Start with Retaking Joseph’s Tomb!

by David Israel

A meeting was held during the holiday of Sukkot between the commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, Brig. Gen. Eran Niv, his Chief of Staff, Elitzur Trabelsi...

During the conversation... Brigadier General Niv admitted that mistakes had indeed been made during the fighting in Shechem and added that “the Joseph Tomb compound, as mentioned in the original Oslo agreement, can be re-taken. It would be a somewhat complex but possible task, it all depends on the discretion of the political echelon. The army knows how to carry out such a mission, like any other mission, naturally.” (Still talking about Oslo BS!)

The division commander stressed the need for an orderly work with the political echelon, in legal ways and without violence. “It is a democratic country and anyone who wants to act to renew the Jewish presence in Shechem must act strictly through legal means to promote this. (The enemies of Israel only understand decisive action! They have no respect for Israel because its fight against them has been ‘wishy-washy’.)

Yeshiva representatives asked: “Why are the protected pilgrimages to Joseph’s Tomb always made in the middle of the night?” they asked. “We are not interested in entering Shechem like frightened thieves, but in broad daylight, with national Jewish pride.” (Why are Jews still not in full control of their land and afraid to visit holly places?)

Niv answered that this is the status quo today, and there is no plan at the moment to change it. “If there is ever a demand from the political echelon, we will find ways to implement it,” he reiterated. (Israel must free Judea, Samaria and Gaza from enemy occupation – the sooner the better!)

FOOD for THOUGHT. by Steven Shamrak

There is a saying “Where is a will, there's the way”! Since its inception 70 years ago, Israeli politicians have never been really interested to fix the problem Israel inherited from British colonial power. Even liberation of East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria during the Six Days War was ‘accidental’. Israel needs a new breed of politicians – with true Zionist vision! Jews who do not fear the criticism from international Jew-haters and are willing to see through the reunification of Eretz-Israel! Self-serving ego-centric and corrupt weak links must be voted out!

"Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!"

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Israeli Druze Loyal to Assad

Dozens of Druze leaders on Israeli side wave Syrian flags and chant support and loyalty for dictator, hailing him for regaining control of most of Syria from IS and other rebel groups. The ralliers told Reuters that they were commemorating the 45th anniversary of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War - a battle that some Arab countries still contend to have been a defeat for the Jewish state. (We must not kid ourselves; there is no loyalty to Israel, the Jewish state, among non-Jewish residents of Israel! Some realize that they are safer in Israel, but they are not real friends.)

Deliberately Creating Racial and Religious Underclass

The Cabinet, at its weekly meeting, approved the proposal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon (kulanu) to bring to Israel approximately 1,000 members of the Falash Mura community who have children are in Israel. (First Israeli political idiots brought non-Jewish kids to Israel, now family members follow! Very soon, they will be used by anti-Israel propaganda in accusations of racial and religious discrimination in Israel!)

Agricultural Terrorism

Arab suspects set fire to chicken coops in northern Israel. In the fire, over 50,000 chickens were destroyed, and the total damage is estimated to be in the millions."

More F-35s to Israel

President Donald Trump has ordered additional F-35 stealth planes supplied forthwith to Israel, in response to the four S-300 air defense batteries Russia has sent Syria and its upgrade of electronic warfare measures. The F-35s will be drawn from US Air Force’s active service squadrons.

Remove not just UNRWA from Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat revealed a detailed plan of action to remove the UNRWA organization from Jerusalem. Barkat's decision was intended to blow up the lie of the "Palestinian refugee problem," which he says is part of a propaganda mechanism sponsored by the United Nations under the auspices of the United Nations and aimed at destroying Israel by perpetuating the status of refugees and a constant demand for a "right of return" to Israel. UNRWA has 1,800 students in seven schools operating without a license from the Ministry of Education, and is a central focus for incitement to terrorism and violence. UNRWA clinics in the Old City and the Shu'afat refugee camp operate without a permit from the Ministry of Health and are illegal. In terms of sanitation and infrastructure - garbage disposal and sewage infrastructure are currently under the responsibility of UNRWA, and residents have been complaining for years about UNRWA's poor cleaning services... (UNRWA and all its ‘clients’ must be removed not just from Jerusalem but all Eretz-Israel!)

Palestinian Authority is not a State

US National Security Adviser John Bolton told the White House press corps at a briefing that the “so-called state of Palestine” is not, in fact, a state. "... It does not meet the customary international law test of statehood! It doesn’t control defined boundaries. It doesn’t fulfill the normal functions of government. There are a whole host of reasons why it’s not a state." (So many Jew-hating states and international organizations have been ignoring this obvious definition, because their goal is to destroy Israel with the help of the fake Palestinians!)

Mother of Hate and Terror

A Palestinian Muslim mother praises her 7 sons for choosing to be terrorists and to kill Jews. She claims 5 of her sons are in prison on terror charges, and 2 of her sons were killed while carrying out a terror attack. During the interview she praised Allah and vowed that the Palestinian Muslims will take over Tel Aviv. The Western world is silent when so-called Palestinian Muslims attack Israel, but screams when Israel defends itself.

