Shambles of the Fake Palestinian Society

by James Sinkinson

In two major West Bank towns of Judea and Samaria, Jenin and Nablus, the Palestinian Authority has lost control, and rogue gangs rule the land. Last week, thousands of Gazans protested in the streets - risking brutal backlash from the Hamas regime. Meanwhile, talks in Egypt meant to reconcile the PA and Hamas after 17 bitter years have again hopelessly failed.

All this takes place as the Biden administration tries to pressure Israel and Saudi Arabia into a “normalization” deal contingent on concrete steps toward a Palestinian state.

No surprise: Despite billions of dollars in “welfare” from the United States, Arab states and the European Union, Palestinian institutions are in a death spiral. Both the PA and Hamas lack political stability or security control, their economies are bankrupt, the two rival dictatorships cannot reconcile and neither has a vision for statehood, let alone peace. The destruction of Israel is the only common goal they have.

Around 80% of ‘Palestinians’ want the PA President Mahmoud Abbas to resign, and only 19% have confidence in Hamas.

The majority of Palestinians, 71%, support the formation of armed terrorist groups like Lions’ Den. In addition, 52% of Palestinians support continued “armed struggle” - terrorism against Israel.

The PA has all but ceded control of Jenin and Nablus in Samaria (northern ‘West Bank’) to armed terrorist gangs. Last month, Israel conducted a large-scale raid in Jenin to neutralize its terrorist infrastructure and halt murders of Israeli civilians.

Between 1994 and 2020, the ‘Palestinians’ received more than $40 billion in aid. About a third came from the (Jew-hating) West!

About one in four ‘Palestinians’ has no job. The unemployment rate in the Gaza Strip alone is 45%. In addition, nearly half of young graduates aged 19-29 are unemployed.

At the same time, the PA spends between $170 million and $283 million yearly on its “pay-for-slay” policy - rewarding terrorists who murder Jews with generous monthly salaries.  Abbas has obstinately gone on record saying, “If we had only a single penny left, we would pay it to families of the martyrs and prisoners.”

Hamas continues to reject any recognition of the Jewish state, while the PA occasionally pays lip service to the two-state solution. But in reality, the PA also rejects Israel’s existence. (Although, the fake Palestinians prefer the hard-core Islamist terrorists of Hamas to the Socialist ones of Fatah. The PA has made it clear that their “two-state solution” is Jew-free “Palestine”, turning Israel into another Arab state.)


Falsification of the History!

The Al-Jazeera website has deliberately excluded maps of 'Mandatory Palestine', 1920 and 1922. There are no maps of the land the PA or Hamas are claiming as the state of fake Palestinians, because they include all Israel and even Jordan!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The Palestine Mandate was adopted by the League of Nations in July 1922. The League of Nations Mandate system in the Middle East had allocated land, including the land East of the Jordan River, in order to re-establish the Jewish state – Eretz-Israel. Therefore, Gaza, Judea and Samaria are integral parts of Eretz-Israel. Any other claims are just fakery and a deliberate distortion of legal and historic truth by international anti-Semites, Jew-hating individuals and governments, and lackeys of enemies of Israel! (Note: In 1988, Jordan ceded its claim to Judea and Samaria, which Jordan and six other Muslim countries seized and occupied in 1948.)

No to Saudi Consulate in Jerusalem

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen discussed Saudi Arabia's announcement that it appointed its console in Jordan as its official representative to the Palestinian Authority. "Israel does not allow any country to open a consulate in Jerusalem. Therefore, we did not authorize this for any country, and we will not allow it in the future. We proved in the Abraham Accords as well that the Palestinian issue is not a roadblock to peace. This is not the central issue in the negotiations (with Arab states), and therefore I think we could reach a solution in this matter as well while keeping to our ideology."

Time for the US and Israel to Deal with Iran

Iran claims it has the technology to build supersonic cruise missile, amid tensions with the US in the Persian Gulf. Recently, 3,000 US sailors and Marines arrived in the Red Sea aboard two US warships, in a bid to deter Iran from seizing and harassing merchant ships travelling through the Gulf's Strait of Hormuz. Later, the Pentagon said that the United States will send additional F-35 and F-16 fighter jets, along with a warship to the Middle East. (Israel is the prime target! Hopefully, the US and Israel will deal with Iranian nuclear program soon, and assist the people of Iran to remove the oppressive regime.)

