Suha Arafat on Extortion Ploy Again?

Eight years after his death, it remains a mystery exactly what killed the long-time Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Tests conducted in Paris found no obvious traces of poison in Arafat’s system. Rumours abound about what might have killed him - cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, even allegations that he was infected with HIV. Recent tests, conducted by the Institute de Radiophysique in Lausanne Switzerland, allege that personal effects stained with Arafat’s blood, sweat, saliva and urine indicate he had a high level of polonium inside his body when he died. The findings have led Suha Arafat, his widow, asked the PA to exhume her late husband’s body from its grave in Ramallah.

Why did his widow Suha, eight years after his death, suddenly collect his old clothes and toothbrush and bring them to Doha for investigation by the Qatar-owned Al Jazeera TV station? There is no proof that the polonium traces discovered were not planted on Arafat’s clothes years after his death. It was speculated then that he had died of AIDS, which was discreetly concealed. Medical experts say his symptoms were not consistent with radiation poisoning, which is why the Swiss lab advised further tests.

There is little mystery about Suha Arafat’s actions which have always been motivated by financial gain and publicity. As for the Al Jazeera probe, it could not have been launched without authorisation from the Qatari emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, champion of Hamas and its campaign against Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah, and an inveterate television-driven diplomat. (The questions are: Has his widow orchestrated this ‘investigation’ in order to blackmail the PA to extend her alleged $22 million a year pension? Was Yasser Arafat, renown homosexual and pedophile, killed by his own people or did he die from AIDS? Will all finding about Yasser Arafat’s health at the time of his death be available after this ‘investigation’?)

Financing the Enemy is Ridiculous and Dumb

Israel unsuccessfully sought a $1 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for transfer to the Palestinian Authority to prevent its financial collapse. The IMF turned down the request because it did not want to set a precedent of one state getting a loan on behalf of a non-state body.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Barbarians are doing it again! They are destroying a symbol of Islamic renaissance in Katmandu now! Islamists do not even care about their own heritage if it does not suit their narrow-minded agenda. If you are still complacent and do not care about the spread of Islam and think that the creation of a global Islamic Caliphate is just a joke, be prepared to welcome them into your neighbourhood soon and witness the consequent destruction of churches, art galleries, statues and museums.

Is It the End of Diplomatic Charade?

The fourth, and most likely the last, round of nuclear talks between the six world powers and Iran took place in Instanbul. The differences between the two sides on the issue of 20percent uranium enrichment and the closure of the Fordo underground facility are clearly unbridgeable. The breakdown of nuclear diplomacy led to the US announcement that military strength was being concentrated opposite the Strait of Hormuz. (It is not an existential threat to Israel but disruption to the oil supply, as oil topped $100 a barrel, is changing the United States’ attitude toward Iran! What else is new?)

 Why does the Peace Process Pretence Continue?

A planned meeting between Vice Prime Minister and Kadima head (stooge) Shaul Mofaz and PA Chief Mahmoud Abbas has been postponed. No new date has been set for the meeting. A senior Fatah official was quoted in the report as saying that the meeting was cancelled for several reasons, including “public disapproval of the meeting.” (So-called Palestinians/Arabs do not want peace with Israel! Why do we still bother?)

Ugliness of Old Europe is still Alive

Austrian authorities are investigating the desecration of 43 graves in two Jewish sections of Vienna’s main cemetery. Anti-Semitic acts have been on the rise in Europe recently. Three weeks ago, a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in the city of Rivne in western Ukraine. Vandals broke street lights and desecrated a plaque in the memory of 17,500 Ukrainian Jews murdered in the Holocaust. A recent report has shown that there has been an increase in the number of recorded anti-Semitic incidents in Switzerland.

Reclaiming Jerusalem is Long Overdue

The Interior Ministry gave its initial approval for the construction of facilities for a military college in east Jerusalem, which will be located on the Mount of Olives. The 42,000-square-meter structure of the National Defence College is planned for an open area between the Beit Orot Yeshiva and Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus, within a few hundred metres of the Old City and with a commanding view of the Temple Mount.

Political Hypocrisy of UNESCO

UNESCO's World Heritage committee has approved a Palestinian bid to place the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem on its list of sites of World Heritage in Danger. Israel's foreign ministry spokeswoman Ilana Stein says the decision "has turned UNESCO into a theatre of the absurd". (International anti-Semites say that Land of Israel is the cradle of three religions and modern civilization. But most Jewish holy sites, including remains of the Temple and the Wailing Wall, are not in the list UNESCO's World Heritage list!)

Idiocy of Anti-Israel Pre-occupation of ‘Human Rights

Israel Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (long name for self-hating Jewish group - The B'Tselem), posted video of one Border Police officer apprehending the boy, who was suspected of throwing rocks at police in Hebron, and a second policeman who approached and kicked him once. The Border Police launched an investigation. (Thanks to self-hating idiots and Israel ‘loving’ press, this minor incident became ‘big’ international news of the day! Usually police are not so fast in their investigation of the abuse of Jews by Arabs or police. When will Israel learn self-respect?)

