Ten Commandments of PA Politics.

by Barry Rubin, israelinsider.com

1. PA cannot stop Arab Palestinians from attacking Israel. To do so would be betraying the cause.

2. He who is most militant is always right. Extremism equals heroism. This is one reason why Fatah has such a difficult time competing with Hamas. It cannot denounce these rivals for being too hardline and intransigent. (It plays the same game.)

3. More violence is good and a victory if it inflicts casualties or damage on Israel. Other than ritual denunciations for the sake of foreign media, these are matters for pride, with the implication being that they advance the cause rather than sabotage it.

4. No Israeli government can do anything good. Thus, Olmert is no better than anyone else even as he withdraws from the Gaza Strip, offers to accept a Palestinian state, and is ready to give up east Jerusalem. (The objective is the destruction of Israel, not peace.)

5. Since Palestinians are the perpetual ‘victim’, they are entitled to everything they want and never need to give anything in exchange for Israeli concessions. (Israel’s retaliation to Arab terror acts generates more sympathy.)

6. No Palestinian should be imprisoned for attacks on Israel one minute longer than required by the needs of international public relations.

7, Fatah won't discipline or expel anyone for launching attacks.

8. Wiping Israel off the map is morally correct. If anyone says anything different, they will be scared or shamed...

9. While pretending to be nationalist... It is better not to get a state than to give up this demand. …it is better to focus on destroying Israel from within.

10. It is more important to be steadfast and patient with a terrible status quo than to make big gains by ending the conflict forever.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Many individuals, groups and organizations, Jewish and non-Jewish, are supporting Israel and “Stand with Israel”, as long as it does not require their support for the true Zionist inspirations of the Jewish people for reunification of Jewish land.

Big Problem, Wrong Conclusion. A study by an Israeli psychologist into the violent behaviour of the country's soldiers is provoking bitter controversy. A psychologist, Nufar Yishai-Karin, blames assaults on civilians in the 1990s on soldiers' bad training, boredom and poor supervision. (It is the prolonged exposure to a random danger without clear objectives or control of situation, due to the unwillingness of Israel’s politicians to face the truth and remove enemies from the Jewish land, which creates these behavioral problems! For many years, international psychologists and psychiatrists have been studying Israel, the whole country, as a large laboratory for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s time to close the lab!)

$20M Smuggled into Gaza Monthly. An estimated $20 million is smuggled into the Gaza Strip each month through the Philadelphi Route. Chairman of the U.S. House Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia accused Egypt, arguing that Cairo's failure to control the Sinai border with the Gaza Strip helps to empower Hamas. Intelligence information has revealed the smuggling of more people, materials and arms than ever, and that the type of weaponry being brought into the Strip is more sophisticated and with higher destructive capacity.

500 Days Since Kidnapping. IDF soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas-affiliated terrorists while patrolling near Gaza. His father said: “Unfortunately, we don’t see anything, and there’s no good news.” (Is it a time to sweep Gaza clean of its terror-loving population and free this part of Eretz-Israel?)

Hamas-Fatah Discussions Ignoring Olmert's Threat. Hamas has agreed to a Fatah demand to pull its police forces off the streets following negotiations between the two factions despite Israel's objections. According to the Kuwait Arabic newspaper Al-Kabs the agreement is being mediated by the Qatar government and Hamas reportedly agreed to Abbas's condition that the agreement include the continuation of Salam Fayyad as prime minister. (The enemies of Israel are uniting again. They treat the PM of Israel Olmert as a jester in their bloody game!)

Demand to Release of 2,000 Terrorists. PA head Salam Fayyad has asked Israel to release 2,000 terrorist prisoners as part of a series of “bold moves” in preparation for the Annapolis Conference.  Fayyad told reporters that Israel must also present a timetable for the transfer of Judea and Samaria to PA control. (There is not even an attempt to stop terror against Israel. At the same time, there are many threats and promises to take over all Jewish land. Another useless conference: another defeat for Israel!)

