Take Advantage of Enemy Aggression

by Steven Shamrak

Some people, mainly Jews, have been advocating that if Israel pays so-called Palestinians to vacate Jewish land, they would leave and the Arab-Israel conflict will be resolved. The international anti-Semites will not allow it! To prevent this, they adopted the 4th Geneva convention immediately after Israel won the War of Independence, and:

- The conflict is not based on the so-called Palestinian land issue, but on the desire to destroy Israel, the only Jewish state. Non-Jewish population in Israel, Judea, Samaria and Gaza is used by Muslim states and by international anti-Semites as a tool to achieve it.

- Fake Palestinians will never leave Jewish land voluntarily, even if they are paid, mostly in fear for their lives (just look what has happened to 'Palestinians' who sell their land/houses to Jews - they were killed), and because they used to receive money from the ‘Ugly Nazi’ and other ‘Jew-loving’ player for doing nothing!

- Why must Israel pay them to end the occupation of Jewish land? Have Arab countries paid Jews when they were forced to leave their homes from Iran to Morocco, where they had lived for many centuries? A majority of the so-called Palestinians moved to Jewish land around 100 years ago, when Jews began re-building their ancestral homeland!

Historically, religiously, morally and even legally the land that was designated for a Jewish state by the League of Nations in 1920s it still belongs to the Jewish people! We must not forget and not except a narrative of the international anti-Semitic propaganda.

The only viable option left is to free our land from enemy occupation and reunite Jewish land, Eretz-Israel.  Israel can use the enemies’ aggression to achieve this objective!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Since its independence, Israel has fought many wars with its Arab neighbours; signed numerous cease-fires, and even signed useless peace agreements (so-called Hudnas - temporary "calm" or "quiet"). All those efforts have not brought about any permanent solution to the endless terror that Israeli society has been enduring daily. Antisemitism is on the rise again and has become a ‘popular norm’, as it was before and during the Holocaust! Only by defeating its enemies decisively and unapologetically, will Israel be able to reunite Eretz-Israel, the Jewish state on the land of our ancestors, and receive due respect even from the Jew-hating international anti-Semites!

When will Israel Deal with Iran?

Israel knows with certainty that Iran attacked the Mercer Street ship - “I state here that Iran is absolutely the one that attacked the ship,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stated. “The intelligence proof of it exists and we expect the international community to make it clear to the Iranian regime that they made a serious mistake. Still, the prime minister warned: “We know how to send the message to Iran in our own way, in any case.” (His predecessor made similar threats, but did nothing! International anti-Semites will do nothing! Does Bennett have the determination to follow through on his words? Will he end Iranian nuclear programs and help the people of Iran remove the mullahs' dictatorship?)

Terrorists Educated by the UN Teachers

A United Nations agency that runs schools and social services for Palestinians is facing calls to fire employees using social media to celebrate attacks on Israelis and promote anti-Jewish hatred. Over 100 UNRWA educators and staff have publicly promoted violence and antisemitism on social media

Saudi Judoka Competes Against Israeli

Amid trend of judokas refusing to compete against Israelis, Saudi Arabian judoka faces off against an Israeli at the Olympics, and shakes her hand. A number of judokas from Arab and Muslim-majority countries have refused to compete against Israeli opponents in recent years, including several judokas at the Tokyo Games.

Likud Keeps Zionist Leaders Out?

The Likud secretariat plans to approve a decision to preventing people who left the party from returning to its ranks for the next eight years. Senior members of the party, including MK Miki Zohar, MK Nir Barkat, MK Yisrael Katz and others, demanded that the decision be promoted for fear that after the Netanyahu era, the members of New Hope will try to return to the Likud. (During the Netanyahu’s reign many good pro-Zionist, leadership material, members of Likud, left or were coerced to leave the party. Even after four inconclusive elections, none of the present members of Likud are brave enough to challenge Bibi!)

Hamas Blackmails by Terror

Palestinian terrorist factions are threatening to escalate tensions and may even shoot rockets if Israel does not allow for the passage of Qatari money and for the full opening of border crossings. The negotiations regarding the

Qatari money are advancing, but no breakthroughs have yet occurred.

Israel Needs a Backup Plan

Former Mossad chief Danny Yatom believes the Biden administration will allow Iran to gain the technology and operational abilities to manufacture a nuclear bomb within a short time. He noted the importance of the military option with regards to Iran, emphasizing that, "Israel needs an offensive contingency plan to deal with Iran, in case the worst of all happens, and Iran comes too close to a bomb." (I am sure that the IDF and Mossad have already developed several plans to end Iran’s nuclear program. Will Israeli leadership have the will and guts to execute it at the right time, disregarding the opinions of international anti-Semites and ‘friends? This is the main issue!)

Quote of the Week:

“The Disengagement was a terrible mistake which should never have been carried out. It became fuel for Hamas as a terror group and helped them get stronger and bolder and ultimately to take over the entire Gaza Strip and to attack Israeli citizens time and again. As far as we are concerned, a terror balloon will be treated the same as a rocket. We need to have an aggressive policy.” - Ze’ev Elkin (New Hope), Israeli Construction and Housing minister - Removal of the enemies from Gaza would be a perfect alternative!

Transfer has Always been the Option!

by Hagai El-Ad

The media can express as much shock as it likes over news that the cabinet has discussed Israel funding Gazans, but one can draw a straight line from the re-establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, through Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan post-1967, and all the way to Netanyahu and Gantz today.

The “senior figure” – who everybody knows is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself – said that Israel is willing, generously, to allow the residents of Gaza to emigrate, if only a country were found that was willing to absorb them. And if that were not enough, Israel is even willing to pay for it – including driving them to the airport, from which they can take off and get the hell out of our sight once and for all...

And he’s not the only one: the person who wishes to succeed Netanyahu, until recently the justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, supports it. In an interview with IDF Radio Shaked explained: “it’s called encouraging emigration.” (This is published by a leftist, anti-Zionist Israeli paper. Good information, but wrong conclusion! Arab and Muslim states have not paid a dime to compensate 850,000 Jewish refugees who were forced to leave their homes and livelihood!)