The Cost of US Aid to Israel

by Daniel Feith

(Political–Economic prospective - from Harvard Israel Review, 2006)

The close relationship between Israel and the United States was born out of Cold War tensions projected onto the regional conflict in the Middle East. Following the 1967 war, relations between Israel and its neighbours remained tense and by 1970, Israel found itself entangled in war of attrition with its southern neighbour Egypt. The US, implementing its policy of containment at the time, was competing with the Soviet Union for influence in regions around the world... (Not because of a friendly attitude toward Israel, which most US governments never had!)

The alliance between Israel and the US grew stronger through the 1970s as Soviet support of Arab states continued and as regional tensions peaked during the Yom Kippur War, and that alliance remains strong today. With its $3 billion annual aid package, Israel today receives more aid on better terms than any other nation in the world... (Current aid the US provides to Muslim, Arab and even Islamic countries which support terrorism is much higher than Israel receives)

However, some critics of aid to Israel assert that today the Cold War has been over for more than a decade and that Israel no longer has value to the US as a buffer against Soviet expansion. Yet American aid continues to flow to Israel. At the same time, critics on the opposite end of the political spectrum argue that while aid to Israel may be tied to the best of intentions, it does more harm than good to the Jewish State by propping up a big and inefficient government and making Israel dependent upon the US...

Israel has been a loyal ally to the US and, through its strength, a stabilizing force in an otherwise volatile region. Although Israel’s very existence has fuelled numerous conflicts in the Middle East... Operating on the principle that Israel is here to stay and should stay, US aid to Israel has yielded enormous strategic dividends for the US.

By creating a regional imbalance of power favouring Israel, aid has curbed Arab military aggression and prevented situations namely full-blown war between Israel and its neighbours in which the US might need to deploy troops to the Middle East. For these reasons (only), the military assistance Israel has received is most appropriately judged in light of US strategic defense spending, such as the costs of basing troops in South Korea, and not in comparison to the foreign aid budget... (The US has been using Israel to maintain stability or creates instability, using aggression of Arab/Muslim neighbours, in the oil-rich region! If enemies of Israel knew that the US dooes tolerate aggression against Israel, the Arab-Israel conflict would be over long time ago – remember Bosnia and Herzegovina!)

A Jerusalem-based think tank focused on promoting free market reforms in Israel, has argued that US aid to Israel, both economic and military, slows economic growth (since 1973) by supporting Israel’s socialist system... (It is time, long overdue, to review the skewed, ‘golden handcuffs’, US-Israel relationship!)

Munich Agreement didn't Prevent WWII

Israel's Defense Ministry responded to Barack Obama's claim that even Israel acknowledges this fact that the nuclear deal signed between Iran and the West had been successful in improving the security situation in the Middle East. "The Munich Agreement did not prevent the Second World War and the Holocaust, precisely because their basic premise, that Nazi Germany could be a partner to some agreement, was incorrect and because the world's leaders at the time ignored the blunt remarks of Hitler and other Nazi leaders."

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Humiliation and loss of independence are the result of the US aid:

1) The US government dictates, controls and influences Israel’s defence and political policies, robbing Israel of independence.

2) The US Department of the Treasury dictates where Israel is legally obligated to use the proceeds of guaranteed loans Israel obtains from other lenders!

3) Recently, Israel has become a global leader in arms exports, but the US restrictions effectively have curtailed almost all Israeli arms sales to China and other markets.

4) The US does not impose so much political pressure on Arab/Muslim and other countries it provides aid to!

5) Successive government of the United States have been conducting often aggressive and deliberately discriminatory to Israel policy, preventing Israel from ending the Arab-Israel conflict, using its military advantage, against aggressive and terrorist enemies!

Zionism is Jewish National Independence Movement!

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Usual French Hypocrisy

Even as France considers banning foreign financing of mosques, it – along with other European countries – is financing organizations intent on harming Israel. An NGO monitor issued a report in March on France, saying it provides “millions of euros to French, Palestinian and Israeli NGOs.

Israel Recognizes Armenian Genocide

Israel’s Education, Culture and Sports Committee decided to recognize the Armenian genocide. The declaration by the committee represents a symbolic and important change in light of Israel’s maintenance hitherto of a policy to refrain from officially recognizing the Armenian genocide in which approximately 1.5 million Armenians were reportedly massacred by Ottoman Turkish forces during World War I. (As fake friendship with Islamic Turkey is not an obstacle any more, this declaration is long overdue!)