Iran is Full of ‘Peaceful’ Intentions

Iran has tested a variety of missiles in previous war games, including a Shahab-3 variant with a range of 2,000 kilometers that can reach Israel and southern Europe. The missiles are also capable of hitting US bases in the region. Iran (still) insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, such as power generation and cancer treatment.

Divisive Policy must be Terminated

Prime Minister Netanyahu disbanded the committee he had charged with the responsibility for devising a plan for universal military or national service, a move that could lead to a coalition crisis and end the national unity government he formed two months ago. The broad coalition has been in turmoil for a week over the issue of how to draft more Orthodox Jews as well as Arab citizens. (Israeli Left wages war against Orthodox Jews when they do not serve in the army and when they embrace service too much. On the other hand, so-called Palestinians/Israeli Arabs have never been interested in participating in the safety and support of the country in which they enjoy living)

In a Shadow of Iran’s Nuclear Threat

Saudi Arabia has set its feet on the path to a nuclear weapon capability and is negotiating in Beijng the purchase of Chinese nuclear-capable Dong-Fen 21 (NATO-codenamed CSS-5) ballistic missile. China, which has agreed to the transaction in principle, would also build a base of operations near Riyadh for the new Saudi purchases. Saudi Arabia has struck a deal with Pakistan for the availability on demand of a nuclear warhead from Islamabad’s arsenal for fitting onto a ballistic missile.

“Sorry” is Another Surrender by Obama Administration

After US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said she was sorry for the deaths of two dozen Pakistani soldiers, who fired first at Americans, in November Pakistan announced that it would reopen NATO’s supply routes into neighbouring Afghanistan. The stalemate cost the United States more than $1 billion in extra shipping fees. Mrs. Clinton opted for the softer “sorry”, instead of “apology”, to meet Pakistan’s long standing demand for a more formal apology for the airstrikes. In the end, Pakistan agreed to keep the fee at the current rate of $250, instead of $500. In return, the administration will ask Congress to reimburse Pakistan about $1.2 billion for costs incurred by 150,000 Pakistani troops carrying out counterinsurgency operations along the border with Afghanistan

Quote of the Week:

“Islam has always been a part of America’s story. The truth is that America and Islam are not exclusive. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles - principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings - Barack Obama, Cairo, June 4, 2009 - Blatant appeasement of Islam, which is absolutely out of touch with reality! What about Jews? Didn’t we finance and participate in the discovery of America? During his presidency Obama, who is a well-traveled president, have not visited Israel. He did come to Israel once during the last election campaign when he needed Jewish voter support!

AIDS is still a Suspect

by Steven Shamrak

A hospital spokesman 'said there would be no details (released) about the cause of Arafat’s death because of French privacy laws'. Why would Arabs, with cooperation of the Arafat family, need to invoke French privacy laws? Dr. Arafat (half brother) said that he met French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier on the day of his brother's death and discussed the issue with him: "He told me it is not in the interest of France or our (PA) interest to disclose the cause of his death. Holding any party criminally responsible for his death will create political trouble". Who will be in political trouble? Surely, if the trouble was meant for Israel the documents would be revealed immediately!

"The full medical report of President Arafat is an historical document for the Palestinian people," said Hassan Abu Libdeh, the PA cabinet secretary. "We will get the report and the Palestinian Authority will take the necessary decisions including informing the Palestinian people about the full details of the report". Yasser Arafat's nephew, Nasser al-Kidwa, obtained the medical records many weeks’ ago. The PA can’t blame the ‘evil widow’ for being silent anymore! How much do they pay her for silence?

Why has Arafat’s nephew, who was so eager to tell the truth about Arafat’s death, suddenly became mute and evasive? He had plenty of time to study the official French report of his uncle's death. The only statement he has made, so far, is that his uncle had died of "unnatural" causes, implying Israel had poisoned Arafat. AIDS is an "unnatural" cause of death too!

The toxicology tests were conducted during Arafat's two-week stay in a French hospital but "no poisons known to doctors were found." PA Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath has said: "We know what it is not. It is not malignancy or cancer anywhere in his body." But, uncharacteristically for modern medical practice, no autopsy was conducted.

Years ago, Oriana Fallaci, an Arab sympathiser at the time, reported that Arafat’s headquarters in Tunis had a number of blonde German young men running around. She found that not only was Arafat homosexual, but that this was a well known fact within his intimate circle. Later, as the rumours gathered force, Arafat arranged his pseudo marriage to his gold digging ‘wife’. The CIA had known about the AIDS for some time and encouraged Israel not to assassinate him.

This saga reminds me of the rumours about the death of another legend - the Great Communist leader Lenin. When I was living in the Soviet Union, I heard whispers about the real cause of his death. Only recently, the team of German doctors reviewed the notes of Lenin’s doctors and they officially confirmed the rumours - ‘the great leader of the Socialist revolution’ died from syphilis. For political reasons, this information, as well as, the possible cause of Arafat’s death has not been covered by international press!

I deliberately put a question mark at the end of the title of this article. It is not about Arafat’s homosexuality, it is about lack of political integrity! Only the release of the official French doctors’ report will stop to the rumours about Arafat death! Why is this information still concealed?