The Awakening Monster.

by Moshe Feiglin

What did you think, dear Hebronites? That if you paid an outrageous price (to a Muslim owner), photographed and filmed the transaction for the "Peace House" and the Arab seller ...swearing by the tail of the horse of Muhammad that the building is his and he is selling of his own free will - that you could rest easy? Did you think that the law (made by a self-hating Israeli government) would be on your side?

You simply do not understand that we are currently facing destruction. As far as Israel's decision makers (traitors) are concerned, Hebron and all of Judea and Samaria no longer exist...

In the good old days ...there were forces in the Zionist Left that supported settlement throughout Israel. ...But today we are on a completely different page. The (mentally challenged and psychologically paralysed) elites have conquered the country... Gush Katif - established by the Labor party in the most legal of procedures - is dust (destroyed by the Labor-Kadima coalition).

...After Amona, Kadimah's popularity took a plunge and Olmert withdrew his Convergence plan (for the destruction Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria). ...But it seems that the period of grace is drawing to an end. What is happening now at the Peace House is the awakening of the monster. So now what do we do?

First, we must understand that the main objective of the government mechanism today is the destruction of all the settlements in Judea and Samaria. Our Sages teach that in times of "shmad", destruction, we must not make the slightest retreat. It is a zero sum game and every retreat will be used to facilitate further destruction.

...public must connect to the large national camp and make its voice heard inside the Likud. The direction that the Likud takes is determined by its members (starting with the reinforcement of Likud's charter in relation to Eretz-Israel, the land of Israel).

...The monster that has awakened now in Hebron may wait until after the elections to rear its head again. It doesn't even care who wins. What to do now?... (Do not let the monstrous traitors win again - Vote them out of power!)

Israeli troops forcibly evicted 18 Jewish families and their supporters from a contested building in Jewish biblical city Hebron on Thursday. The operation was carried out by 600 soldiers and policemen with stealth and efficiency.  - If only Israeli government used the same efficiency and determination to stop rocket attacks and remove enemies from Jewish land!

Notes: 1) The building was purchased by a Jew from its Arab owner in a filmed transaction for the sum of $700,000 in cash, the seller later recanted after he was arrested and threatened with execution by the Palestinian Authority. In the PA, as in Jordan, selling property to a Jew is considered a capital crime and is punishable by death. 2) A group of soldiers in the Haruv battalion announced on Thursday that they had been ordered to take part in the expulsion, but had refused to do so. "We told our commanders that we didn't enlist in the IDF in order to expel Jews, and we won't take part in an operation that hurts Jews..."

Ugly Face of Religion of 'Peace'. Mumbai hospital doctors were horrified by the condition of the six Israeli bodies recovered from the smashed, blood-spattered rooms of Chabad Center. Local and Israeli pathologists confirmed they were tortured by their Islamic terrorist captors before being bound together and killed in cold blood. An Indian doctor: "Bombay has a long history of terror. I have seen bodies of riot victims, gang war and previous terror attacks like bomb blasts. But this was entirely different. It was shocking and disturbing."

A 'Quiet' Sabbath in Israel: Gaza terrorists fired two Grad-type Katyusha rockets at the city of Ashkelon. In addition, terrorists in Gaza fired seven rockets and eight mortar shells at Gaza crossings and Gaza belt communities.

Food for Thought: The illegitimate, non-elected and highly corrupt, Israeli government has declared war against its own people and has been accusing Jewish patriots, who are still passionate about Jewish land and have not yet surrendered to the will of the enemies, of incitement and violence. Astonishing hypocrisy! Goebbels was right by saying: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie." - Steven Shamrak

'Wild West' or Betrayal by Government?  Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni slammed the Jewish patriots who were protecting Jewish families from eviction from their homes in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. "This phenomenon must stop," she said, adding Israel would not allow settlers to turn areas in Jewish settlements in the West Bank into "Wild West areas." (The Israeli Government is systematically terrorising and denigrating Jewish patriots while helping the enemies. Say "No" to another Gush Katif!) Acting Prime Minister (mentally sick traitor) Ehud Olmert revealed last Wednesday that he still plans to move many thousands of Jews from Judea and Samaria. (I agree with Livni; stupidity of "This phenomenon must stop"!)

