Solutions for Peace in Israel

by Steven Shamrak

There are several commonly known solutions to the Israel-Palestinian conflict:

1. Two-State solution         – Israel and a new state of Palestine. It will not stop terror attacks against Israel. Quite the opposite, they will increase with more sophisticated rockets and weaponry.

2. Palestinian autonomy    – under Israel or Jordan supervision. Neither Israel, nor Jordan want it.

3. One-State solution                   – Israel absorbing all the enemy population and creating a suicidal demographic misbalance.

4. Jordan is Palestine         – moving all fake Palestinians to Jordan. It will make Jordan a ‘Palestinian’ terror state, as 60% of Jordanians are already claiming to be ‘Palestinians’.

5. Palestine state                 – destruction of Israel. This is the option all Jew-haters wanted to see in 1947, when seven Muslim armies attacked the newly created Jewish state, and they would still like it to succeed.

None of these options have worked or will ever work!

The intentions of the Fatah/PA/PLO/Hamas has never been to achieve their independence, rather eradication of the Jewish state and removal of all Jews from our land.

We also must remember, and many have forgotten or do not want to know, that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are part of Eretz-Israel - Jewish ancestral land! Even Jordan, according to the League of Nations mandate, belongs to Israel and the Jewish people.

All the options above have failed because they require agreement and co-operation from the PA (Fatah, the PLO and Hamas), as well as Jordan. How has it worked so far? Anti-Israel international players like the UN and the EU, as well as some governments of the US, have never missed an opportunity to condemn Israel, and they will not allow or agree to any settlement of the conflict which would bring peace to Jews.

There is another solution - The Sinai Option!

It has been consistently overlooked and ignored by Israel and the enemies of the Jewish state. This solution does not require any approval from Egypt or so-called Palestinians. The only requirement for its successful implementation is for Israel to have self-respect and determination to execute it. The government of Israel must ignore influence of foreign governments who have never had the best interest of Jews in their hearts.

“The Sinai Option” – is relocation of all hostile enemy population from Jewish land to the Sinai Peninsula, and letting them establish their own independent state or autonomy under Egypt. As an independent political entity, it will be held responsible for any hostile military or terrorist attacks against Israel. It is the only plan that has a chance to succeed in bringing peace to Jewish in Israel and to reunite the Jewish lands!

The plan can be implemented humanely and gradually under the supervision of the International community, or it can be executed swiftly by Israel unilaterally when an opportunity presents itself.

Israel needs a government willing to implement the SINAI OPTION!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The Oslo Accords were an anti-Israel farce, which was never meant to work. It has only granted legitimacy to a terrorist organisation, the PLO, and undermined Israel’s sovereignty. There is no room for Israel if a fake Palestinian state is established. One just needs to look at a map of ‘Palestine’ on the PLO official website.

Happy Purim - Chag Purim Sameach

Stupidity of Two-State Solution Appeasement

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid vowed to his German counterpart that the current government - headed by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, head of the right-wing Yamina party - is “not going to build anything that will prevent the possibility of a future two-state solution.” (The PA praises terrorists who killed Jews, does not recognise Israel’s right to exist and idiots in the government are still trying to appease international anti-Semites.)

Sudan Improving Ties with Israel ‘Secretly’

Sudan secretly sent an envoy to Israel to promote closer ties between the two nations. Sudan normalized relations with the Jewish state in January 2021, signing onto the Abraham Accords.

Knesset Members who are Enemies Within

Arab Joint List MK Ahmad Tibi slammed the IDF for killing three terrorists who repeatedly fired at troops and civilians in the Shechem (Nablus) area of Samaria, framing the Israeli government’s elimination of the Al-Aqsa Brigade gunmen as an unlawful execution and calling the shootings of terrorists “a crime against the Palestinian people.”

