The Arab Spring and anti-Semitism

by Steven Shamrak

Some people are trying to explain the failure of so-called “Arab Spring” by blaming it on the anti-Semitic attitude of Arab ‘revolutionaries’.

What a BULL!

It is like saying that Nazis failed to take over the world because anti-Semitism. In the past there were people who tried to justify the failure of Nazi Germany by blaming it on anti-Semitic policy. Quite an opposite, solidarity with the Nazi anti-Semitic policy partially could be blamed for the delay of the opening of the Western front - Churchill wanted to open it in Greece.

During the WWII none of the concentration camps, not even a single railway line or a bridge leading to them, were bombed by the Western Allies or the Soviet bombers. The anti-Semitic attitude is the only policy all international bigots - Communists, Nazis, Democrats, dictators of all sorts and Islamists - have in common! It allows them to control and manipulate common idiots easily.

Through their history, Jews have been blamed for everything: for evil of Capitalism and Communism and for any political or economic failure of all and any political system or ruler.

"Arab Spring" has been hijacked by Islamists because there was never meant to be true democracy in a Muslim country!

The reason why both, Muslim dictators and 'revolutionaries’ resort to anti-Semitism is because it is easy to control idiots and the Muslim mob loves and supports the hate - and not just toward Jews - but for all “Infidels”!

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The UK never was interested in creating a Jewish state. The Balfour declaration of 1917 was made in order to get Jews on British side during WWI in the Middle East. After that, the UK did everything possible to prevent the creation of Israel:

1. From 1922 to 1947 the UK assisted Arabs to grab as much as possible (82%) of Jewish land, in violation of the Palestinian mandate.

2. The UK did not support UN resolution 181 in 1947

3. The UK pushed for an international arm embargo after Israel announced its independence! (The UK made sure that Arab neighbours were created first and had trained their armies to be ready to destroy Israel)

The bottom line: It is not Israel’s success but anti-Semitism that motivates the United Kingdom and the rest of the international bigots.

PA Negotiator: Chances to Revive Peace Process Slim

Nabil Sha’ath says US secretary of state won't rekindle talks unless he pressures Israel to halt settlement activity. US Secretary of State John Kerry won’t succeed in rekindling peace talks unless he pressures Israel to halt settlement activity and accept a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, said PA negotiator Nabil Sha’ath. (PA does not honor agreements with Israel, fostering terrorist attacks against Israel and sets unrealistic preconditions for peace negotiation, but the world puts pressure Israel to agree to PA’s surrender terms before ‘negotiating’.)

Netanyahu Tells Putin: We’ll Destroy S-300s

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu hinted in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that if Russia sends S-300 missiles to Syria, Israel will destroy them before they become operational. (The US did not tolerate Soviet rocket in Cuba. Israel will not let enemies gain deadly military advantage.)

Cuban Spy Released by US, but Pollard is still in Jail

Rene Gonzalez, 56, was one of the "Cuban Five" found guilty of espionage in 2001 and given long prison terms. He served 13 years but was allowed to return to Cuba in April and to remain there upon giving up his US citizenship. (Eleven Russian spies were let go without a trail several years ago. Only a Jewish spy must suffer as an ‘example’ to an ally - Israel!)

Bionic Eye for People Born Blind  

Israeli scientists have developed a technology that may enable people who are blind from birth to see. The new technology is being developed by a team at Bar-Ilan University. It consists of a tiny camera that receives visual information from the environment and transmits signals to a bionic contact lens. The lens passes the signals via electrodes to the cornea and from there to sensory brain areas, generating a stimulus that simulates visual information.

Useless Peacekeepers of ‘Useless Nothing’ Running Away

Austria withdraws UN troops from Golan Heights after shelling near the border with Israel injures two peacekeepers. Austria accounts for about 380 of the 1,000-strong UN force monitoring the Israel-Syria ceasefire line in the Golan Heights. The announcement came hours after Syrian rebels seized the Syrian-controlled section of the Quneitra crossing

Hezbollah Kicking Hamas out of Lebanon

Lebanese Shi’ite group Hezbollah has ordered the PA Sunni group Hamas to have its operatives leave Lebanon effective immediately. The move came because of the Hamas support for and training provided to the Syrian rebels. (They all hate Israel, but their hate for each other is even greater.)

