Stupidity of Negotiation with Enemies.

Another Israel-PA peace summit has come and gone with little to show, though an unconfirmed report indicated hope for the release of a kidnapped Israeli soldier. (the summit only created opportunity for false hopes and more phony promises!)

Ehud Olmert acknowledged that Israel is looking seriously at a Saudi-sponsored plan for Mideast peace. (The Israeli government is unwilling to make a fundamental decision - Regain full control over Jewish land in order to stop terror and free our land from Arab occupation!)

Foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal described as “ludicrous” recent suggestions that they are open for discussing the amendments to plan. (No compromise of Arabs side. Only Jews must give everything up!)

Recently Made Public: Three Hamas members were apprehended near Ramallah last month for attempting to kidnap an Israeli from a hitchhiking post at the Eli intersection in the West Bank.

When Morality Become the Victim. Israel has recalled its ambassador to El Salvador long time diplomat Tsuriel Raphael, after he was found bound, drunk and nude two weeks ago. He was found naked outside his residence, tied up, gagged and drunk and was wearing several sex toys at the time. (When the Israeli leadership endlessly betrays the Jewish people morality becomes the victim due to frustration, disappointment, lack of direction and continued stress!)

Moderate Islam - Muslim Journalist Faces Death Penalty. After a pattern of harassment lasting several years, Bangladesh government has found a pretext on which to try Salah Uddin Shoaid Choudhury for a crime punishable by death; Sedition, for advocating ties between his country and Israel. A court in Bangladesh was scheduled to try him for writing articles critical of Muslim extremism and favourably of Israel.

Useless Nothing at its Best. The UN Human Rights Council is expected to place Israel under permanent investigation for its "violations" of international law in the territories - until such time as it withdraws to the pre-1967 borders. It is expected that the council will take at least four anti-Israel actions during its fourth session. The Council has issued eight anti-Israel resolutions, and none against any other nation. It has also held three special sessions on Israel. (New Human Rights council - the old anti-Israel idiocy! The UN has no interest in investigating human rights abuses in North Korea, China, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq or Zimbabwe as well as genocides in Sudan and Indonesia.)

Quote of the Week-1:

“The land for peace idea has now collapsed. Hardly anybody in Israel really thinks that if we give territories, we will get peace… We have to find another way, and a new concept is urgently needed…” - Maj. Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan, former Head of the National Security Council (Israel). - A “new concept” does exist! It is the conviction of original Zionism - Eretz-Israel, the Land of Israel!

Spirit of Zion is Alive. More Soldiers Volunteering for Combat Units. Motivation for service in the IDF's combat Golani brigade has shot sky high. The number has shot up from 1.9 to 2.7 volunteers per opening in the present round. Of all the conscripts with a combat ready physical profile, 69.5 percent asked to serve in the IDF's field units.

Talks Waste of Time. "Frankly speaking, there isn’t one Palestinian that believes in negotiations,” said Sheikh Ahmed Mubarak, who Israel recently freed from jail. "Even those who believe in negotiations do not have any hope that Israel will meet the Palestinian conditions." (I am completely in agreement with him! Even Olmert’s government will not agree to the total annihilation of the Jewish state. Since 1948, the Arabs have not changed or modified their objectives!)

Financing Terror. Salam Fayyad, 54, who is poised to start his second stint as PA Treasury chief in a new "unity" government, said that Palestinian finances have descended into such chaos that he has no idea where much of foreign donors' money has been spent in the 14 months since Hamas won elections. (Only since Hamas? By donating to the PA, the international community is financing terror against Jews. Just what they want and have done for centuries!)

Political Madness Continues. Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu asked MKs from Kadima and the GIL Pensioner's Party to join the Likud. Netanyahu offered the MKs a guaranteed place in the Likud list for the next elections. (Shame Bibi! They have betrayed the ideals of Zionism and sold out the future of the Jewish people; ideals that the Likud party continues, unfortunately only theoretically, to stand for. These self-serving traitors must be exposed and purged from Israel’s politics forever!)

