Issues Israel Must Have Plans for

by Hillel Fendel

How must Israel prepare for what appear to be inevitable wars on one or both of its northern and southern fronts?

Former IDF Intelligence Director Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Amos Yadlin writes that on both fronts "Hezbollah and Hamas have institutionalized and taken on characteristics of states… They have not given up on the intent to destroy Israel, and both organizations regard military conflict as a central path to achieve this goal. Stopping them requires strong deterrence and damage to their respective military build-ups...” (for the complete removal of their political leadership)

He notes that the Northern front is more stable than the south, because "despite limitations, Israel and Hezbollah can anticipate the other side’s moves and halt deterioration toward fighting with relative ease." On the Hamas front, however, "there is constant friction, including restrictions on entering and exiting, a naval blockade, tunnel digging into Israel, and tension surrounding the humanitarian need to rebuild civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. In addition, the Southern front is extremely complex due to its many players," some of which occasionally fire at Israel, "more to defy Hamas than to harm Israel." (That is why only the removal of the entire enemy population from Gaza during the next war to Sinai, see link below, will end the threat to Israel from Gaza. The external threat will be easier to control in Sinai!)

Before full-scale military hostilities resume on either of the fronts, Israel’s political leadership and the IDF must study and clarify critical strategic and tactical issues:

* What strategic purpose does Israel seek to achieve? Does achieving this goal include attacks on the enemy’s national infrastructure? How can the operation be shortened, and how? (It is always helps to know the aim of any endeavour, especially a military one!)

* How will the political campaign be conducted at the international and regional level? Will international and regional actors intervene with threats, sanctions, or even military involvement? (There is a need for political will to achieve the Jewish National goal and resist/ignore international anti-Semitic bigots!)

* What is the correct timing for the operation? What is the quality and level of Israel's intelligence about the capabilities and intentions of the enemy? Should Israel prepare for occupation or a temporary presence? (“Temporary” measures do not work with enemies of Israel!)

* How should the Israeli civilian arena be prepared for the campaign? What are the risks that a second front could be opened simultaneously and how can Israel prepare for this?

"If Israel is fated to be dragged into another confrontation in the north or the south," Maj,-Gen. Yadlin concludes, "it must prepare wisely and diligently - in contrast to the last rounds of fighting in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip."

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

This message is addressed to Jews who adopted other religions and became Christians, Buddhists, Hari Krishna etc... I hope you have done this out of spiritual considerations and inspirations and have been fully versed with Jewish spiritual teachings, but not been driven by the opportunism or by self-hate. Just imagine that you are going for a holiday and taking a plane to fly overseas. Would you prefer to travel in crowded economy paying for it or by the first class for free? As a Jewish person you have standing reservation to the first class spiritual seat, even if you are not observant Jew -  and yes, it is free - just for you, because you are borne into exclusive ‘spiritual club’! So, why would you trade it for a lesser one and pay for it?

Another Empty Threat?

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told a PA newspaper that while Israel has no desire to return to Gaza or conquer it, "if they force a new war on us - it will be Hamas' last because we will completely destroy them." Lieberman outlined an alternative reality for Gaza citizens in which the Gaza-Israel border can be a source of development and prosperity, which can create thousands of new jobs. (Only by removing enemy population from Gaza, as the first step toward reunification of Eretz-Israel, will Israel be able to end this farcical status quo!)

More Casualties of the Next War

A Hamas operative died while working in a tunnel in the Gaza Strip Monday, the second death reported in recent days in the Palestinian terror group’s ranks. (It is the question not “If”, but “When” Hamas will start the next war with Israel!)

Is Italy Braking Political Ranks with Europe?

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi vows that from now on his nation will vote against anti-Israel resolutions like the one passed by UNESCO, obliterating Judaism’s historic link with Jerusalem. Italy abstained in the vote, as did 25 other nations, while 24 member states voted in favour of the resolution. Only six countries had the courage to oppose the resolution advanced by the PA. “It is shocking and I have ordered that we stop taking this position (abstaining) even if it means breaking ranks from the position taken by the rest of Europe.

Saudi Arabia Cuts PA Funding

Without providing proper warning or an explanation to Ramallah, Saudi Arabia has been holding back financial aid earmarked for the Palestinian Authority for over six months. Saudi Arabia had been paying $20 million a month to the PA as aid.

Egyptian Troops Shoot to Kill

An Israeli Bedouin teen - Nimer Bassem Abu Amar, 15, - was killed while working on upkeep of Israel’s security fence on the border with Egypt. He may have accidentally stepped across border. (He was a non-Jewish teen, but international bigots do not care because he was not killed by IDF. No photographs, staged videos and no fake outcry!)

Digital Control of Surgeries

​Like a science fiction movie scene, the state-of-the-art control system installed in the recently opened Head and Neck Operating Room in Haifa's Rambam Hospital is the first of its kind in the world. The operating table monitor the patient’s vital signs, while others follow the surgeon’s movements as he uses sophisticated imaging tools to guide a surgical tool through the patient’s nostril, in order to excise a tumor in her neck.

PA School Named for Munich-massacre Mastermind

The Palestinian Authority has named a school “the Martyr Salah Khalaf School”, after the mastermind of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre who

planned the attack on the Israeli Olympic compound, which led to the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches. Khalaf also had a role in the 1973 takeover of the American embassy in Khartoum, Sudan

Quote of the Week:

“Diaspora Jews should not support the misguided policies of Israeli leaders and that Israel should look to North America for moral guidance. Please do not tell me how you support Israel when you dismiss our biblical land – Judea and Samaria. This land was never occupied. This holy land was returned to Israel at the end of the 1967 war… Please tell me, how do you plan to make peace with Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, the PA and ISIS?” - Rabbi Richard Jacobs - Most of the times, Israeli governments do not represent long term interests and goals of Jewish people, by engaging in perpetuating negotiations with the enemies! It is only gave credibility to Arab terrorists and demised Israel’s political standing.

The Altalena Remembered

by Gary Willig

A new memorial to the victims of the 'Altalena Affair' was dedicated today in the Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery in Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke at the dedication ceremony.

"Only five weeks after the establishment of the state, Jews shot other Jews. This bloodshed left a scar on the nation's heart. Menachem Begin will forever be remembered for preventing the disaster from escalating. (Thanks to Begin we had) not a civil war, but brotherhood."

"The men of the Altalena sealed their lips and joined the IDF to defend against the Arab enemy." Netanyahu continued. "We must follow in their footsteps. Many of our own enemies understand that we are on the same side."

Netanyahu stressed that "This is also a struggle for the historical truth, our roots, our homeland, and our capital, Jerusalem. We continue to fight for the truth and to build up our nation."

Netanyahu called on Israelis to "Always remember the pain of the men of the Altalena. The love of Israel can overcome any suffering."

The Altalena was an Etzel ship bearing arms to relieve the siege of Jerusalem. The government of David Ben-Gurion, fearing Etzel leader Menachem Begin's intentions, refused to allow the ship to dock and demanded that all of the arms be turned over to the IDF. A standoff ensued, which was ended when the order was given to fire on the Altalena. 16 Etzel members were killed by IDF fire.

The new memorial is a model of the ship, made out of concrete and coated with metal coating. Written on the memorial are the words of Menachem Begin: “We can never have a civil war.” (We must also remember the ugly role Ben Gurion, Rubin and Peres played in the sinking the Altalena!)