Mistake or ‘Friendly’ Backstab?

The United States Government revealed details of a top-secret Israeli military installation when it published building tenders for the project this week. Details of the facility that will house a new Israeli defensive ballistic missile, the Arrow 3, specified the depth of the underground complex and building materials to be used. More than 1,000 pages of blueprints and specifications cover everything from the engineering plans to the heating and cooling systems.

Everything is Wrong with Jewish Leadership

The Jewish National Fund is paying former President Bill Clinton half a million dollars to make a 45-minute speech in honor of Israeli President Shimon Peres’ 90th birthday. The event will be held June 17 in Rehovot, Israel. The former president is also slated to receive the President’s Award from Peres on June 19. (Most of the current leaders of Jewish communities have no vision for our people, but are interested in self-promotion and adding ‘respectability’ to their personal portfolio. Following outrage in Israel and abroad, the Jewish National Fund says it won't pay former U.S. President $500,000 to speak at a gala.)

Jihad Against jihad

Muhammad Shalabi, a jihadist leader in Jordan, has called for a jihad against the Shi’ite Hezbollah, predicting a decisive confrontation between Sunni Islamists and the Lebanese “Party of God” in the coming days.

’Israel-Friendly’ UN Appointment by Obama

US President Barack Obama nominated for position of US ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, a former White House aide and Harvard professor, who has advocated in the past a US invasion of Israel. In a 2002 interview in Berkeley University (anti-Israel institution) she said that the US might in the future be forced to deploy a large military force in Israel in order to impose a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and establish a Palestinian state. (Why, even after September 11, she and the US administration did not consider deployment of military force in Saudi Arabia in order to stop international Islamic terrorism, which is sponsored by this Wahabi monarchy?)

Quote of the Week:

“The General Assembly Resolution 181 never went to the Security Council for consideration for fear that if it were to be approved by the Security Council - then it would require military force to implement it, considering the Zionist position at that time.” - An anti-Israel website - Enemies of Israel seldom present the historical facts to support their point of view, but always make wrong conclusions! An international arm embargo was imposed immediately after Israel announced its independence and was attacked by seven Muslim well-armed countries that were ready to destroy the unborn Jewish state. And the UN did not want to do anything to stop the second Holocaust!

The Good Step in the Right Direction

Coalition chairman and Likud faction leader MK Yariv Levin is again working on legislation that would overhaul the justice system and reduce the power the courts have over the Knesset. Last week Levin presented a bill stating that "the Land of Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people, and the birthplace of the State of Israel.” Under the proposal, the official status of Arabic as a national language would also be downgraded.

In an interview with Army Radio, Levin defended his proposal, saying, "It is not like there is currently a balance between a Jewish state and a democratic state and we are coming along and disrupting it. This balance has been grossly trampled on (by the chronic unwillingness of Arabs to live in peace) and we are here to remedy this situation."

Opposition MK Avishay Braverman (Labor - no surprise here) issued a response to the proposal, saying, "This is a disaster." "When David Ben-Gurion founded this country it was on the basis of two principles: Israel was to be a Jewish and a democratic state. Now they are trying to annex Judea and Samaria and erode the democratic state." (Under the Palestinian mandate, which was created by the League of Nations in July 1922 - Judea, Samaria, Gaza and trans-Jordan were included in proposed Jewish state, Eretz-Israel! So, who is trying to annex whose land?)

The government-commissioned Levy Commission, set up to examine Israel's legitimate claims to Judea and Samaria, concluded that "the classical laws of 'occupation' as set out in the relevant international conventions cannot be considered applicable to… Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria." (A country can’t be called an “occupier” of its own land!)

"According to international law, Israelis have a legal right to settle all of Judea and Samaria, at the very least the lands that Israel controls under agreements with the Palestinian Authority," Levy stated. "Therefore, the establishment of Jewish settlements (in Judea and Samaria) is, in itself, not illegal." (Israel must stop apologizing and begin re-claiming Jewish land from enemy occupation!)