Self-Serving Political Opportunism

Ten months after eight parties established an 'unholy' government that was forged just to keep Benjamin Netanyahu from PM office, the coalition chairwoman and Yamina Knesset member Idit Silman confirmed her resignation.

That means that the government was left with 60 Knesset seats out of 120. It lost its majority in Knesset, and has less prospect of survival than before.

According to Idit Silman’s statement, she is leaving the government over the entry of leavened goods into hospitals during the Passover holiday. “I cannot lend a hand to the blow to the State of Israel’s and Jewish people’s Jewish identity.” She also said that she will try to convince other members of the governing coalition to defect to Likud. "I am halting my membership in the coalition and will continue to try to convince my friends to come home and establish a right-wing government,” she said.

Silman’s announcement took coalition members by surprise, as she had not spoken of her plans to anyone in the government, including Prime Minister Naftali Bennett or Foreign Minister Yair Lapid. Silman's decision to resign from the coalition was made in the middle of the night, after a meeting with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Binyamin Netanyahu immediately congratulated Silman and welcomed her to ‘his’ coalition.

“You have proven that true public servants act according to the dictates of their conscience. I call upon all those who were elected by the voters of the nationalist camp to join Idit and come home to us. You will be welcomed (here) with open arms,” Netanyahu praised her, and called for further destabilisation of the government.

Of cause, her decision has nothing to do with the fact that she was offered the tenth spot on the Likud’s Knesset list, as well as the Health Ministry portfolio in the next government run by Netanyahu, in exchange for her resignation from the coalition and undermining the current, already unstable, government. (Netanyahu couldn't win the last four elections. He refused to step down from the leadership of Likud, even while being under a criminal investigation, and he is still dragging Israel into political uncertainty.)

Israelis not Interested in New Election

A new poll published Friday showed that 58% of Israelis do not want new elections. According to an Israel Hayom poll, were elections to be held today, the Likud would receive 35 Knesset seats. The current coalition would receive just 54 Knesset seats, while the bloc led by Netanyahu would receive 60 seats (still short of gaining majority). The Joint Arab List would receive the remaining six seats. (Only Nataniahu is interested in another useless and inconclusive election. He refuses to step down from the leadership of his party and allow Likud win decisively the next election on its own right!)

Israel Must Put an End to Enemy Terror Attacks!

Two Israeli men in their 20s, Tomer Morad and Eytam Gini, both from Kfar Saba, were murdered by Palestinian terrorists on Dizengoff Street who opened fire into a crowded bar in central Tel Aviv, on Dizengoff Street, on Friday night. Fourteen others were injured, some seriously. Police and Special Forces tracked down Palestinian Raed Hazem, 28, from Jenin, who was hiding near a mosque in Jaffa. The terrorist was killed in a gunfight.

Around 100 Palestinians rioters broke into and desecrated a holy Jewish site, the Joseph’s Tomb, near Shechem (Nablus). They broke the tombstone on the grave and set fire to rooms in the compound. The tomb is venerated by Jews, Christians and Muslims. Some Jews believe the biblical Joseph is buried in the tomb, while Muslims say a sheikh is buried there. (Fake Palestinians have no respect even for biblical places that are holy to Muslims!)

Happy Passover - חג פסח שמח

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

At a time when Jews are killed by Israeli-Arabs and so-called Palestinians, and Iran is perfecting its intercontinental rockets to be able to strike Israel with nukes - the main focus of Bibi Netanyahu is how to destabilise and depose the current government of Israel and reinstall himself as PM’s throne again. This is pathetic display of opportunistic narcissism, bordering on treason!

Ramadan Riots in Jerusalem

Police  in Jerusalem confronted Muslim rioters at the Damascus Gate at the entrance to the Old City on Tuesday night and arrested six Muslim suspects for throwing rocks and other objects at police forces. This was the fourth night that Muslims rioted at the site amid the Ramadan celebrations.

