Smell of Oil and Money Overrides Decency.

The 120-member nations of the Non-aligned Movement (NAM) voted last Thursday to back Iran's nuclear development activities, in spite of the fact that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly vowed to annihilate the State of Israel, referring to the Jewish State as a "malignant growth" and promising to "wipe it off the map."

Israel has expressed its disappointment at Germany's decision to permit a firm to build three gas plants in Iran, saying it contravened the spirit of the UN sanctions aimed at halting Tehran's nuclear program. The 100 million euro ($156 million) deal between the German engineering firm Steiner Prematechnik Gastec and Iran was, according to the government spokesman, "for the export of goods (Gas and Oil) that are not of a controversial nature." (Some concentration camps also produced goods of a non-controversial nature during WW2!)

Kadima, Party With NO Loyalists. The Kadima party caucus has rejected a proposal that leadership candidates pledge to remain in the party if they lose the race. (…just full of political rats!)

Democratic Lebanon No More. Lebanon's new Cabinet unanimously approved a draft policy statement which could secure Hizbullah's existence as an armed organization and guarantee its right to "liberate or recover occupied lands", putting an end to any dreams of disarming Hizbullah. The argument that the Lebanese government should not be held accountable for Hizbullah provocations would lose all weight if the government decision is approved this law. (…just another member of Islamic terror cub!)

Ugly Politics at the Olympic Games. An Iranian swimmer Mohammad Alirezaei, apparently under the orders of the chiefs of the Iranian delegation, refused to compete alongside Israeli Tom Be'eri.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

French president Nicolas Sarkozy is rightfully looking after the interests of his own country. He is attempting to restore France to the position of its former political glory, using Israel as a sacrificial lamb in the process. Disgustingly, the leaders of Israel demonstrated complete self-disrespect by applauding to his call to cede off Jewish land and forsake Jewish capital, Jerusalem, during his speech in Knesset, where he deceitfully, shamelessly and absolutely disrespectfully launched France’s new foreign policy agenda. When will the Jewish leadership start to focus on the interests of Israel and Jewish people first? This stupid habit of appeasement of others must end!

Police Collaborated with Terrorists. A police detective admitted in court that police forces hid as Bedouin Arabs attacked Jewish hikers, and then jumped out to arrest the Jews who fought back. The incident occurred weeks ago, on the third day of a week-long "Land of Hilltops Trek" from the northern Shomron to southern Judea as the 200 youths and adults were attacked by Bedouin Arabs with clubs and rocks. (This a shameful anti-Zionist act, fostered by the self-hating government of Israel!)

The IDF's Selective Protection. Shomron Regional Council Mayor Gershon Mesika said, "It appears that the IDF provides selective protection. Now it thinks that the Arabs are in danger, so suddenly it begins beefing up its patrols. We have been complaining for years about the dangers to Jews - and incidents of rock-throwing and shootings against Jews are many, many times more numerous than the other way around - yet the army often fails to help us out (... and enthusiastically arrests Jews)."

Shas is still Playing ‘Money’ Game. Shas chairman Eli Yishai reiterated on Tuesday "Any government that we join will have to accept our demand to increase child allowances.” (Welfare of Jewish children is important, but they must have secure future in their own country first!)

Livni: Life of a Political Chameleon.  Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has drawn fire from party colleagues after refusing to publicly announce she will remain in the party if she loses her bid to lead Kadima and the government after September's leadership elections. (Wasn’t she once a ‘dedicated’ member of the Likud party? Political Rats’ rule: Self-interest first, country’s right at the bottom.)

Quote of the Week:

"Israel is the Jewish national home, while Palestine is the Palestinian national home...” - Ehud Olmert - speaking at the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. – Where did this sick and confused individual learn history? Israel is Palestine! It is painful to see the Prime minister of Israel exhibiting no self-respect or respect for Jewish heritage, but advocating the interests of enemies!

Hamas Gassed People. Hamas killed its Fatah opponents by inserting gas hoses into them and filling them with gas, a wounded Fatah gunman stated in Israel: "They insert a gas hose into the mouth and into the other place." He said that there are 16 cases of clinical deaths in Gaza's Shifa Hospital but Hamas would not allow anyone to inquire into, or report on, the cause of the deaths. (It could be another lie of one of Fatah’s terrorists in order to stay a live or the awful truth about the enemies Israel is facing!)

Drive for "Only Jewish Labour". One month since the first bulldozer terror attack, in which three Jews were murdered by an Arab construction worker, rabbis and public figures called for "Only Jewish Labour" in a memorial ceremony and rally at the site.

Syria has Chosen War. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is to visit Iran this weekend, even as Syrian and Israeli negotiators are slated to continue talks in mid-August. Al-Assad's visit answers the Israeli demand that Syria choose between Iran and peace. (How many more slaps in the face must Israel endure from Arab ‘negotiation partners’? Why has the Israeli leadership no self-respect?)

Test of Impartiality of the Israeli Legal System. Jewish National Front activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben Gvir have petitioned The High Court of Justice for permission to conduct a flag procession in the Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm, populated by Arabs. The two claim that “if the police allow members of the Open House to conduct a gay pride parade in Jerusalem and leftists to conduct parades in Hevron, there is no reason why they won’t let us march in Umm al-Fahm.”

Jews Arrested for Entering Jewish Home. A group of 160 Jewish activists entered a Jerusalem property belonging to a Jew last Wednesday, to reclaim ownership of the property from Arabs who began to build an illegal structure there. Despite attempts by Border Guard officers to evacuate the Jews, the activists succeeded in staying long enough for them to declare the property returned to Jewish hands before some 150 were arrested and taken for questioning by Jerusalem District police. (By self-hateful actions the Israeli government is digging the country’s own grave!)

Torture by PA Groups.

Torture is used regularly on Palestinians detained by the Fatah-dominated security forces in the West Bank and by their Hamas counterparts in Gaza, two human rights reports say.

Between 20 and 30 per cent of the people arbitrarily detained in Gaza and the West Bank have suffered severe beatings, whippings, been made to stand or sit in painful positions for hours, and other degrading punishments, according to the Palestinian human rights organisation Al Haq. It says that three people have died in Gaza and one in the West Bank during the detentions since the split that followed Hamas's enforced takeover of the Gaza Strip 13 months ago.

Each group has arbitrarily detained about 1,000 people. Fatah security forces rounded up dozens of Hamas supporters in the West Bank yesterday in response to similar detentions of up to 200 Fatah adherents by Hamas in Gaza. Al Haq's report about "politically motivated" detentions is corroborated by another New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW), which highlights two Gaza cases involving "multiple gunshots at close range" at the legs of detainees. (No Investigation! No International Outcry!)

PS: The international community has pledged $8bn (£4bn) to the Palestinian Authority. (Bleeding-heart anti-Semitic liberals and self-hating Jews are silent and do not protest against PA cruelty… And they are shy to speak out about the money that is given to this blood-thirsty entity, but quite outspoken about US aid to Israel!)