State-Sponsored Chaos Must End!

by Oded Revivi

...Since the State of Israel returned to the historical lands of Judea and Samaria in 1967, the settlement process in the area has lacked a clear governmental policy, often shifting with different competing political imperatives.

This is never more evident than when it comes to neighborhoods known as outpost communities, such as Amona, which are often called "illegal outposts," although it would be more accurate to refer to them as "unauthorized outposts". The reason is that outposts such as Amona were incorporated in an overall site plan that envisioned a future residential neighborhood, however due to political pressures, the necessary zoning or land use changes were never issued...

If Israel is looking for a comprehensive solution to prevent the recurrence of cases like Amona, it must pass a law that can solve the problems created by technological gaps from the past, a law that will settle once and for all the status of the land rights and which a clear land registration system overrides all others. (A proper land register of Eretz-Israel is long overdue! National land and property register will resolve many legal problems, for example, when Arabs sell land to Jews and deny the sale later, to protect themselves from persecution for treason and execution by the PA.)

Arabs Have NO Respect for Jewish Land!

Twenty-two people have been arrested on suspicion of arson or incitement to arson, security officials said on Friday.

Israeli police chief Roni Alsheich said on Thursday that arson was the cause and it was likely “nationalist,” a phrase authorities use to describe attacks by Arabs/Muslims.

The fires, which began on Tuesday, have erupted throughout the country, blazing through parched forests, incinerating scores of homes and forcing tens of thousands of people to flee.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, leader of Jewish Home party, hinted at seditious Israeli Arab or Palestinian involvement, Tweeting: "Only those to whom the country does not belong are capable of burning it."

“Whoever burns down the country cannot be a citizen of the country, and their citizenship status should be revoked,” said Miri Regev, the culture minister, a threat usually reserved for Arab citizens of Israel, who form about one-fifth of the country’s population of eight million. (Unfortunately, this just another empty treat which is not supported by political will and legal legislation!)

No Active Fires Left!

Firefighters remain on 'high alert' as five days of fires finally end. There were no deaths but 122 people were treated for injuries, mainly smoke inhalation. Around 700 homes were damaged or destroyed.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

International media outlets love reporting news from Israel – but not when it exposes the idiocy and cruel nature of so-called Palestinians, and when the news is in favour of or brings sympathy to Israel!

Israel Needs Alternative Solution

Education Minister and HaBayit HaYehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett met in New York with three staffers of President-Elect Donald Trump and asked that the new Administration not automatically adopt the two-state solution as its official policy, but examine alternatives to what has been the Obama and GW Bush administrations’ default approach. (Please, also read the Sinai Option: Road to Permanent Peace)

Enemies Celebrate Fires in Israel

'Palestinians' and Arab World Celebrate. Some are taking credit for staring Israeli fires with #IsraelIsBurning. Likud MK Amir Ohana said that the fires show that “they want to destroy the one Jewish State more than they want to establish the 22nd Arab state.” Education Minister Naftali Bennett tweeted: “Only someone to whom the land doesn’t belong could be able to burn it.” (So-called Palestinians claim that Eretz-Israel is their land, than why are they so happy and not concerned that trees/land is burning?)

Unprecedented pro-Zionist Legal Ruling

In a nearly unprecedented move, the IDF Appeals Court has cancelled a restraining order against a Jewish resident of Samaria, who had already been banned from entering Judea and Samaria for a year. The now-nullified order would have kept him out of his home for yet another three months. Appeals court rules that organizing demonstrations does not justify 'draconian' punishment. (Families of terrorists and stone-throwers are still not deported from Jewish land!)

Is Egypt Training for the Next War with Israel?

A group of Egyptian helicopter pilots – 18, according to an estimate, landed secretly a few days ago at the Syrian Air Force base in Hama and were they are taking over the cockpits of Russian attack/reconnaissance Kamov Ka-52 helicopters, with which they were familiar.

