The Anti-Semitic Jew!

by Reuven Efraim (a FaceBook post)

We are seeing, almost daily, a strange phenomena, these days, the appearance of people who make a point of being Jewish, who are making statements, taking positions on issues, and essentially getting publicity for themselves as what might be called anti-Semitic Jews.

Historically, we always saw some Jews who converted to Christianity or Islam who then turned against the Jewish people, whether out of their new beliefs or to prove to themselves what they did was right, some of them becoming more virulently anti-Jewish than the Gentiles around them.

And we always had those Jews who believed that the way to escape the possibility of persecution was to change themselves, discount their Judaism in their own lives, or hide their being Jewish, often adopting various political and social ideologies as their new “religion”, to be part of something that is not part of their Jewish origins.

But today, we have something relatively new, historically. Actually, two new things:

(1) Jews who have excluded most of Judaism from their lives, adopted various ideologies, but who claim to be Jewish still, though they ingratiate themselves (or thinking they do) to their Gentile associates by making a joke of anything that might be Jewish - using some Yiddish word, laughing about Matzo or Gefilte Fish on Passover, or like one US Senator, making a point of showing how he has shrugged over Jewishness by making his favourite meal - meatloaf that is 50% Pork.

(2) And then there is another type – they are either in a mixed marriage or the product of a mixed marriage, who claims some Jewish identity, but knows virtually nothing of Judaism, nor has any real interest in it. Virtually all the Jews who have adopted hostility toward Jewish concerns including Israel.

Look around for yourselves. Look at the so-called Jews in the “Jewish Voice for Peace”, or those who have allied themselves with various left-wing movements, or those who are busy excusing anti-Semitism in American or European politics. Look at their personal lives!

Those of us who care about being Jewish, those of us who are proud of being Jewish, those of us who are concerned about the Jewish future and the welfare of the State of Israel, should seriously consider a not so new idea - HEREM!. The process of choosing to exclude those who turn against us - from the Jewish Nation! Denying them the right to call themselves Jews!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

If Christians suffered persecution in Roman empire, like Saint Valentine and others, and it is clear that Jesus was crucified by Romans, using their favourable method of punishment, why would the Church have been blaming Jews for ‘the blood of Christ’ for almost two millennia, if it is not for creating a scapegoat – Jews – and using anti-Semitism to detract people's attention from the Church’s and Christian rulers’ problems and cruelty? Recently, the Christian anti-Semitic elite, allowed Jihadist migration to Europe, and used them to reignite the anti-Semitic hatred, which is becoming the ugly norm in Europe again and spreading beyond its borders!

"Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!"

Please, read and send to your friends!

'Palestinians' Prefer Israeli Jail

When Israeli jail is your best option: More than 15 Palestinians infiltrated into Israel from Gaza since the beginning of 2019, primarily in an effort to escape the grim living conditions in the Strip. Several of the detainees, most of whom are teens aged 14-17, were carrying knives and bolt cutters to ensure they end up in an Israeli prison and therefore remain in the country rather than to carry out a terror attack.

UN Propaganda Visit Blocked

Israel has blocked the United Nations Security Council from sending a delegation to make an official visit to Ramallah. The PA tried to initiate the visit after Israel chose not to renew the mandate of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH). (The presence of the anti-Semitic organization, the UN – ‘Ugly Nazi, must be removed from the Jewish land!)

Republicans and Democrats United Against Anti-Semitism

The House of Representatives voted unanimously to condemn anti-Semitism as well as “all attempts to delegitimize and deny Israel’s right to exist.” Democrats embraced language used by the Republicans, who have been trying to blame them for the sins of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Lebanon is Liable for Hezbollah

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri indicated that his new government would allow terror group Hezbollah to keep its weapons, which it used in a major war against Israel in 2006 and have been frequently used since to threaten Israel.

Israeli Airports under Cyber Attacks

Israeli airports fend off 3 million attempted cyber attacks a day. The Airports Authority set up a cyber security division four years ago.

That is How Muslim State Deals with Terrorists

Egypt pumps poison gas into terror tunnel from Gaza. The Egyptian army identified the opening of the tunnel on their side and pumped the shaft with poisonous gases. According to Arab reports, 9 Muslim terrorists are missing inside the tunnel after being gassed. Two rescue workers were killed as they searched for missing terrorists inside the terror tunnel. (No warning telephone calls or knocking on the roofs before hitting empty buildings! And there is no condemnation from the Jew-hating world!)

Jew-Haters do not care about Hitler’s Art!

Five paintings attributed to Adolf Hitler failed to find buyers at an auction held a week ago amid anger at the sale of Nazi memorabilia. (They just love to hate!)

Quote of the Week:

"A ‘semantical’ issue that needs to be clarified is that there is NO such creature as "Judeo-Christian." Those who claim that there is because Christianity and Judaism share some values, might as well use the term "Christian-Islamic," since the prophet Muhammad who wrote the Koran later adopted some values from it. I wonder how many Christians are willing to adopt that idea." - Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks, FaceBook comment – One of the most important common features of Christianity and Islam is anti-Semitism! Therefore, they are ideologically and theologically much closer to each other than to Judaism.

The War Against the Jews

by Efraim Karsh (July 2012, pp. 319)

The sustained anti-Israel de-legitimization campaign is a corollary of the millenarian obsession with the Jews in the Christian and the Muslim worlds. Since Israel is the world's only Jewish state, and since Zionism is the Jewish people's national liberation movement, anti-Zionism - as opposed to criticism of specific Israeli policies or actions - means denial of the Jewish right to national self-determination. Such a discriminatory denial of this basic right to only one nation (and one of the few that can trace their corporate identity and territorial attachment to antiquity) while allowing it to all other groups and communities, however new and tenuous their claim to nationhood, is pure and unadulterated anti-Jewish racism, or anti-Semitism as it is commonly known.

By any conceivable standard, Israel has been an extraordinary success story: national rebirth in the ancestral homeland after millennia of exile and dispersion; resuscitation of a dormant biblical language; the creation of a modern, highly educated, technologically advanced, and culturally and economically thriving society, as well as a vibrant liberal democracy in one of the world's least democratic areas. It is a world leader in agricultural, medical, military, and solar energy technologies, among others; a high-tech superpower attracting more venture capital investment per capita than the United States and Europe; home to one of the world's best health systems and philharmonic orchestras, as well as to ten Nobel Prize laureates. And so on and so forth.

Why then is Israel the only state in the world whose right to exist is constantly debated and challenged while far less successful countries, including numerous "failed states," are considered legitimate and incontestable members of the international community? Because the pervasive prejudice against Israel, the only Jewish state to exist since biblical times, is a corollary of the millenarian (anti-Semitic) obsession with the Jews in the Christian and the Muslim worlds.