Sovereignty without Enemy State!

“The Prime Minister reiterates that he is committed to conducting negotiations on the basis of the Trump plan, and at the same time will continue with his sovereignty plan.” This statement was put out by Binyamin Netanyahu’s office on Wednesday, June 2...

Netanyahu has publicly stressed his determination to embark on legislation for annexation from July 1 as assured in his coalition deal with his partner Benny Gantz – although Gantz stipulated that this process must obtain Washington’s blessing...

(Zionist) leaders challenge Netanyahu acceptance of the US formula that assigns 30pc of the West Bank to Israeli sovereignty and 70pc, including such Biblical sites as Hebron, to a future Palestinian state...

“The support of the American government isn’t worth the risk of having a terrorist state established, or the abandonment of tens of thousands of residents in isolated towns to life-threatening dangers,” Samaria Regional Council chief Yossi Dagan told the prime minister...

For now, the problem is mostly hypothetical so long as the Palestinians refuse to enter into talks with Israel and boycott the Trump peace initiative...

PA will Respond with Violence to Annexation

Palestinian strongman Jibril Rajoub, senior member of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, said clashes will be inevitable if Israel annexes settlements, warns every young Palestinian “can turn into a powder keg.” The Hamas terror group also said annexation would be a reason for the spilling of blood, with Hamas official Maher Salah telling a Hamas news website that annexation “is a real threat to the Palestinian national project, and will open new doors of conflict and will increase the fire … we will protect it with our blood.” (This means no future negotiation and no Palestinian terror state on Jewish land! Hopefully, it will follow by the removal of the enemies from the Jewish land!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

For quite a while, I and many other activists have been calling anti-Zionist Jews as “self-hating Jews”. Bu, the description is too broad! From now on, I am going to call all Jews - who support enemies of Israel and actively promote creation of another Arab terror state on Jewish land, denying Jewish people the right to live in peace on our ancestral land - by their true name - “JEWHADISTS”! (This is the new term – please, make it stick)

No Annexation Guidelines from Trump

Beyond the “conceptual map” in US President Donald Trump’s peace plan, released in late January, the US has not given Israel any guidelines on how to proceed. Israel has given the US multiple options as to where it would apply its sovereignty in the West Bank, but the Trump administration has not chosen one. That map, which shows Israel applying its laws to 30% of the West Bank – including all settlements and the Jordan Valley – is not detailed. “It gave a central idea, it must be filled with details, and that is exactly what we’re doing,” Netanyahu said. (Israel is a sovereign country and President Trump respects it! All the turmoil is due to the remaining 'ghetto mentality' - self-inflicted doubts and pain!)

Iran Violates all Nuclear Deal Restrictions

Iran has continued to increase its stockpiles of enriched uranium and remains in violation of its deal with the United States, Germany, France, Britain, China and Russia in 2015.

Justice Ministry is not Preparing for Sovereignty

The July 1 date for the government to begin the application of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria is approaching. However, the Justice Ministry has not yet been instructed to prepare for the move. Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz instructed IDF Chief of Staff Major General Aviv Kochavi to accelerate IDF preparations for diplomatic measures underway in Judea and Samaria. No similar instructions were given to the Justice Ministry by Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn (Blue and White) or the government.

PA Rejected Revenues from Israel

A senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official announced that the PA refused to receive the tax revenue dues from Israel because it had ended all agreements with Israel. Israel's security cabinet last year approved the freezing of 507,697,000 shekels ($140,350,300) from the tax money it collects on behalf of the PA over the PA’s payments to terrorists who carried out attacks against Israelis and their families. A week ago, Israel had stopped offsetting the PA's payments to terrorists. (One side has self-respect and determination to achieve its goals and it is not the Israeli government! Will Israel start compensating Jewish victims of terror; pay the PA debt to Israel for supply of water, electricity and medical services; and defence related spending?)

Gantz Allows Paying Murderers of Jews!

