Refined (still Hidden) Genocide Facilitators

by Steven Shamrak.

29 September 1938 – The Munich agreement of German, Italian, British and French leaders agrees to German demands regarding annexation of the Sudeten borderland of Czechoslovakia.

9 November 1938 - Kristallnacht begins in Germany with the "night of broken glass" begins as Nazi troops and their sympathizers loot and burn Jewish businesses. (The all night affair saw 7,500 Jewish businesses destroyed, 267 synagogues burned, 91 Jews killed, and at least 25,000 Jewish men arrested).

4 June 1939 - The SS St Louis, a ship carrying 963 Jewish refugees, is denied permission to land in Florida and was forced to return to Europe. Most of its passengers later died in Nazi concentration camps.

30 June 1939 - A drastic Immigration Restriction Bill passed through congress, suspending all quota immigration to the US for five years.  The bill also called for the immediate registration of all aliens in the US at the time. 

6 July 1939 - The last remaining Jewish enterprises in Germany are closed.

In 1939 - The British government issued the 'White Paper'. It reversed the support of the Balfour Declaration and announced a limitation on future Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Most countries agreed with and followed the guidelines set by the United States, France and Great Britain. It took brave and honorable men like Raul Wallenberg of Sweden, who saved hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews and Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat stationed in Lithuania, who issued thousands of transit visas to the desperate Jews. But, Wallenberg and Sugihara were exceptions and an embarrassment to their governments.

Since WWII, the same genocidal tendency has prevailed. Millions of people were exterminated, facilitated by international apathy and hypocrisy. The memory of the Pol Pot and Rwanda genocides is still fresh. The on-going slaughter of innocent civilians has been perpetrated in the Sudan and Congo for many years. Even now, nothing is done to force Turkey to take responsibility for the genocide of up to 1.5 million Armenians in 1905, which paved the way for the Holocaust.

The only news that is fed to the public by the international media is that of a fictitious Arab nation - Palestine. The same facilitators of the Holocaust have been generating their justifications for the blood-thirsty terror unleashed on Jews during the last 60 years by Arabs. The intentions of the Arab leadership and the Islamic terrorist infrastructure to destroy Israel and kill Jews are completely ignored. The rights of Jewish people to live in peace on the Jewish land are deemed by them to be non-existent!

These ugly genocide facilitators are still in control of the world’s future. What makes them even more dangerous is that they have not repented of their sins of the past, like Germany did, and arrogantly continue shaping our future using with the same power-hungry, disrespectful, xenophobic methods!

This is Declaration of War!

The Israeli military says PA terrorists had infiltrated a Jewish West Bank settlement (Itamar) and killed five people - parents and three children. The initial findings of the investigation into the massacre show that the Fatah ‘Freedom Fighters’ stabbed the Fogel family's sleeping three year old in the heart and slashed the throat of his three-month-old sister.

Anti-Israel movie to be screened in U.N. General Assembly

The United Nations has a history of hostility toward Israel. If the General Assembly goes through with the screening, it will be added to the long list of anti-Israel actions the body has taken over the past 60 or so years.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The road of “the Road Map” to nowhere has quietly ended! Nobody talks about this useless farce any more. Enemies of Israel are still firing rockets and terrorizing Jews, but the Israeli government is cowardly unwilling to take the path of national self-determination and reunification of the Jewish land.

A Jew is Arrested – Arabs and Self-haters are Free to Provoke

A Jewish resident of the community of Talmonim in Samaria was arrested on Shabbat by Israeli police.  Arab residents of Bitilu along with anti-Judea and Samaria agitators came near Talmonim with intent to create a media event. (Not having a clear national agenda, the Israeli government is fighting Jewish patriots, but not the enemies!)

Berkeley Asked for This

A Jewish student at the University of California at Berkeley who was attacked by a Muslim student last year has filed suit against UC Berkeley for failing to provide a safe atmosphere. In her suit, 21-year-old Jessica Felber alleges that UC Berkeley did not effectively deal with harassment and intimidation by Muslim and pro-Arab student groups, leading to “a dangerous and threatening environment.” (Berkeley University has become well-known for fostering an anti-Israel climate. It is time for bigots to pay!)

