Self-respect is the Answer to Anti-Semitism

by Tova Dvorin

"Shabbat ends and I hear about a murderous terrorist attack, an anti-Semitic attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels," stated Economics Minister and Jewish Home (Bayit Yehudi) Chairman Naftali Bennett. "Hatred towards Jews has existed for thousands of years, and it reached its darkest hour in the European continent."

"In this generation anti-Semitism has disguised itself as anti-Israel or anti-Zionist," he said. "Why are there people who hate the Jews? That is just the way it is. Why are there people who hate Israel? That is just the way it is.

Bennett urged world Jewry not to turn away from Judaism and Jewish identity as a result of the violence - but rather, to embrace Judaism as the antithesis to hate.

"There are some Jews who believe that if we are nice enough and enlightened enough, if we do away with our Jewish symbols, that the anti-Semitism will disappear," the minister said. "It is actually the opposite." (It did not help the assimilated German Jews in the 1930’s)

"There are some Israelis who believe that if Israel is nice enough, and enlightened enough, if we free ourselves from our nationalism, that the hatred of Israel will disappear," he continued. "It is actually the opposite." (Israel will disappear instead)

"So what should we do? Be ourselves," he concluded. "Live on our land, with great Jewish pride." (The political hierarchy of Israel must set the Jewish national goal, free and reunite Jewish land. The leaders of Jewish communities in the diaspora need to understand this and lead, not just ‘enjoy’ temporary but useless ‘respect’ their positions provide! Too many times the right and nice slogan are said and nothing is done!)

Blame Israel to Save Faulty Theory

by Jonathan Tobin

The reason for this obfuscation (failed peace process) is not a mystery. Acknowledging the truth about the collapse of the talks would force Kerry and his State Department minions to admit that their theory about how to achieve peace has been wrong all along.

It was primarily the Palestinians’ refusal to make the symbolic step of recognizing that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people that would live in peace alongside a nation state of the Palestinian people that sunk the talks. But acknowledging that would mean they understood that the political culture of the Palestinians - in which (fake) national identity is inextricably tied to rejection of Israel’s existence...

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Most of contemporary Zionist organisations are functioning as a social club. Zionist ideology is set aside and is replaced by fake social pluralism and appeasement of anti-Semites! Even anti-Zionist Jewish groups are allowed to be members. The task of creating of Eretz-Israel has not yet completed, but they have already given up and submitted to anti-Semitic pressure and self-hating or self-serving tendencies! 

Terrorists are United by Their Goal

Ramadan Salah, leader of the Gaza-based terror organization Islamic Jihad, declared to the Arabic paper Al-Hayat on Tuesday that his group "is prepared to join the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) on a new political and organizational basis." The PLO has never renounced terrorism. Islamic Jihad for its part was behind the mid-March showering of roughly 100 rockets on Israel over three days. Salah's statement confirms Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's comments last Friday, when he said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad would be integrated in the PLO's leadership and take part in elections for PLO institutions. (Jews in Israel and the diaspora need to follow the example of our enemies and unite behind the Jewish national goal!)

The Big Nuclear Charade

The optimism disseminated last week by all parties to the nuclear talks with Iran masked the truth, that diplomacy is stalled with no way to meet its July deadline. US President Barack Obama has quietly decided to shift the deadline to Jan. 2015, letting Iran off the hook of its November commitment for a six-month suspension of its extra-fast centrifuges - and free to raise its enriched uranium stockpile. (Israel must act in self-interest now - ‘friends’ will never miss an opportunity to betray Jews!)

Jerusalem will Never be Divided

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat spoke at the special Jerusalem Day ceremony Wednesday, honoring 47 years since the reunification of the Holy City. "Jerusalem was unified 47 years ago and it will never be re-divided," Netanyahu said. (But Jerusalem is still not united, as is the Eretz-Israel!)

Jewish Contribution to the World

Israeli System Saves Chileans from Tsunami. No Chileans died in the recent tsunami caused by the recent 8.2-level earthquake, thanks to the automatic alerts sent by the geo-targeted notification system developed in Israel. The system was installed after 400 Chileans died in an earthquake and tsunami in 2010.