More anti-Israel Resolutions by UNESCO

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) adopted a resolution which stated that all Israeli procedures aiming to change the identity of the holy city of Jerusalem and its legal status quo are null and void. UNESCO's Executive Council unanimously adopted the resolution, which was put forward by Jordan in coordination with ‘Palestinians’ and Arab and Islamic groups. (There was not a single pro-Israel member in the Council!)

Iran Made more 60% Enriched Uranium

Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid held a briefing on Wednesday for 80 foreign ambassadors stationed in Israel, against the background of the wave of terrorism, the Iranian threat, and the remerging nuclear deal. During the meeting, Gantz disclosed that in the past year Iran had expanded its 60% enriched uranium stock from 10kg to 50kg. “There was no vacuum” in its nuclear program, he said. He added that if the Vienna negotiations fail to produce a deal to curb it, Plan B will become essential.

Germany will Purchase Israel’s Arrow 3

Germany obtained Israeli and US approval to purchase the Israeli Arrow-3 missile defense system. The authorization means Israel’s most advanced defense system may be sold to another country for the first time. Developed with the US, the Arrow missile defense system is capable of intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles in outer space, with a range of 2,400 km (1,490 miles). Germany will also buy 140 Heron TP armed drones from Israel.

Israeli-Arabs are Fake Palestinians

A prominent Arab-Israeli actor, Salim Daw, who rose to fame on Israeli television programs, including the international hit Fauda and the critically acclaimed Arab Work, said he does not consider himself an Israeli entertainer and identifies as a ‘Palestinian’. Despite studying acting at the storied Beit Zvi Hebrew-language acting school and earning his stripes in Israeli productions, Daw said he does not identify with the State of Israel. (It does not matter how much they benefit from the free democratic Israel - the hate is too deep and incurable. Only by removing the enemy population from all Jewish land, will Israel be free from this cancer!)

Quote of the Week:

“Any Arab who posts a comment supporting terrorism needs to be fired instantly, removed from college, and lose their driver’s license. Any Palestinian (living in the PA controlled areas) should lose their entry permit to Israel, along with their family.” - Avri Gilad, Israeli media personality - Why are enemies still allowed to work in Israel? Why are they still occupying Jewish land?

Enough with the 'Jewsplaining’

by Diane Bederman

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of ‘Jewsplaining’ - explaining my right to exist as a Jew, and now defending the right to have a Jewish state. There is an entire industry, aided and abetted by the main stream media, devoted to promoting the lie that Jews are not indigenous to the land of Israel.

No other people or country spends so much time explaining their rights (and apologising for their existence). When was the last time you heard Iran justify its existence?

The world is shocked because Russia is violating Ukraine’s borders. Has any country ever cared when Israel’s borders are violated?

Jews have been hated since time immemorial. Jews have been hated for (rejecting idols and) and refusing to convert to other religions - Catholicism, Christianity and Islam.

People always seem to need a scapegoat. There is often one in a family. In the world family, the Jews are the scapegoat. Blame the Jews for everything. Jews are a tiny group in the grand scheme of things. Nobody bullies a giant. There are 15 million Jews. And the Jew-haters think that we rule the world. People CHOOSE to hate the Jews!

All those ‘Jewish’ organizations that stand with Jew-haters want to be liked. No one taught them the importance of self-respect. Have we Jews not learned yet that appeasement breeds contempt? We gave away Gaza in “land for peace” (stupidity). What peace? Gaza has done nothing but launch missiles into Israel, and build terror tunnels in the hope of to murder more Jews in Israel. Why are non-Jews allowed to proselytize in Israel?

Enough! Accept the fact that we are hated for no particular reason and every reason (that Jew-haters may invent). Stop ‘Jewsplaining’. Stop trying to make people love us. Stop placating the haters by always showing them we are not bad people. Israel is the nation of the Jews. It has been the Jewish nation for 3500 years. (Become a proud and self-respectful Jew!)