Enemies Must be Removed from Jewish Land

A Jerusalem fire fighting crew that was sent to put out a car fire in the northern neighbourhood of Shuafat was attacked by rock throwing Arabs while performing its duty. The fire engine was damaged and the fire-fighters were forced to retreat without gaining control over the fire.

Obama Accepts Prospect of Nuclear-armed Iran

An annual intelligence report to Congress has dropped language stating that Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions are a future option and speaks in terms of the present. As rocketing oil prices triggered by Arab uprisings wiped out the sanctions damage to Iran, Washington confirmed the worst Saudi and Israeli suspicions that Barack Obama had come to terms with a nuclear-armed Iran, after the US long restrained Israel from nipping this menace in the bud.

Whom are IDF Troops and Israeli Police Protecting?

On Shabbat, a group of Jewish worshipers who had just finished morning prayers at a synagogue adjacent to the Tomb of Shimon Hatzaddik in Jerusalem were savagely attacked by an Arab mob with stones and bricks. One of the stones hit the face of Mordechai Mizrahi, who was there with his 12-year-old daughter. His jaw was broken by one of the rocks, while another nearly poked his eye out. IDF troops and police who came to their aid apparently did not consider his broken jaw worthy of a police report. (Complacency toward enemies and routine disrespect for religious Jews must end)

Hypocrisy of the Headlines:

We need Democracy in the Middle East and Israel the Big Issue  - - Islamic hate toward all infidels, love for terror and the Islamic ideology of world domination and Wahhabism, are not the obstacles for democracy in the Middle East?

Release is Long Overdue

United States Senator John McCain said he supports the release of Jonathan Pollard, who has been in prison for 25 years for passing classified information to Israel. (The US government had broken the plea-bargain agreement and sentenced Pollard to life in jail. Even Soviet spies were not treated so cruelly!)

At the Time of ‘Peace’

Soldiers stationed at the Tapuach junction in Samaria found several weapons when searching a suspicious Arab man on Tuesday evening, including five pipe bombs, three fully prepared firebombs, and one knife. Several attacks on Israeli drivers were reported on Tuesday evening. Terrorists threw firebombs at cars between Gush Etzion and Hevron, and in Jerusalem, PA Arab men stoned two buses, causing damage and wounding one woman. (This ‘routine’ way of Israeli life does not attract international attention and is considered not newsworthy!)

Quote of the Week:

“Israel is a convenient whipping boy for European leaders who know this can’t go on, but also believe that it must. Their assents to denunciations of Israel by such solid UN citizens as Libya, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are acts of moral cowardice by men and women who would rather collaborate than lead.” - Sultan Knish

Tragic result of Assimilation

John Galliano, the former creative director of the Paris-based fashion giant Christian Dior, whoes fell from grace for his anti-Semitic outbursts, reportedly told a member of his inner circle that he has Sephardic Jewish roots.

…on the Fertile anti-Semitic Soil

According to reports in the German and British press, Christian Dior (1902-1957), the founder of the fashion empire, designed attire for the wives and mistresses of leading Nazis during the occupation of France. (Quite often the biggest anti-Semitic bigots are the ones who hate a drop of Jewish blood in their own veins!)

Egypt and ME: Romanticism Meets Reality

by Barry Rubin

The projected million-women march in Egypt turned out just 400 and they were harassed and in some cases attacked. Meanwhile, thousands of Muslims and Christians demonstrated and clashed in part due to the burning of a Christian church by Muslims. The new government has been outspokenly anti-Israel and that doesn’t mean criticism but real hostility.

Crime has reportedly zoomed upward, including armed robberies, arson and street battles between rival criminal gangs over territory. One innovation has been for gangs to stop cars, partly by throwing eggs on the windshield so the driver can’t see, then demand that the driver sign a bill of sale for the automobile and hand it over, or else.

All revolutions produce some anarchy. But the divisions between Christians and Muslims, (massive numbers of) Islamists and (tiny numbers of) secularist, treatment of women, and other issues have a structural component that just isn’t going to go away easily. The same applies to the underlying hostility toward Israel, the United States, and the West in general...