Israeli Innovation Beats Hypocrisy of the UN

The United Nations has adopted an Israeli resolution to utilize agricultural technology for sustainable development. “Today’s resolution is not only about agricultural technology,” said Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon. The Israeli resolution promotes making agricultural technology more accessible in areas stricken by poverty, drought and hunger. Israel is known for its drip irrigation system, solar energy and most importantly for the world - the production of water.

Quote of the Week:

“Today, we can destroy every spot which is under the Zionist regime’s control with any volume of fire power (that we want) right from here… Islam has given us this wish, capacity and power to destroy the Zionist regime so that our hands will remain on the trigger from 1,400 km away for the day when (a confrontation with Israel)takes place.” - Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, Iranian Revolutionary Guard - Clear declaration of their intention to destroy Israel. It was said two years ago and repeated many times since!

AIDS is still a Suspect

by Steven Shamrak  (January 2003)

Note: I know, this is “the old news” and it has been proven that Arafat indeed died from AIDS. Recently, the Palestinian Authority used millions of foreign aid dollars to open the Arafat museum. I am sure that they have happily made his Holocaust denial PhD, obtained in a Moscow university for international students during Soviet era, as a main exhibit. What about his Homosexuality and pedophilic tendency! (I wanted to share with you a link to a more recent article, but it is already blocked!)

A hospital spokesman 'said there would be no details (released) about the cause of Arafat’s death because of French privacy laws'. Why would Arabs, with cooperation of the Arafat family, need to invoke French privacy laws? Dr. Arafat (half brother) said that he met French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier on the day of his brother's death and discussed the issue with him: "He told me it is not in the interest of France or our (PA) interest to disclose the cause of his death. Holding any party criminally responsible for his death will create political trouble". Who will be in political trouble? Surely, if the trouble was meant for Israel the documents would be revealed immediately!

"The full medical report of President Arafat is a historical document for the Palestinian people," said Hassan Abu Libdeh, the PA cabinet secretary. "We will get the report and the Palestinian Authority will take the necessary decisions including informing the Palestinian people about the full details of the report". Yasser Arafat's nephew, Nasser al-Kidwa, obtained the medical records many weeks’ ago. The PA can’t blame the ‘evil widow’ for being silent anymore! How much do they pay her for silence?

Why has Arafat’s nephew, who was so eager to tell the truth about Arafat’s death, suddenly became mute and evasive? He had plenty of time to study the official French report of his uncle's death. The only statement he has made, so far, is that his uncle had died of "unnatural" causes, implying Israel had poisoned Arafat. AIDS is an "unnatural" cause of death too!

The toxicology tests were conducted during Arafat's two-week stay in a French hospital but "no poisons known to doctors were found." PA Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath has said: "We know what it is not. It is not malignancy or cancer anywhere in his body." But, uncharacteristically for modern medical practice, no autopsy was conducted.

Years ago, Oriana Fallaci, an Arab sympathizer at the time, reported that Arafat’s headquarters in Tunis had a number of blonde German young men running around. She found that not only Arafat was homosexual, but that it was well known fact in his intimate circle. Later, as the rumors gathered force, Arafat arranged his pseudo marriage to his gold digging ‘wife’. The CIA had known about AIDS for some time and encouraged Israel not to assassinate him.

This saga reminds me the rumors about the death of another legend – the Great Communist leader Lenin. When I was living in the Soviet Union, I heard whispers about the real cause of his death. Only recently, the team of German doctors reviewed the notes of Lenin’s doctors and they officially confirmed the rumors – ‘the great leader of the Socialist revolution’ died from syphilis. For political reasons, this information, as well as, the possible cause of Arafat’s death has not been covered by international press!

I deliberately put a question mark at the end of the title of this article. It is not about Arafat’s homosexuality, it is about lack of political integrity! Only the release of the official French doctors’ report will stop to the rumors about Arafat death! Why is this information still concealed?