New Haredi Border Police Unit

The Israel Defense Forces announced the establishment of a haredi religious unit in the Border Police. “This new unit represents an effort by the IDF to diversify its forces and provide service conditions suitable for the ultra-Orthodox community,” the IDF said in its announcement.

Normalization with Saudis - Without Israel's Interests in Mind

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has told aides he's not prepared to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel. Among Saudi Arabia's requests is that the U.S. help develop a civilian nuclear program and offer ironclad security guarantees, and concessions from Israel that would help promote the creation of a Palestinian state. The US wants Saudi Arabia to distance itself economically and militarily from China.

Not a Freind of Israel in the White House

The details of a future meeting between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are still being coordinated - "it’ll be somewhere in the United States,” the White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters. President Biden has not invited Netanyahu to visit the White House for a meeting since he was appointed as Prime Minister of Israel last year. (At the same time, the Biden administration has been very vocal criticising Israel's judicial reform, which is an internal matter of the independent state! Who could have imagined that progressive democrats have become a greater enemy of Israel?)

Abbas's Retirement Move?

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas issued a “presidential decree” sending 8 of his 16 PA provincial governors in Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip to retirement. The move is considered to be Abbas’s way of preparing the PA for his departure to prevent takeover by Hamas. Chairman Abbas also issued a “presidential decree” forming a committee to select candidates for the vacated governorships.

Leave Politics out of Education

Education Minister Yoav Kisch and Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis made a joint statement calling on heads of higher education institutions in Israel to leave political considerations out of their academic administration. “We’re committed to complete freedom of speech by both sides. We must make an effort to maintain and bolster scientific research in Israel despite disagreements.” (Unfortunately, the Leftist and anti-Zionist ideology is deeply rooted in Israel education and political systems.)

Real Illegal Villages Must be Removed

A leader of the Bedouin Arab community in southern Israel, Aziz Touri, has blamed the Israeli government for working "incessantly" to move 35 illegal Bedouin villages in the Negev. "Under the extremist right-wing (Zionist) government, the steps to destroy the illegal villages were sped up." (He admitted that those villages are illegal. Why has the government of Israel allowed their construction in the first place? Time to correct the mistake.)

Quotes of the Week:

"The first step was to bring half a million Jews to Judea and Samaria, and now we have to apply Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, so that once and for all, we will finish the Six Day War, and we will really win and be victorious by applying Israeli sovereignty and by telling the entire world this land belongs to the Jewish people only." - Nadia Matar, the co-chairwoman of the Sovereignty Movement - At the same time, Israel must allow the enemy population to join their brothers in 22 Arab countries.

US Officials Gave ‘Mistaken’ Advice to Israel

by Stephen M. Flatow

For a long time, American officials have advised - and often pressured - Israel to make concessions of various kinds to the Arabs.

On his way out the door, the retiring US ambassador to Israel, Thomas Nides, belatedly acknowledged that he “screwed up” in his Tweet comparing the June 20, 2023 massacre of four Israelis eating lunch, with Israel’s anti-terrorist operation in Jenin, intended to help prevent future murders of Jews.

Dennis Ross, a senior aide to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, back in 2009, acknowledged that he was pressuring Israel to let Hamas bring concrete into Gaza resulted in Hamas building “a labyrinth of underground tunnels, bunkers, command posts and shelters for its leaders, fighters and rockets”. Hamas built the tunnels with “an estimated 600,000 tons of cement.”

Dennis Ross also belatedly admitted that he and his colleagues in the Obama administration were wrong to abandon the anti-government protesters in Iran in 2009. It was a chance to undermine and perhaps even topple the most evil regime on earth - and Ross blew it.

In an op-ed in 2010 in The Washington Post, Aaron Miller revealed that he was the US State Department official who came up with the plan to have Yasser Arafat visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 1998 in order to help Arafat improve his public image.

For more than 30 years, State Department officials past and present have been offering “advice” to Israel - pressuring Israel for one-sided concessions, proposing risky “peace” plans that would endanger Israel’s security, and smearing Israel’s good name in the international press.

Had Israel’s leaders heeded their advice in the past, the Jewish state would have paid a terrible price. To judge from the belated admissions of these officials, Israel was wise (sometimes) to ignore them. (The latest deliberately ‘mistaken’ interference the US made in Israel's internal legal process, which is introducing the democratic judicial reform.)