Self-Restraint Prolongs the War.

by Prof. Paul Eidelberg

US Admiral Bull Halsey said, "Hit hard, hit fast, hit often." Rationality and responsibility are qualities quite foreign to those who shape Israel's policy toward its enemy, the Palestinian Authority. Their policy is "Hit softly, hit slowly, and hit seldom."

In Hebrew this policy is called havlaga - "self-restraint". This policy is motivated by fear of world opinion, perhaps also by the desire to display Israel's moral superiority vis-à-vis the cruelty of her Arab enemies. It is an utterly inane and immoral policy.

Havlaga prolongs the war. It therefore increases the number of Jewish as well as Arab casualties... Yet this has been the policy of Israeli prime ministers and their cohorts since the signing of the Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993. How demoralizing, how revolting! And yet, not a single party in the Knesset protests against this cowardly and self-destructive policy. Even the religious parties, which proclaim the principle of pikuach nefesh - "saving life"...

The Jewish people are known (even by their enemies) for their kindness and mercy, which is why Arabs store weapons in hospitals and schools, and shield themselves behind women and children. In time of war, however, "do not show [your enemy] any pity" (Deuteronomy 7:17), on which verse the Ramban comments: "Through the mercy of fools all justice is lost."

Justice, justice is what Israel stands for: justice has ever been the sacred cause of the Jewish people. Today, however, inasmuch as Israeli governments display no confidence in the justice of Israel's cause, is it any wonder that the Jew-haters of this world now question whether Israel has a right to exist, indeed, call for Israel's eradication?

Happy and Joyful Hanukkah!

May the courage and spirit of the Maccabees always remain with us!

Barak (Labor leader) expels Jews from Hevron, but has done nothing about rockets, which are still being fired from Gaza: Photos Video – See the self-hating government of traitors in action! International press is quiet about brutality and excessive force that was used against Jewish patriots! There is not condemnation from the United Nation! Rabies and community leaders are mute! What a shameful silence!

Hamas Rejected Israeli Offer to Renew Gaza Truce!

With the truce like this, who needs war.

Food for Thought: The Oslo Agreement was about giving people, who call themselves Palestinians, limited self-governing autonomy in exchange for cessation of terror. Terror has not ended, only escalated, but the push for the creation of an independent terror state proves again that our enemies and fake friends will never rest until the Jewish state is destroyed! - Steven Shamrak

Likud Primaries and Jewish Leadership Faction. Fifteen of the top 30 candidates chosen in Likud primaries were on a list recommended by Jewish Leadership faction head Moshe Feiglin. The faction recommended only those candidates who are opposing territorial concession in negotiations with the Arabs. (Will they be able or willing to promote and enforce original Likud ideological platform - Revisionist Zionism? Party members voted for the Change!)

Electric Car Venture Charge Stations in Israel. Electric car operator Better Place unveiled in Israel its first charging stations as part of a network it hopes will replace gasoline-powered engines worldwide. The $200-million venture-backed company is still in an early stage. About 10,000 charge spots will be installed in 2009 across Israel, and that will increase to 100,000 by 2010. (Just imagine what a “green” revolution it could be with the 13 billion dollars the US government is giving to the auto industry, which has deliberately sabotaged any alternative to petrol cars! The low oil price, alternative energy sources and electric cars will put a squeeze on financiers of Islamic terrorism.)

Must Israel Wait for Iranian A-bomb? Iran has tripled the number of long-range rockets since the start of 2008. There are more than 100 of the missiles, which are capable of hitting Israel with conventional or atomic warheads. (Iranian leadership have stated clearly and emphatically that they are going to use nuclear weapons against Israel. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has promised that Israel will soon be wiped off the map.)

Two Parties in One. Kadima head Tzipi Livni has decided to form a party ministerial forum parallel to the one led by PM Ehud Olmert every Sunday. The Kadima forum will meet every Thursday to decide what position to take on subjects being dealt with by the government.

Another Case of Islamic Mental Disorder. Syrian media outlets blame Israel and the Jewish world as responsible for world terror and for the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. (Didn’t the terrorists use lame excuse: “Defend the Muslims of India” to justify their hateful attack? They targeted Indians, but were actively seeking Jews, Americans, Brits…)

Self-praising Idiots. Labor deputy Ophir Pines-Paz said that defense minister Ehud Barak, leader of Labor party, showed ''leadership and determination'' by using force to evacuate the ''house of contention'' in Hebron.

Declaration of No Peace. Senior PA negotiator Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala) rejected coexistence with Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria last Monday (It is time for Israel to also reject coexistence with so-called Palestinians in Israel!). Next day, the PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in a speech given in Mecca said that there will be no agreement with Israel without the release of all 11,000 terrorists currently imprisoned in Israeli jails. As well as: “We talk about various 'core issues' such as Jerusalem, the refugees, borders, settlements and more.” (“More” means “NO Israel”. The message is clear!)

Quote of the Week: "Even if Israel shrunk to one downtown city block in Tel Aviv, the Arab and Muslim world would still not recognize a Jewish state." - Victor Sharpe, a freelance writer.

Selling Out Israel, Bit by Bit. The Amidar Company sold a Haifa synagogue and all its contents to an Arab. Amidar, which was established in 1949, a year after the inception of the Jewish State, is owned by the Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund, and the Israeli government. (Arabs face the death penalty if they sell property to a Jew. What must be done to the management of the Jewish Agency and the leadership of the Israeli government? Think about it before making a donation next time!)

Muslim Israeli Citizens. The Central Bureau of Statistics announced that the population of Muslim Israeli citizens stood at 2.160 million as of the end of 2007. (So, why is the presence of 250,000 Jews in Judea and Samaria a problem? Why does the Two-State solution not include population exchange: “All for all”? Why must only Jews be deported?)

Admission of Impotence. The secretary general of NATO, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, said the organization does not have a mandate to deal with the Iranian nuclear situation. He added that NATO does not have a mandate to get involved in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process either. (An Iranian A-bomb is a threat to Europe as much as to Israel. Israel would have resolved the conflict with Arabs a long time ago if ‘friends’ did not hinder!)

In Absence of Clear Objective. The ranks of young men and women volunteering for national public service (Sherut Leumi) as an alternative to the army has risen to 11,000. There has been a seven percent rise in the number of volunteers in the past year. It is estimated an additional growth of five-to-ten percent in the coming year. (…when political corruption fosters public apathy, young people do not know what they are supposed to defend!)


Brotherly Love. Egypt has reportedly warned the Hamas that it will not allow an ''Islamic emirate'' to be formed in Gaza. The foreign affairs commission in parliament reportedly warned: ''Egypt will not tolerate an Islamic state on its eastern border.'' (If only the Israeli government would show the same intolerance toward the enemy!)

Another ‘Decisive’ Cop-Out. Likud head Binyamin Netanyahu that he would create a unity government if Likud wins the national elections. “Our way of doing things combines decisiveness on defense and diplomatic pragmatism.” (Wars have never been won decisively by a defensive strategy only! It is time for Netanyahu to wake up and learn the lesson of his own weakness!)

Treachery and Tyranny in Hebron.

by Fundamentally Freund

Israel's government today sent the security forces into Beit Shalom in Hebron and forcibly evicted its residents, despite overwhelming evidence that the building was legally purchased from its previous Arab owner.

In a shocking display of ruthlessness, the government has trampled on the property rights of the Jewish owners, tossing to the wind one of the foundations of democracy and civil society.

Make no mistake - this travesty was carried out for purely political motives. The Labor party and Kadima are both sagging in the polls, and fear that parties such as Meretz will steal their thunder and their votes....