Shamble of Obama’s Idiotic ME Policy

US Secretary of State John Kerry made an unusual statement on Wednesday, taking into consideration the US's cautious Mideast policy since the start of the Arab Spring.

"The Muslim Brotherhood stole the revolution in Egypt," he said in a declaration that sounded like he was justifying the army forcing out the Islamist organization in a coup last July.

As talks resume in Geneva between representatives of the six world powers and Iran, officials in Israel are still frustrated by the American approach on the matter. In the opinion of senior statesmen, Obama administration officials are pushing for an agreement at any price.

Diplomatic sources accused US Secretary of State John Kerry of working towards an agreement without understanding the issue: Kerry just doesn't understand the matter. He doesn't exactly know what is being discussed. Just a few days ago he talked about the need to inspect the reactor core in Qom, except the Qom reactor core is already under inspection."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin to join France and publicly denounce the developing agreement, to no avail. "The real Iran is what Iranian leader, Khamenei, said yesterday. He called Jews rabid dogs, saying they are not human beings. The public answered with calls of 'death to America, death to Israel.' Does this sound familiar? That's the real Iran! We are not mixed up. They cannot have nuclear weapons and I promise they will not have a nuclear weapon," Netanyahu said.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest declined to condemn Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who called Israel a "rabid dog" in a speech. Earnest's refusal to condemn the remark follows similarly muted comments from a senior US official. The US response stood in contrast to a statement from France, which condemned the remarks and said they complicated nuclear talks.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The recent nuclear agreement with Iran has exposed the true reason, although many Jews know it too well, behind international anti-Israel bias. It is anti-Semitism - not the need of the Western countries for oil! Otherwise, the international bigots would have listened to oil-rich Sunni Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, who dread and fear a nuclear armed Shia Iran, even more than Israel.

One Cannot Occupy One’s Own Homeland

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home/Bayit Yehudi) pointed out in an interview on CNN that there is no such thing as “Israeli occupation” in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. When Amanpour used the term “occupied West Bank” in her question, Bennett held up a coin which, he pointed out, was “used by Jews 2,000 years ago in the state of Israel.” Amanpour tried to interrupt Bennett by saying that “occupied West Bank” was “an international term” but Bennett continued, “I don’t accept it. This coin, which says in Hebrew ‘freedom of Zion’ was used by Jews 2,000 years ago in the state of Israel, in what you call ‘occupied’”. “One cannot occupy his own home,” stressed Bennett. (Well said Bennett! I have never seen Amanpour challenging bogus claims of Arab leaders to Jewish land. Israel’s politicians must stand up to those who use fake political correctness, bogus media reports and fight international anti-Semitic bigotry.)

Will They Recall the Book?

Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher of children’s books, has apologized for a popular new book that omits Israel on a map of the Middle East. “Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt,” which tells the story of a group of investigative journalists involved in a treasure hunt in Egypt, includes a map of Egypt and its neighbouring countries - all except for Israel. (International bigots deliberately do this all the time. When they are caught, they issue meaningless and dishonest apologies.)

Not so Harmless Rock Attacks

1. A two-year-old baby was seriously injured on Thursday when Muslim mob hurled rocks at the car she was in, at the entrance to the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in southern Jerusalem. 2. Ten Arab residents of Jerusalem's Issawiya neighbourhood, aged 15-17, were arrested earlier this week on suspicion that they threw firebombs and rocks at an IDF base on Mount Scopus, at Hebrew University buildings and at police vehicles.

3,700-year-old Wine Cellar Unearthed in Israel

Archaeologists have uncovered a 3,700-year-old wine cellar in the ruins of a Canaanite palace in Israel, and chemical analysis has revealed the sophistication of the period's wine-making techniques. They found signs of a blend of ingredients that may have included honey, mint, cedar, tree resins and cinnamon bark.

US Also Lied to Saudis

Despite initial positive statements by Saudi Arabia on the Iran nuclear deal reached Sunday in Geneva, a senior advisor to the Saudi royal family said that his country was deceived by its American ally in the agreements and will pursue an independent foreign policy in response.

