoid public scrutiny while they are enriching themselves, divide Jews in Israel on: Ashkenazi and Sephardim; religious and secular; ‘Russians’, ‘Moroccans’, ‘Yemenites… Only united Jews will be able to defeat our enemies and re-unite our ancestral land!)

Quote of the Week #3:

“I sit here at my computer worrying sick about the government of Israel and their appeasement and cowardice behaviour. There appears nothing can be done to give the government of Israel clear will to save its own country. I am just so saddened by these traitors to Israel and I am not even a Jew. What can anyone do to change this suicidal madness of the government, when they do not listen to the will of Israel, Jews?” - Gabby, a Catholic friend of Israel.

Turkey Invades Iraq. Last week, the Turkish army announced that it mounted a large scale military operation against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq. About 10,000 Turkish soldiers were involved in the incursion. An American official said the reports were "bad news," but the U.S. military said the Turkish operation was limited in scope. (An independent country was invaded and no international out-cry against it? It is pure and unadulterated hypocrisy and duplicity in action! Rockets are sent from Gaza and land in Israel every day. Israel’s pretence response is a white-wash called surgical strikes!)

Unilateral Declaration of Independence. Yasser Abd Rabbo who is a member of the Palestinian negotiating team in the peace process as well as the PLO's executive committee declared that they may consider declaring the state: "We can declare the independence unilaterally if the current negotiations fail to achieve results," "This is a message to Israel and the international community that we have more than one option and choice," (Lack of self-respect and inaction makes an enemy bold and arrogant. Israel exhausted all options but one in order to have peace, which would definitely end this charade of the peace process!)