Gantz cancelled Bennett order signed less than a month ago, preventing paying salaries murderers of Jews. The order had obligated banks operating in the Palestinian Authority to freeze and close bank accounts used by imprisoned operatives and their families. Notice of the order's 45-day suspension was sent to the Palestinian Authority by decision of Defense Minister and Alt Prime Minister Benny Gantz. (This is no Jewish unity government, but self-hating elements have infiltrated the government which, hopefully, will not last long!)

Palestinians do not Care about Annexation

Talks of Israel's plans to annex strategic parts of the West Bank have drawn criticism from world leaders and prompted the Palestinian Authority to declare they are severing all ties with Israeli government. The plans seem to affect everyone, except people in the very heart of the conflict - the Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley. "Israel already pretty much controls this area, so what does it matter if they annex it or not?" says one Palestinian resident. "I'm a Palestinian who wants to live under Palestinian sovereignty. You Israelis, would you prefer to live under a leadership that is not Israeli?" said another. (Strangely, it is more of an issue to Israeli politicians to how much of Jewish land to reunite with Israel than to our enemies!)

BDS Admitted Its Obvious and Ultimate Aim!

While Jews claim that the BDS movement is a form of new anti-Semitism and BDS supporters in Western countries say it’s merely a tool to change Israeli policies, a co-founder of the BDS movement Omar Barghouti explains that should the movement’s goals be achieved, Israel would cease to exist: “If the refugees return to their homes (in Israel) as the BDS movement calls for, if we bring an end to Israel’s apartheid regime and if we end the occupation on lands occupied in 1967, including Jerusalem, what will be left of the Zionist regime? That’s the question. Meaning, what will the two states be based on?” (Anti-Israel media and Anti-Semitic international politicians have never asked Abbas what his “two state solution” looks like!)

Islamic Invasion of Israel by Marriage!

A representative of the Population Authority told the committee that there had been an average of 800 family reunification requests a year over the past decade, but it had risen to 1,000 annually over the past two years. Out of 22,000 requests, 9,200 had been approved, 3,600 received temporary residence and others were refused due to security concerns, because of a criminal record, bigamy and other reasons. The law prevents residents of the PA and Arab countries from moving into Israel by marrying Israelis. It was enacted in 2003 after terrorist attacks were committed during the Second Intifada by Palestinians who had married into Israeli families. (Why don't they join their spouses and families in Arab countries?)

Quote of the Week:

“It is hypocritical to criticize the People of Israel for taking care of the Land of Israel. If Finland is worried about land grab, they should criticize Russia for holding on to Finish Karelia (and Crimea). If Japan is worried about land grab, they should criticize Russia for holding on to the Japanese Islands. If France is worried about land grab, they should pull out from the Overseas French Territories. And the list can go on and on.” - a FB post - Indeed, the list is too long!

Arab States Ignore the PA and Fake People!

by Batya Jerenberg

The Palestinian Authority (PA) complained that it is still waiting for Arab countries to unequivocally support its stance against Israeli sovereignty plans for parts of Judea and Samaria.

PA Foreign Minister Riyad al Maliki said that he had reached out to Arab leaders after an Israel Hayom report quoted unnamed sources in the Arab world, saying that their governments would make noise about the coming annexation but tacitly accept it.

“We made contact through official and unofficial channels in order to ask for clarifications, but we have yet to receive a denial or a confirmation regarding these reports,” he said.

The leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states have all supported the Palestinian position in public, with the strongest statements made by Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

 “If Israel really annexed the West Bank valley in July, it would lead to a massive conflict with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,” he told Germany’s Der Spiegel newspaper last month, saying “all options” are on the table.

Israeli officials have dismissed the idea that Jordan would break relations with Israel over any annexation, as the Hashemite Kingdom’s security depends in large part on its cooperation with Jerusalem. It’s also dependent on US support... (Arab countries might take official posturing about Israel’s plans of reunification of Judea and Samaria, but in reality they have stopped caring about the PA and fake Palestinians a long time ago!)