The Conflict is All about Islam!

by Art Moore

The Palestinian Authority and its allies long have insisted that the conflict in the Middle East boils down to a dispute over land.

If Israel would be willing to give up certain land and accept particular demands, peace could be achieved at last.

But a top adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has made it clear that Islam and its objective to establish the rule of Shariah, not only in the region but over the entire world, is at the heart of the matter.

Mahmoud Al-Habbash, regarded at the PA’s most important religious figure, said the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is not a political conflict but a “battle” between Islam and “the culture of Satan.”

Robert Spencer, the author of the newly published “The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS,” writes on his Jihad Watch blog that history shows the “enemies of Islam” are non-Muslims “who refuse to accept the hegemony of Sharia and the second-class status that acceptance would entail for them.”

“Those who think that the Israeli/”Palestinian” conflict will be solved through negotiations should heed the words of Mahmoud Al-Habbash,” Spencer said. “But they won’t.”

Appointed by Abbas as his personal adviser on Islam and the PA’s supreme Shariah judge, Habbash spoke of “the battle of history between Islam and the enemies of Islam.”

Israelis and Jews are the “enemies of Islam,” “enemies of Muslims,” have a “culture of Satan” and represent “evil,” he said.

Moreover, he said the current battle is not just another battle on behalf of Islam but the ultimate battle described in the Quran as the “final promise,” leading to the destruction of the “children of Israel.”

...The battle with Israel today over Jerusalem, the cleric said, is “the spark of the battle,” meaning, the beginning of the war of destruction.” (It is a well-known, but rarely acknowledged by politicians, fact! Like I have written so many times, until enemies of Israel are decisively removed from the Jewish land they will continue to think and hope that they have a chance to win their holy war!)

FOOD for THOUGHT. by Steven Shamrak

They say “Jews control the world.” Strangely, after 70 years of Israel’s independence, Jews are still not even in control of their own country. We are still terrorized by Israeli Arabs and so-called Palestinians, same thing, and most of our ancestral land is still occupied by enemies. Let us give up imaginary control of the world and take real control of our own land and destiny!

"Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!"

Please, read and distribute!

Bibi is Just Empty Threats - no Action

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the security situation in the south by saying "Hamas has apparently not understood the message: If they do not stop the attacks, they will be stopped in another way and it will be painful, very painful". (Hamas leaders understand him quite well. That is why they do not care what he is saying!)

UN Envoy Must be pro-Fatah Only?

PA leadership announces it will no longer work with Nickolay Mladenov after he sought a deal between Israel and Hamas. Ahmed Majdalani, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) executive committee, said it had informed the UN secretary general that Mladenov was "no longer acceptable" to the PA government.

Israel Haters Have to Pay!

Israel court rules that anti-Israel activists must pay Lorde's fans after she cancelled her concert in Israel. Two BDS activists from New Zealand were directly responsible for Lorde's cancellation and ordered them to pay three fans 45,000 shekels, or $12,400.

Jew-Haters of UNESCO are Relentless

Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon slammed the resolutions passed by members of UNESCO’s Executive Board, according to which the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem are "an integral part of the Occupied Palestinian territory." The resolutions also condemned Israel for building the security fence, carrying out excavations in eastern Jerusalem, and for "other measures aimed at altering the character, status and demographic composition of the Occupied Palestinian territory." “This is further evidence, for anyone who did not understand why the United States and Israel withdrew from UNESCO, that again proves that UNESCO is a body based on lies and biases, and is deliberately acting against us,” Danon said. (Even as Israel is getting out of the Jew-hating organization, bigots can’t give it a rest!)

First Terrorist Balloon Landed in Central Jerusalem

An incendiary balloon, such as those used by Hamas to plague and vandalize southern Israel, was found on Wednesday for the first time on the Emek Refaim main street of Jerusalem’s Germany Colony. (Inaction of IDF in Gaza has encouraged terror escalation! Now, Fatah has entered an 'incendiary balloon’ terrorist competition with Hamas.)

Supreme Court – Changing Gradually

Residents of the former - demolished - Samaria Jewish community of Amona can finally breathe easy. Israel’s Supreme Court decided in a final ruling that development and construction in their new community, Amichai (“My People lives”) will be permitted to continue.