Quote of the Week:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell.

Daily ‘Normality’ of Jewish Life. Arab Terrorists fired 13 mortar shells at Israeli towns in the western Negev over Shabbat.  Three of the shells landed in an Israeli town, and another two  nearby. (What country would tolerate this type of ‘normality’ for so long? But Jew-haters and brainless idiots are still concerned with how Israel treats “poor Palestinians”!)

Arab Caught with Knife at Patriarchs' Cave. Border Police arrested an Arab who arrived at the Cave of Patriarchs in Hevron Friday carrying a concealed knife. Earlier this week, border guards at the cave arrested an Arab who was carrying two knives and an improvised hand gun. (Are Arabs planning another massacre of Jews in Hebron, as in 1922 and 1994, which Baruch Goldstein prevented?)

Who Do We Negotiate With and Why? Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said that the last Thursday’s rocket fire was part of planned series of hundreds of rocket attacks the group has dubbed "Gaza Autumn." Brigades spokesmen called upon the residents of the city of Sderot to leave their homes and warned that Fatah will continue to bombard Israeli communities in the Negev. (They wear different masks but have the same blood-thirsty terrorist nature!)

Turkey: Israel to Explain Attack in Syria. According to reports in the Turkish media, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert recently promised Turkish leaders that Israel would make an official statement regarding an IAF attack in Syria several weeks ago.  Turkish officials have expressed anger over Israel’s alleged use of Turkish airspace to carry out the attack. (It is time for Israel to “express anger” over Turkish attacks on Northern Iraq, discrimination against Kurds, Armenians and Greek Cypriots, and occupation of their land by Turkey. Why does every idiotic country feel the right to question and tells Israel what to do and Israel feel need to oblige?)

Defender of Jewish Lives.

Rabbi Dr. Simons stated that “a Commission of Inquiry should be established - the composition of which is to be acceptable both to the Israeli authorities and to the Goldstein family - whose sole function would be to determine whether the killings by Dr. Baruch Goldstein should be classed as a massacre of Arabs or a pre-emptive strike to prevent a massacre of Jews."

Rabbi Dr. Simons reviews the events leading up to Goldstein's attack. He raised the issue of Goldstein's prior knowledge of intelligence warnings, that Arabs planned a massacre of Jews (another pogrom in Hebron) - Goldstein was an emergency doctor for the Kiryat Arba Terrorist Attack Response Team - to take place that Purim morning in the Cave of Machpela.

A leaflet was being circulated in Hebron by Hamas, saying that on the 25th or 26th of February - the 25th being Purim - a terrorist attack would take place in Hebron. There were several incidents of Arab mobs at the Cave of Machpela shouting "Itbach al-Yahood-Slaughter the Jews!" The metal detector at the East Gate where most of the Arabs entered that Friday Purim morning was damaged the night before. That an unusually large number of Arabs came to the Machpela that Friday - some 500 men and 300 women - only a handful of the men were searched.

Rabbi Dr. Simons pointed out "To date, no Arab has been charged with Baruch Goldstein's murder (which was brutal, with the use of knives and machetes). This can be contrasted with the case of a Jewish settler, Yoram Skolnik, who killed an Arab terrorist after he had been disarmed. Skolnik was immediately arrested, charged, brought to trial and sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. (For how long will the Governments of Israel continue to betray the Jewish people and our rights to end terror by defending ourselves?)

Fighting Jewish self-Hater in Hevron. The last Jew to leave Hevron following the Arab riots and massacre of 1929 has come forward to claim his property for the present Jewish community of Hevron. Prompted by a lawsuit by the extremist left-wing group Peace Now, seeking to have Jewish families evicted from homes in the city of the Patriarchs, 75-year-old Yosef Ezra came forward and asked the Supreme Court to join the case on behalf of the defendants. (Even modern time Jewish ownership of the land and properties in Hebron is ignored to facilitate the stupidity of a pretend ‘peace process’!)