Israel-Saudi Alliance?  

Israeli personnel in recent days were in Saudi Arabia to inspect bases that could be used as a staging ground to launch attacks against Iran. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and other Arab and Persian Gulf countries have been discussing the next steps toward possible strikes on Iran’s nuclear sites.

Super Powers in a Dangerous Game

Days after China asserted greater military control over a swath of the East China Sea to bolster claims to a cluster of disputed islands the US defied the move by flying two B-52 bombers through the area. (Why do only super powers have the right to escalate conflicts without any regards for international law and future consequences? For 65 years Israel has been denied, by the same ‘big’ players, the right to end occupation of Jewish land by Arabs!)

They Hate Israel but Love Jewish Money

PA Central Bureau of Statistics reports that the unemployment rate in Gaza was 32.5% and 19.1% in Judea and Samaria. The number of Arab residents of Judea and Samaria working at Jewish settlements and in Israel has increased from 96 thousand in the first quarter of the year to 103 thousand in the third quarter. Some 51,000 of the PA workers employed in Israel had work permits while 34,600 did not have permits. (Because of Hamas instigated terrorist attacks, Gaza residents are not able to benefit from employment in Israel. But we should not worry about them - over 60 years ago the UN has established an endless, multi-generational line of credit to the fake refugees!)

Non-Justifiable US Aid to UNRWA

A group of US Congressmen are demanding that the State Department investigate and justify US financial aid to UNRWA. Their campaign comes amid charges that the organization actively incites and radicalizes "Palestinian refugees." UNRWA was founded in 1948 to provide assistance to the roughly 700,000 Arabs (actual number was less than 500,000) who fled Israel during the War of Independence. It was founded as an entirely independent entity to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) which deals with all other refugees. (The purpose of UNRWA’s existence is to assist Arabs in the destruction of the Jewish state!)

Is Canada the Only Decent Country?

Canada will not lift sanctions on Iran until proof has been given that the Islamic Republic is indeed in the process of freezing its nuclear program. Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird stressed that the sanctions imposed on Iran had already forced it to adopt a more moderate approach in negotiations - and that the deal may, from his experience, be an attempt by Iran to deceive the West.

Quotes of the Week:

“(agreement) was able to legitimize the Iranian nation’s nuclear program on the international stage and take the initial step in a way that the nuclear rights and the enrichment rights of the Iranian nation are acknowledged by world powers where before they had tried to deny them.” - Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said after the Geneva agreement was reached - Creation of an Islamic nuclear bomb is the objective - ‘Negotiation’ is just a tool to achieve it!

“…we firmly believe (Israel) must be wiped off the face of the earth and we don’t recognize (its existence).” - Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami, a member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts – The destruction of Israel is a main objective!

Low-Lives Only Understand Force

Monique Ofer, whose husband, Col. (res.) Sraya ("Ya-Ya") Ofer was brutally murdered by Muslim Arab terrorists in October, was not the least bit surprised by the news that the attackers were motivated by religion and nationalism...

"Of course these people came to murder Jews. Of course their intention was to kill a man with a very respectable past, which for them is a matter of great pride. 'Look, we killed a former IDF colonel.'” "People, it's a third Intifada," she told reporters in an angry and passionate plea. "Just like you're taping me now, yesterday you taped the attack in which a soldier was stabbed, you were at Tapuach Junction when there was gunfire there, you were in places where they threw rocks, where they stabbed a soldier.

"People, you need to wake up. This country needs to wake up. This is a real Intifada. Is this their gesture? Is this the thanks we got from the Palestinians after we returned their prisoners? That is how they repay us? By murdering every single day?

"They sentence us without a trial. We bring these low-lives to trial, we let them study for a degree, we let them feel like heroes in jail, and after a few years, we return them..."

"The government has to stop. In view of everything that is going on today - no negotiations, there must be no negotiations. I don’t understand how we can sit with them at the negotiating table when there is an event like this every day. Of murder! How can we negotiate? It's terrible? There is nothing to talk about. They have no right to demand any condition of us. It must be stopped. These low-lives understand only force!"