Never Ending Stupidity and Betrayal

President Shimon Peres and his PA counterpart Mahmoud Abbas will pray for peace at the Vatican on June 8, the Vatican said. (Peres is always happy to use an opportunity to betray Israel! Why to go to anti-Semitic den of the Vatican? If they are really serious about peace, not self-promotional hypocrisy, they could pray in Jerusalem during the Pope’s visit - it is more appropriate place for praying!)

It is Also Always about Money

The Hamas is restored to the Iranian fold with the pledge of an annual allowance of $200 million, military assistance and advanced weapons, in return for a public avowal of Hamas support for Iran’s Syrian policy and Bashar Assad.

Why did It Take more than 500 Years?

The tiny Spanish village of Castrillo Matajudios, or "Kill Jews Fort" in English, voted in favour of changing its name. The motion to change the village's name had received 29 votes in favour, while 19 people had gone against it. Others did not participate in the referendum or returned blank voting slips. (And still, the results are questionable!)

Where are the Arab Peace Activists?

PA President Mahmoud Abbas met with some 200 Israeli peace activists in Ramallah, days ahead of the announcement of the formation of the Hamas-Fatah unity government. During the meeting, Abbas reportedly indicated that the new government will not be involved in the peace process with Israel or in political issues that relate to Israel. (Would any so-called Palestinian come to Jerusalem and talk to Netanyahu about peace, not fearing being killed by ‘peace-loving’ Arabs?)

The Biggest Potential US Constitutional 'Bombshell'?

Billionaire Donald Trump has revealed he offered Barack Obama a $50 million donation to the president’s favorite charities in exchange for releasing his personal records, but Obama never responded. “I would take it, and I’d give it to Chicago charities, and I would give it to all sorts of charities,” Trump said at a recent appearance at the National Press Club. “And they can use the money.” (Potentially, if the allegation that Barack Obama is not “a naturally born US citizen” is true, it will be the biggest US Constitutional crisis. Why is it still a problem for Obama to release the official documents?)

Quote of the Week:

“Respect in politics comes with power, not with nice manners. With nice manners all you can get is the Holocaust...” - Noël Ratz, a Facebook comment.

Israel's Mission - Make the World a Better Place

Naftali Bennett, Economics Minister and Jewish Home (Bayit Yehudi) Chairman Naftali Bennett released a special video address in honor of Israel's Independence Day.

"Today we are celebrating Israel's sixty-sixth birthday," he stated, in a video posted on Facebook. "This is a young country, but our people is a very ancient one. We've been around for 3,800 years - you and I, our forefathers."

"If we were put in a time machine and thrown, say, 3,000 years backward, (then) - right over here, in Jerusalem, in the capital of Israel, I would be able to speak to my own forefathers, or even King David, and be able to speak to them in the same language - Hebrew - and believe in the same G-d."

"We are the only nation in the world this applies to," Bennett noted. "This is amazing." The Minister also addressed Israel's modern-day achievements.

"And (yet) Israel is a true modern miracle," he continued. "I want to invite all of you here to see the wonderful technological miracles we are creating here day in, day out." Since Israel's re-establishment, those achievements are for the betterment of the world, he said.

"We, all together, have a big mission," Bennett stated. "The mission is Tikkun Olam, fixing the world, improving the world, making it a better place."

Israeli Arabs are Fake Palestinians

Ayman Odeh, Secretary-General of the far-left Communist Hadash party, said that Israeli Arabs were part of “the Palestinian people”. (If so, shouldn’t they move to Gaza?) The Hadash party, which has four representatives in the Knesset, is made up of both Jewish and Arab members.

One of its members, Mohammed Barakeh, last year attended a post-Ramadan dinner that was organized by the Turkish IHH organization, which was responsible for the 2010 flotilla aimed at breaking the naval blockade on Gaza.

It should be noted that while Arab MKs claim to identify with ‘Palestinians’, they react with anger when it is suggested that areas of Israel with a heavy Arab population would be transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as part of a future peace deal. (Life is too good for ‘Palestinians’ in Israel, but they enjoy playing the victim game! They know how they are treated by their ‘brothers’ in Arab/Muslim countries. It would be a ‘nice’ life experience for the self-hating Jews, like members of Hadash and Peace Now, to move and live for a while as Jews in Saudi Arabia or Iran.)