Whose Land is Palestine?

by Eli E. Hertz

Jews are "In Palestine as of Right and not on Sufferance"

Winston Churchill, June 1922.

International law expert Professor Eugene V. Rostow, a key draftee of the 1967 UN Security Council Resolution 242, examining the claim for Arab Palestinian self-determination on the basis of law, concluded:

"The Mandate (for Palestine) implicitly denies Arab claims to national political rights in the area in favour of the Jews; the mandated territory was in effect reserved to the Jewish people for their self-determination and political development, in acknowledgment of the historic connection of the Jewish people to the land. Lord Curzon, who was then the British Foreign Minister, made this reading of the mandate explicit. There remains simply the theory that the Arab inhabitants of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have an inherent 'natural law' claim to the area. Neither customary international law nor the United Nations Charter acknowledge that every group of people claiming to be a nation has the right to a state of its own."

Political rights to self-determination as a policy for Arabs, were guaranteed by the League of Nations in four other mandates - in Lebanon and Syria (The French Mandate), Iraq and later Trans-Jordan. (which was illegally ceded from the British Mandate of Palestine)

PA police shot and killed one Israeli and wounded three others as they tried to pray at Joseph's tomb on Sunday morning.

A Civil War in Libya Turned into the UN’s Civil War!

Arms and military personnel are streaming to Libya. President Barack Obama authorized two armed Predator drones for breaking the siege of Misratah. British, French and Italian military officers headed for rebel headquarters in Benghazi. Muammar Qaddafi is restocking his arsenals with Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Serbian hardware, along with combat personnel from Eastern Europe and the former Yugoslavia. (Isn’t interference in the internal conflict of an independent country illegal under international law? The “Useless Nothing” (UN) is still used as a tool of international domination and remains a battleground of international bullies and bigots to legalize their dirty deeds!)

No Oil in Syria - No Need to “Protect Civilians”!

After 75 die on the bloodiest day of Syrian protest, Assad deployed his entire army to stamp hard on the fury that accompanied scores of funerals on Saturday and more killings.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

I have called the UN as “Useless Nothing” several times in the past. Recently I was introduced to a more appropriate name which would describe the attitude of the United Nations toward Israel correctly. The term is the “Ugly Nazi”! It can also be used in relation to UN’s facilitation, by inaction, of genocides in Tibet, Cambodia and Rwanda! We must not forget the slaughter of refugees under UN protection in Cebranitza!

Swift Justice that Israel Needs to Adopt

Hamas terrorists killed two people suspected in the murder of Italian pro-Gaza activist Vittorio Arrigoni. According to Hamas the suspects, members of a rival terrorist group linked to Al-Qaeda, were killed in a shootout.


US Middle-East Policy in Disarray

Apparently Washington, D.C. has only recently come to realise that the US Middle East policy is in tatters. The degree of disarray still seems to be hidden from those charged with administering such a policy: the State Department. Neither the State Department nor any of our intelligence agencies seem to have had any inkling of the forces of revolt and revolution that would break out in Arab North Africa and the Middle East.

Saudis in Self-preservation Mode

After giving up on US and Israel ever confronting Iran, Saudi Arabia has struck out against the Obama administration for a Gulf campaign to cut down the Islamic Republic's drive for a nuclear bomb and its expansionist meddling in Arab countries. 


Obama Tries to Fool Jewish Voters Again!

Barack Obama seems to think that by attending a Passover seder once a year he will fool Jews. Must we forget that he gave massive financial support - not to mention weekly attendance - to a church whose pastor, Jeremiah Wright, delivers anti-Semitic jabs on a regular basis. Forget that his first phone call from the Oval Office after his inauguration was to Mahmoud Abbas, and that his first formal TV interview as President was with al-Arabiya. Forget that one of his top advisers is Samantha Power, an inveterate Israel-hater who recently said that the U.S. should be prepared to send in our military tosubjugate the Jewish state and facilitate its takeover by the Arabs. Forget that whereas Obama bowed to the Saudi king, he treated Prime Minister Netanyahu like something the cat dragged in. After his inauguration his first formal TV appearance was with Mahmoud Abbas.

Quote of the Week:

“Right Action Gets Right Results; Wrong Action Gets Wrong Results” - Richard W. Wetherill – So far, the Jewish national movement Zionism has been sold out by irrational, psychologically distorted people. Many of them are just corrupt idiots, procuring their own interest in complete disregard of a Jewish national future!

UN Mute, no International Outcry

Three employees of the United Nations suffered light to moderate wounds on Friday when a mortar shell launched by terrorists in Gaza exploded near the Karni Crossing between the Hamas-controlled area and the rest of Israel.

Aussie Man a Hamas Spy

An Australian citizen has been arrested for what Israeli authorities claim was a central role in an operation to attack companies involved in Israel's anti-missile technology systems. Iaad Rashid Abu Arja, 46, a computer expert formerly of NSW has in recent years been living in Saudi Arabia but retains an Australian passport as well as Saudi and Jordanian ones.

Targeting Killing!

NATO warplanes pulverized a building in Muammar Qaddafi's Bab al-Aziziyah working compound in Tripoli on Monday, April 25, wrecking his offices and conference room. A government official called the strike an attempt on the Libyan ruler's life which coalition spokesmen did not deny. (When Israel targeted terrorists it was “crime and practice was condemned world-wide. Will we hear similar outcry? Civilian ‘collateral damage’ in Afghanistan, Iraq and in Libya now is also widely ignored!)

Ten Years Under Rocket Fire

by Maayana Miskin

On April 16, 2001, Gaza terrorists fired the first rocket at southern Israel, aiming for the town of Sderot. Ten years have passed since that day…

“At that time, everyone was sure it was a one-time event, a red line that nobody would think to cross again,” former Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal said this week in an interview. “Nobody imagined ten years of missile terrorism.”

Terrorists began with short-range rockets produced in Gaza, known as “Kassams.” In the first years, rockets hit with no warning. Even after the installation of the “Color Red” rocket warning system, residents had at most 15 seconds to run for shelter, and often had significantly less time.

Several people were killed by the rockets in Sderot alone, among them four children. Others were badly wounded, including an eight-year-old boy who lost a leg.

Prior to the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 and the expulsion of (8,500) Jews from the area, many rocket attacks targeted Jewish communities in Gush Katif. The Gaza belt was hit by rockets more than 280 times in 2004, and 170 times in 2005, but did not face daily attacks.

Following the expulsion, however, terrorists began to strike far more frequently, hitting the region with 946 rockets in 2006, and 2,048 in 2008. After the Hamas takeover of 2007, when United Nations observers fled the border, Hamas managed to smuggle in more advanced medium-range rockets and expand its attacks beyond Sderot and the Gaza belt. Cities such as Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva, Ashdod and Ofakim all fell victim to rockets as well.

The “Cast Lead” counter terror operation, in which Israel destroyed much of Hamas' infrastructure and weapons supplies, and killed an estimated 700 Hamas terrorists, led to a temporary reprieve. However, Hamas recently went on the offensive again, firing Grad rockets on Netivot, Ofakim, Be'er Sheva and Ashkelon.

“In retrospect, that first Kassam was a clear sign that Hamas was going to look for a fight with Israel,” said former Defense Minister Amir Peretz, a resident of Sderot, told Maariv. “In the beginning, we did not treat the Kassam as something that could pose a threat or a danger.” (Even now, after ten years of suffering from rocket terror attacks, the Israeli government has no plan for removal of this threat. Wasting hundreds of millions of dollars for defensive weapons only facilitates escalation of terror!)