Money Flow. More than 9,500 new employees have been added to the public sector since Hamas took power in March 2006, including 5,500 Hamas-appointed security officers. The International Monetary Fund has estimated that despite international sanctions, foreign aid to the PA doubled to $700m in 2006 over the previous year. Total foreign assistance to all Palestinian institutions increased last year to $1.2 billion from $1b.

Lying Press. Reuters’ Alistair Lyon reported as fact, that Israeli oppression is fuelling a Christian exodus from Palestinian Authority-controlled areas, when in fact the evidence points to deliberate and organized Muslim intimidation as the primary culprit (see below). (A BBC reporter, Alan Johnston, the only Western reporter in Gaza, was kidnapped last Monday by masked gunmen in Gaza. The BBC’s management does not acknowledge his disappearance as kidnapping. No wonder that journalists are too scared to report honestly about the Arabs, and the news networks continue to broadcast their lies!)

Hamas Policy of Ethnic Cleansing. Jack Massis, 51, a grocer in Taybeh, the last entirely Christian village in the West Bank, speaks matter-of-factly about how two of his teenage sons were beaten with clubs last month by Muslims. In the year since Hamas came to power, Palestinian Christians have begun quietly complaining about increase of beatings, property damage and intimidation by Muslims.

Quote of the Week-2:

“First we had Jews for Jesus, now we have Jews for Jihad.  It is incredible that only sixty years after the Holocaust that we see the emergence of the Judenrein who have taken over academia and do whatever they can to legitimize Jew hatred.” – by Aaron Shuster.

Israeli Fighting Robot. A new, smart Israeli military robot can fight its way down dark alleys, through caves and over rubble, seeking out bombs and booby traps along the way and warning human foot soldiers of enemies and danger ahead. The remote-controlled unit can be fitted with a mini-Uzi automatic pistol, fragmentation, stun and smoke grenades, explosives sniffer and day and night vision cameras.

Israel will Supply Armoured Vehicles in Iraq. The Golan armoured vehicles are specially suited for urban warfare. They were created to withstand attacks by roadside bombs and rocket propelled grenades. (The political stupidity of the US administration and its unwillingness to buy and deploy Israeli products in Iraq has caused the loss of several hundreds of US servicemen’s lives! The US administration would rather let its enemies kill US soldiers than being seen to be accepting help from Israel.)

Israeli Flying Car. The prototypes for two flying cars, that will make it easier to carry out emergency rescues, are being developed by an Israeli firm. The uplifting rotors of this vehicle are contained inside the fuselage.

Mocking Global Jihad at Eurovision. Israelis have chosen a song, “Push the Button”, ridiculing Islamic terrorists as their representative entry for the Eurovision song contest. the popular Israeli rock group Teapacks (Tipex), whose members say that they are proud of using the international platform to convey an important message to the world on behalf of the Jewish state. Eurovision organizers say they may ban the song and its "inappropriate political message." (Isn’t this the censorship of freedom of artistic expression? Why is criticism of international Islamic terror inappropriate?)

Israel’s Golden Egg. Kibbutz Dan in the Upper Galilee has started raising sturgeons, the females of which are known for their famous "golden eggs", which will lead to Israeli produced caviar.

Bankers and Tunnels of Hamas. Beneath the Rafah-Philadelphi border region between Gaza and Egyptian Sinai, the Palestinian Hamas has built a vast underground stronghold. A separate series of secret tunnels snakes under another Gaza border into western Israel. “They should never have been allowed to build this fortress. We should have stopped it long ago,” said a high Israeli officer. (However, Olmert does nothing to stop these preparations for the next war by the enemies of Israel. Neither in Gaza, nor in Lebanon!)

Memory of Yom Kippur War.

It is reported that Syria has stationed thousands of missiles along the Israeli border. IDF officials responded that they have not noted any unusual activity and that Syria is not preparing to attack Israel, but increased arms sales from Russia to Syria have brought back bitter memories of 1973. The day before the Yom Kippur War broke out the head of intelligence told Golda Meir aide, "Don't worry. There won't be a war." Several hours later, Syria and Egypt staged a two-prong attack that caught the country unaware and with its back to the wall. (Former president of Egypt Nasser said: “We only need to win one war (with Israel)”. Can Israel remain inactive and paralysed by the international, anti-Semitic pressure of so-called peace negotiations?”)