Burning Jewish Land with Impunity

One thousand and fifty-three fires, which were documented in the Gaza border communities, consumed a vast amount of trees there. Some 11,920 dunams (more than 7,000 acres) of farmland and woodland were set on fire by incendiary kites and balloons flown from Gaza into Israel over the last six months; 'It's a severe blow to nature,' says one of the fire-fighters. (Gutless Israeli leadership is unable to make its decision of how to deal with the enemies on its own. Netanyahu is still waiting for another useless peace plan from the White House!)

Fueling Enemy for Cheap Praise!

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu won praise from US special ME negotiator Jason Greenblatt for letting the Qatar-funded fuel trucks go through to the Gaza Strip on Oct 9.  As the first step towards implementing the administration’s Israel-Palestinian peace plan, partnered with Israel and Egypt, to eventually separate the Gaza Strip from Judea and Samaria (West Bank) to form two separate Palestinian entities. (This is another idiotic peace plan, which will not work. Our ‘friends’ have always been ‘generous’ with giving away Jewish land! Only by removing the enemy population from the Jewish land will terror in Eretz-Israel end!)

How Can Muslim States Conduct Relationship with Israel?

Saudi, Pakistani, Afghani and Emirati officials are asking Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev about how to balance their identities as Muslim countries with a relationship with Israel, the Azerbaijani leader told an American rabbi, Rabbi Marc Schneier. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visited Azerbaijan in 2016, speaks often about discreet ties that Israel now maintains with a number of key Arab countries in the region.

S-300 Launchers for Free - Rockets for a Billion?

Russia says it provided Syria with 24 advanced S-300 launchers for free. It has also given 300 guided missiles to arm the high-tech air defense system. The S-300 system, considered one of the most advanced in the world, has a radius of some 200 kilometers, meaning a battery placed near Damascus would cover much of Israel. (It sounds like Iran, Syria or both have paid to Putin’s secret accounts a lot of ‘green’!)

QUOTE of the WEEK:

“The status of the Golan Heights is determined by the resolutions of the UN Security Council. Changing this status bypassing the Security Council, from my perspective, would be a direct violation of these resolutions.” - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov - It makes me laugh when other countries, especially Russia, teach Israel about respect for the UN resolutions! Russia has brutally suppressed the independence attempt of Chechnya, took over of Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia - provinces of Georgia, annexed Crimea and fuels unrest and separatism in Eastern Ukraine! Get real - the Golan Heights is part of Eretz-Israel, freed from Arab occupation in a defensive war!

Self-imposed Limitation is the Cause

by Steven Shamrak.

The UN, USA, EU and even Arab states are not to be blamed for Israel's problems. They have always been disparaging of Jews. We will never be able to please them or change their nature. Disunity, self-hate and lack of direction are the main problems of the Jewish people.

The International pressure on Israel and the despair of Jewish people have been steadily increasing since the creation of Israel.  The present level of disunity and even hate among Jews is appalling in Israel and in the Diaspora! These are direct results of the continuation of gutless, self-disrespectful and divisive policies that have been conducted by most Israeli governments and many community leaders.

Many Jewish communities have been hiding behind nice and politically correct activities which have not resulted in any true accomplishment! There are thousands of Jewish organisations, publications, websites and active individuals. Most of them are acting with a good intention for the common good. Many of them are even getting positive results in their niche.  But, there is a lack of the common vision, leadership and direction.

For centuries our enemies have been exploiting Jewish disunity with considerable success. After living in an anti-Semitic atmosphere for so long the Jewish people misplaced their national pride: the pride that made us unique among the nations! This was the pride that compelled Jews to fight both Greek and Roman occupations. The pride that made us succeed against all odds in business, science, medicine, music, art etc.

Unfortunately, Jews started to believe our 'inadequate' enemies' slander. Even in our own country, we are living under the imaginary 'Glass lid' - self-imposed limitations - and are unwilling to leave our self-imprisonment and realise our destiny.

We need Jewish leaders, bankers, educators and radicals united by the one Jewish National Goal now! Where are they? There is no time for useless debates anymore. Political affiliations must not interfere with the right of the Jewish people to live on all Jewish land as a sovereign nation. The time for action has arrived!