Ugliness of Our Enemies!

An Arab father holds up his 4-year-old son. He pleads with Israeli border police to kill his own child. He shouts, "Shoot this little boy!", but the IDF soldier gave the boy a hi-five and the boy responded. The PA Ministry of Education in Ramallah recently organized an event for students to honor terrorists who murdered three civilians. Two weeks ago, the PA's official newspaper praised teenage terrorists and wrote that “death as a martyr is the path to excellence and greatness.” (When will the Israeli government remove this ugly filth from Jewish land?)

World Vision Incubators of Terrorism

UN Ambassador Danny Danon questions how much UN can oversee its "humanitarian aid." “An organization which received UN support was caught funding terrorism.” said Ambassador Danon. Instead of building greenhouses, World Vision, the world’s largest humanitarian charity has been (willingly) duped for years into funding the Hamas terror organization, funded the Hamas terror group in Gaza for roughly a decade, enabling divert more than $7 million annually from civilian needs to Hamas coffers.

Quote of the Week:

“The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.” – It was attributed by president John F. Kennedy to Dante Alighieri, poem “The Divine Comedy” -  “Inferno”.

Chronology of Pretend Friendship

by Steven Shamrak (April 2008)

On September 21, 1922, President Warren G. Harding signed the joint resolution of approval, with many ifs and buts attached, to establish a Jewish National Home in Palestine.

In the late 1930s the German government did all it could to induce the Jews to leave the country. At the same time, the United States and most of the world imposed a 'blockade' on Jewish escape from Nazi Europe, effectively facilitating the Holocaust!

In 1948 the United States reluctantly supported UN resolution 141. Israel was born. However, most countries, at the time, hoped that the Muslim states would achieve their plan of destruction of the newly re-created Jewish state and they backed this hope by introducing an embargo on the importation of arms to the region, mainly Israel.

In 1950, the US abandoned Israel both politically and militarily. In order to win the support of its new ‘friends’, France and Britain, Israel helped them in the war against Egypt to re-gain control of the Suez canal.

In 1967, during the Six Day war, the US was spying on Israel and had plans ready to invade Sinai in order to prevent Israel’s advance against Egypt.

During the last 15 years, the US presidents have been generously offering Jewish land to the recently forged ‘Palestinian’ people in order to accommodate the creation a new terror infested Muslim state. Having already 60 Muslim states apparently is not enough!

In spite of all of this duplicity exhibited by the US, Israel remains the best political partner of the United States. Israel is the most reliable military strategic partner of the United States in the Middle East. One must also not underestimate the immense scientific, technological and economic benefits the US has been receiving from Israel’s and Jewish know-how.

Some hypocrites are screaming at this moment about economic aid that Israel receives from the US. They are deliberately ignoring the fact that most of it, and even more, is paid back in the form of military orders that stimulate the US economy. They are mute about the aid that the US gives to Muslim countries, even to Saudi Arabia. Artificial maintenance of the Arab-Israel conflict is beneficial for US industrial machinery as the United States also supplies Israel’s enemies with arms in exchange for oil! Besides environmentally polluting oil, which the Arabs did not make and are not even able to unearth themselves, and a chain of global terror attacks like September 11, how do these Arab and Muslim countries, which those anti-Semitic idiots are advocating and supporting, benefit the US or the world?

For 60 years Israel has been living under the threat of Arab terror with its hands tightly held by the international hypocrites who did not want to see the existence of the Jewish state in the first place. Throughout history, Jews have never been able to please enemies or even so-called friends. Israel must take full control of her own destiny, the future of Jewish people and Jewish land! We need a new leadership for this; a leadership which is capable of setting long-term National goals and following them through. Otherwise, the future of Israel is bleak! As former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, said: Control your own destiny or someone else will.”

PS: "I hope that President Abbas and Prime Minister Olmert can sign an agreement before the end of my presidency that defines a clearly-outlined Palestinian state." – President Bush – Why was he in a rush? Bush accomplish nothing during his 8 years of presidency - bungled the fake war in Iraq and was trying to ‘make history’ by selling out Jewish land to Arabs.