Please, Tell It to Pope!

Roman Catholic Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah gave a pre-Christmas address (isn’t it suppose to be about love, not hypocrisy?) on Wednesday in which he rejected Israel as a Jewish state.  Speaking in English and Arabic, Sabbah told reporters that Israel must abandon its Jewish character in favour of a “normal state for Christians, Muslims, and Jews.” 

“If there’s a state of one religion, other religions are naturally discriminated against,” Sabbah said.  Being a PA Arab, he did not mention the PA’s definition of its areas as Arab and Muslim.  He blamed Israel for the conflict with the PA and defended PA-based terrorist groups, saying, “If Israel decides for peace, there will be peace.”

(Nothing has changed since the Inquisition! There is only one Jewish state and her anti-Semitic enemies can’t sleep! They are making any flip-flop statements and innuendos just to end this ‘sacrilege’. How many Muslim states do you know that subscribe to the formula of “normal state for Christians, Muslims, and Jews”? There is no such ‘normality’ even among the Western countries!

Why didn’t Patriarch Sabbah give the same advice to the Pope? I would love to see the Roman Catholic Church proclaiming the policy of ‘political correctness’ and open the doors of Vatican City to all religions! Ha…!)

Australia: A public meeting to protest against an Islamic school development southwest of Sydney, Australia, was held last Thursday. Main organisers of the meeting were Christian groups like Christian Democrats. The Islamic school proposed by the Qu'ranic Society, which would have 1,200 pupils, has been a source of tension in the local rural, largely Christian community. Early in November, a thousand residents protested against the school, with some saying it would damage the area's social fabric. (Start teaching tolerance and mutual respect at home, in the Christian and Muslim countries. The only Jewish state does not need your preaching!)

Another anti-Israel Stooge!

US President George W. Bush will make his first visit to Israel since taking office in January. At the same time, Bush rejects request to address the Knesset during his visit, a longstanding tradition among visiting heads of state. This is a slap in the face. Even the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who once said he'd destroy Israel, addressed the Knesset when he visited Jerusalem.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

I respect good Christians and Muslims, as well as any religion in its spiritual purity and respect for others. But I despise some other branches of Church that still remain the foundation of global xenophobia and the primary source of anti-Semitism.

When people communicate from a position of hate, they usually do not make any sense at all. Hate overpowers their brain’s communication center, while emotions and preconceived ideas make logic take a vacation.

US-Israel Energy Research. US President George W. Bush signed into law Wednesday a bill that would provide funds for joint American-Israeli "green" research projects focusing on developing alternative sources of energy. (Some anti-Semites are still asking what Israel has done for the US.)

Hamas: We'll Never Recognize Israel. Hamas marked its 20th anniversary by vowing to continue the "jihad" against Israel and never recognize its right to exist. Hamas officials estimated that nearly 250,000 ‘Palestinians’ participated in the rally. "Jews... we have already dug your graves," said Hamas legislator Mushir al-Masri. Hamas elected PM Haniyeh pointed out for the need of the "resistance" and the concept of "Islam is the solution". (“Resistance” – Means Terror, "Islam is the solution" – Destruction of Israel. It is time to realise that the only way to end Arab terror in Israel is by relocating all of them from Jewish land to Sinai.)

Olmert’s Personal Nuclear Bunker. PM Ehud Olmert's home is being fitted with a bunker that can withstand nuclear or chemical attack. Workers at Olmert's Jerusalem residence are thickening walls, digging and installing air purification equipment to counter chemical agents. The work on his home follows renovation of a bunker underneath his office building, where Cabinet ministers are supposed to convene in case of attack. (What about rest of the country, Mr Traitor?)

Planning Next War During Hajj. Under cover of the annual Muslim pilgrimage, Hamas leaders got together in Mecca with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the al Quds Brigades officers to discuss the next escalation of warfare against Israel. Egypt did not bother to consult Israel before allowing top Hamas leaders in Gaza cross Sinai to Cairo airport. Among them was Khalil al Haya, the top Hamas decision-maker on war tactics in Gaza. (DEBKAfile’s)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity:

Harrison Ford (born, 1942) is an American actor. He was ranked #1 in Empire magazine’s "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. His maternal grandparents, Anna Lifschutz and Harry Nidelman, were Jewish immigrants from Minsk, former Soviet Union, Belorassia now.

Attack on Firefighters. Three Arab teenagers were arrested for stoning a firefighting crew. The attack took place in the Israeli Arab village of Kfar Rama as the firefighters responded to a request for emergency assistance.

Turkey Invaded Iraq. 300 Turkish troops enter Iraqi Kurdistan, following intensive air strikes and artillery shelling. Last Monday, the Turkish army chief Gen. Yasar Buyukanit said the US had opened air space and provided intelligence for a Turkish air strike a day earlier on PKK bases in northern Iraq. (No UN Security Council meeting and resolution, no international condemnation. What a hypocritical world we are living in!)

Message to Christian Friends of Jews.

by Steven Shamrak

There are many different Christian churches, groups and movements. Some call themselves Zionists or good and true Christians. Many of them are deeply antagonistic toward mainstream Catholics and Anglicans. And they disassociate themselves from the actions of their church in the past.

Not the Pope, the leader of 1.1 billion Catholics, who deliberately omitted Israel from the list of countries suffering from Islamic terror in his speech. An Anglican archbishop did not mention two Jews as victims of the London bombings. Some Church leaders are still advocating divestment from Israel, but not from Muslim where Christians are being persecuted, including PA controlled territories!

We have not been hearing condemnations made by "true Christians" of the anti-Semitic behaviour by their Christian brothers. Most of them are silent about Arab terrorism in Israel, anti-Semitic and the anti-Israel discriminatory conduct in their own countries and worldwide. True friendship can be measured only by actions!

The inaction of church leaders and the Christian leadership of the US and European governments against the spread of Islamic terror is appalling and borders on criminal negligence. For many years they have been ignoring the warnings about Islamic expansionistic ambitions. They ignore the fact, that true Islamists hate Christians even more than Jews.

From the Jewish point of view it is difficult to distinguish the true friends among the Christian groups. Most of them claim friendship but actually have sinister motives. Unfortunately, many Christian groups and organizations still believe and practice the old traditional theology of hate or misguided envy toward Jews. They ignore the fact that conversion of Jews to Christianity is actually against the will of G-d and undermines the most important Christian doctrine of the Second coming. Just recently the Catholic Church has endorsed the return of this archaic practice! And, it diminishes the chance of all Jews to come to Israel, as He commanded for the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

Jews welcome moral and political support for Israel from their non-Jewish friends. But it must be given without any ulterior motives. The good Christian friends must not be frustrated when Jews criticize the anti-Semitic behaviour of the Church. Most often, Church practice and religion have very little in common!   If you follow the Bible’s message of love, you are on the right side and have nothing to be concerned about. The bottom line is - your teacher was a Jew and it is difficult to distort his message of love!

I respect any belief system as long as it does not discriminate against others. At the same time, I demand the same respect from others toward my people, our traditions and our rights. True friendship is a two way street.