China Cracks-down on Islam

Chinese police order Muslims in the North-Western region of Xinjiang to hand in all copies of the Koran and prayer mats or face "harsh punishment". This operation bans 'illegal' publicity, religious activities, religious teaching, and items believed to be tools of terrorism including flammable objects, and knives. (Silence - this is not Israel! No 'outcry' of the press or emergency condemnation, usual Israel-bashing, sessions of 'Ugly Nazi'! Although, Israel has many reasons to do the same and more. Israel is still letting loud-speakers make the Islamic call to prayer five times a day.)

PA Police Rounds up Hamas Operatives

On the orders of Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority Chairman, his security officers have launched the biggest crackdown ever on Hamas operatives in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). So far 800 have been detained! (If it was not for the hate for Israel and Jews, they would have killed each other a long time ago - like in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc!)

UNRWA Evacuated International Staff from Gaza

The overseas staffers had received death threats and threats of violence after the announcement of cuts and planned layoffs by the organization in the wake of the US decision that it would no longer fund the agency. The agency's senior officials were rescued and transferred to Israeli territory via the Erez crossing. (After years of sustaining the existence of fake refugees - no appreciation! The fake Palestinians always feel 'entitlement' and  the anti-Semitic world is only too happy to oblige!)

Israel has so Many 'Justifications' to Chose from

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, speaking to foreign ambassadors that Israel sought to "justify another aggression" by making false allegations of missile sites near Beirut airport belonging to Iran-backed Hezbollah. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at the United Nations identified three locations near the airport where he said the Shi'ite group Hezbollah was converting "inaccurate projectiles" into precision-guided missiles.

White House - New Counterterrorism Strategy.

US President Donald Trump's national security adviser unveiled the administration's long-awaited counterterrorism strategy. The strategy is broader than before, targeting not just Sunni ideologies espoused by ISIS, but also Iran-sponsored terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic jihad.

QUOTE of the WEEK:

“To be a friend of Jews and Israel, in real terms, is to understand even that Roman devices of torture - crucifixes, consigned of 500 Jews a day during the siege of Jerusalem, all of them suffering for DAYS before they died. To Jews, crosses are still devices of murder and torture. The miracle is that Jews don’t mind Christians having a different, personal and private belief...they just don’t want to follow it themselves because of the Law of Moses is an eternal obligation for them. Jews don’t proselytize to non-Jews. – a FaceBook post – Those who have self-respect respect others! Hunting for ‘lost’ Jewish souls, as many Christian sects do, in order to convert them to Christianity is the lowest form of disrespect!

Forgotten Jewish Refugees.

by Steven Shamrak

It is estimated that almost 900,000 Jews were forced from their homes in Arab and Muslim countries in the course of the 20th century. Even the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has twice affirmed that Jews who fled the persecution of Arab countries were indeed refugees in every legal sense of the word.

It is estimated that Jews were robbed of more than $100 billion in personal and communal assets by Arab and Muslim governments. The Israeli governments ignored and refuse to use those facts to neutralize fictitious claims of the Arab propaganda war machine against Israel. As a result, unfortunately, the world only knows about so-called Arab refugees and their well-advertised fictitious claim on Jewish land.

Based on population poll information at the time (conducted by Ottoman empire and British later - not Arab anti-Israel propaganda) around 460,000 Arabs left currently controlled land by Israel, during the war of Independence in 1948. They were ordered to leave by Arab political and religious leaders. The plan was to expose Jews, who were facing the might of Arab armies, to complete their annihilation. It would make it easier to kill every Jew, without bothering about identification of Arabs. Another genocide of Jewish people was planned!

When Israel won the War of Independence, the number of so-called Arab refugees almost doubled over night by the end of 1948, after the UN announced that they are entitled to refugee status and international assistance! For several more years after the war, the world was still betting that the tiny Jewish state would disappear. International anti-Semites were hoping that Arabs would finish what they started in Europe!

Since then the Arab Palestinians have been ‘milking’ the international community for almost 60 years. This is the longest running UN ‘humanitarian’ program, designed to perpetuate Middle East conflict and keep the international anti-Semitic flame running. It has been assisting the mob of professional refugees in their 3rd or even 4th generation.

World War-II in Europe created almost 50 million refugees. Many of them received assistance and/or had been resettled. Now they and their children are living productive and independent lives in their own countries or somewhere else! This approach has never been applied to Arabs who left Jewish land. They are still not absorbed by the Arab countries, from where most of them had originally come since 1880’s. The United Nations has never respected the state of Israel as an independent and equal state, not according to the record of the adopted resolutions, nor by attitude. The need of Jewish people to live in peace in their independent state, on the land of their ancestors is completely ignored! Jews must realise this international hypocrisy, and start to be creators of their own destiny!