Iran's First A-Bomb by January. The most up-to-date intelligence predictions of US nuclear experts is that by the end of 2009, Iran will have stocked enough weapons-grade fuel to build three nuclear bombs. The first will be ready for assembly by the time Barack Obama is sworn in as US president on January 20, 2009. ( Will the world powers honour their pledges to keep nuclear weapons out of the Islamic Republic's hands or is it up to Israel again to protect world from the Islamic A-bomb?)

No Sympathy for Jewish Victims of Terror. T he Society for Recording Terror-Induced Trauma Cases published figures which should have made Israeli leadership rethink the way they deal with the terror inflicted on Jewish population: 55% of Sderot's citizens had witnessed Qassam missile blasts; 28.4% were made dysfunctional by post-traumatic effects; while 33.6% of the town's schoolchildren aged 13-18 suffered from severe learning disabilities. (The only thing we hear is about the self-inflicted "suffering of poor Palestinians"!)

Quote of the Week: “When there is no unity there cannot be assistance from Above, and we therefore see that the accomplishments of the past are non-existent.”Shmuel Eliyahu, rabbi of Tzfas. – In relation to the future of Eretz-Israel, unity and the meeting of minds must be achieved among all Jews, secular as well as religious.

Hamas Blocks Pilgrimage to Mecca. Hamas has blocked Gaza residents from travelling to Mecca via Egypt for the annual haj pilgrimage, apparently because of a dispute between the warring Fatah and Hamas factions. (As usual, there is no international outcry about religious 'persecution'!)

Venomous Whisper of Self-Hating Traitor. Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit (Kadima) told members of the Foreign Press Association that according to the polls it looked as though Likud would be forming the next government. He said: "There will be no chance to make peace with Syria or the Palestinians," "It is wise and worthwhile to give up the dream of a greater Israel. We don't need a Greater Israel..." (Years of inaction, fake peace process and appeasement of enemies have brought only the escalation of terror. We must return our focus to the original Jewish dream, Eretz-Israel. Everything else has failed.)

Religious Politics of Arabs. For the first time since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, no Palestinians from Gaza are making the sacred annual pilgrimage to Mecca. The West Bankers left three weeks ago but Hamas, the Islamist militant group that runs Gaza, insisted on submitting its own list of eligible Gazans. When the Saudis said they would not grant any of them visas, Hamas set up eight checkpoints along the route to the Egyptian border and barred passage to those on the other list. (No international condemnation of the restriction of religious rights and persecution!)

Freedom of Speech PA Style. Hamas security forces freed three PA journalists on Wednesday whom they had arrested last month and accused of fabricating news critical of the Islamist group. (No international outrage or protests were heard. If only it was Israel!)

Re-branding the Old Self-Hating Left.

A group of high-profile Israeli politicians, intellectuals and business leaders have banded together to form a new dovish (self-hating) faction ahead of February elections, worried by polls that give the Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu a strong chance of winning. The new movement hopes to breathe new life into (Israel's demoralized and disgraced) peace movement (which cares more about enemies who are trying to destroy Israel). But its gains could come at the expense of the mainstream Labor Party, which dominated Israel's political and economic life for its first three decades (destroying the true Zionist nature of Israel, creating an atmosphere of uncontrollable corruption and a society based and functioning on "vitamin P" - 'Proteccia').

Many of the members are leaving Labor (in order to hold on to their fat government pay cheques and kickbacks), saying it no longer stands for social equality and isn't vigorously promoting agenda of (fake) peace (they choose the 'peace process' which leads nowhere, because if true peace is achieved people will see that they are quite useless!)