Democracies Halt Funding of UN Human Rights Council

The unprecedented joint letter from 40 diverse Jewish groups sent to U.N Secretary General António Guterres and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michele Bachelet denounces the unfair makeup and scope of the new inquiry commission, and the unprecedented authority and funding granted to it to scrutinize the only Jewish state in the world. “Indeed, no other country has been subjected to such scrutiny and systemic bias by the UN’s human rights organ”. “To be clear, this newly-funded commission of inquiry with an open-ended mandate, inside and outside the Jewish state, has but one goal - demonizing and delegitimizing Israel,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

Israeli Police Fighting Jewish Pioneers

Israeli security forces destroyed structures, in northern Samaria, marking the fourth time that demolitions have taken place at the outpost since yeshiva student Yehuda Dimentman was killed by terrorists while leaving a yeshiva at the site in December 2021. Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan blasted the Israeli government for lying to the public. “You promised the building of the land and we are experiencing destruction!” he said. “Thanks to you, terrorists are dancing and Jews are crying.” (The government is not so vigilant when it comes to preventing and removal of Arab illegal expiations on Jewish land.)

Israel is Target of New Iranian Missiles

Iran unveiled a new missile with a range of 1,450 kilometers (900.9 miles).

The missile was "designed and built by scientists of the Air Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps." It weighs one-third less than similar missiles, and preparation time before launch has been reduced to one-sixth of the usual requirement.

Limit to PM Term Bill

PM term limit bill advances to final votes. The Knesset advanced a bill for final approval. The legislation would force a prime minister to step down after 8 years in power or after serving two terms, which would not apply retroactively.

UN Condemned Holocaust Denial

The UN General Assembly adopted an Israeli-sponsored resolution that condemns denial and distortion of the Holocaust. The resolution - co-sponsored by Germany, and backed by the United States, Russia and many other countries - affirms that the Holocaust “will forever be a warning to all people of the dangers of hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice.” ("Even the hateful, bigoted, anti-Semitic UN, on extremely rare occasions, does the right thing." - FaceBook quote)

Israel will "Maintain Freedom of Action"

Responding to the Biden administration’s softening position on Iran, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett affirmed that Israel is building up its military strength. Recently, Biden administration restored some sanctions relief to Iran. Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir said that the move was welcome but insufficient. “The greatest threat against the State of Israel is Iran. As the government, we are responsible for dealing with the Iranian nuclear program... we are monitoring the Vienna talks,” Bennett said. (It would be very symbolic if Israel deals with Iranian nuclear program, and hopefully the Islamic government, during or just after Purim.)

Quote of the Week:

“Neither customary international law nor the United Nations Charter acknowledges that every group of people claiming to be a nation has the right to a state of its own.” - Professor Rostow, sterling Professor of Law and Public Affairs Emeritus at Yale University - Just because Arabs and others proclaimed themselves “Palestinians” in 1960s, with the help of the Soviet Union and the rest of international anti-Semites, it did not make them a nation - and they definitely have no legitimate claim on Jewish land.

PLO Suspended Recognition of Israel

by Dalit Halevi

The PLO Central Council decided on Wednesday to suspend recognition of the State of Israel until Israel recognizes the “state of Palestine” on the June 6, 1967 border with its capital in eastern Jerusalem.

At the conclusion of a meeting in Ramallah, the PLO Central Council issued a statement saying that the “state of Palestine” alone has sovereignty over Palestinian land and that "the presence of the occupation, its army and settlers on Palestinian land is an illegal presence that must be stopped immediately." (There was never a Palestinian state or a land that belonged to the fake Palestinian people who were invented in 1964 with the help from the Soviet KGB.)

The statement also emphasized the importance of moving from the Palestinian Authority to a sovereign state alongside opposition to the economic peace plan, the conflict management plan and confidence-building measures offered by Israel as an alternative to sustainable and just peace based on the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The PLO called on the US administration to implement President Joe Biden's statements regarding the administration's commitment to a two-state settlement and to reopen the US consulate in Jerusalem and the PLO office in Washington. (With the weak and anti-Israel president in the White House anything might happen. Israel must make its own policies and execute them on all issues.)

The Central Council called for the provision of international protection for the Palestinian people until it could exercise its full sovereignty, and also authorized the PLO Executive Committee to reshape the institutions of the Palestinian Authority in a manner consistent with the “state of Palestine” exercising sovereignty over its land. (The PLO is actually asking international anti-Semites to help them to take over the Jewish land and protect them from Israel until they will be able to wipe-out all Jews from it!)