Self-Hating Jewish Left is Enemy Within!


A report issued by the Zionist group Im Tirtzu highlights the activity of what it calls perceived “leftist” or “human rights” groups that are “extensively funded by foreign governments and operating from within against Israeli society, against IDF soldiers, and against Israel’s ability to defend itself in the war on terror.”

The report is titled “Shtulim 2015,” a reference to the foreign bodies “planting” representatives in Israeli organizations. Among the organizations labeled as “plants” by Im Tirtzu are Breaking the Silence, which publicizes former IDF soldiers’ criticisms of the Israeli military; B’Tselem, a human rights organization that focuses on the rights of Palestinians; Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel; and Yesh Din, a volunteer organization working to defend the human rights of the Palestinian civilian population...

Of the 20 Israeli organizations named in the report, 15 are directly supported by New Israel Fund. Four of the organizations have legally defended terrorists or families of terrorists, and some of them even terrorists who participated in the ongoing surge of Palestinian violence. Four of the organizations employ 15 national service volunteers under the auspices of the Israeli government...

Are Israeli NGOs Unofficial Traitors?

The Justice Ministry NGO Registrar on Thursday published the official document detailing the 27 NGOs and Associations which would be compelled to mention in all their official literature that the bulk of their funding comes from foreign countries.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Jew-haters love to call Arabs and Muslims who left the remaining part of Palestine Mandate during the War of Independence, as “refugees” – there were less than 500,000 of them. Anti-Semitic propaganda inflated their number – doubled or tripled it! Jew-haters and self-hating Jews have conveniently forgotten that those ‘refugees’ left following orders from their leaders – to make killing of Jews for advancing armies of 7 Muslim countries easier! International anti-Semites in the United Nation count all their descendants also as refugees, something that is not done for any other group of refugees. At the same time, Jew-haters do not want to know about 850,000 Jews who had to leave Muslim countries due to Muslim pogroms!


Lieberman - who many have cast as a hardliner, but who has vowed to be "pragmatic" since coalition talks with the prime minister began his work with saying: "When there is a conflict between the values of the unity of the nation or the wholeness of the land, the unity of the nation comes first." (One does not exclude another - There can’t be unity of the Jewish nation without Jewish land! Lieberman has never been a true Zionist – he supports a two-state solution.)

Is It Time to Worry?

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas responded for the first time to the appointment of Avigdor Liberman as Israel’s Defense Minister and stated that he does not judge people based on their party affiliation nor even what they say (since when?), but only based on their action to promote peace – by which Abbas means creating another Arab state on Jewish land! (When an enemy is soft on ‘the hardliner’, it is time to worry!)

Insanity of anti-Israel Bigotry

Sixteen organizations from American, Asian, and European countries are demanding that Israel make it possible for BDS movement founder to travel around the world to sabotage Israeli commercial and national interests. But rather than addressing Israel’s foreign ministry (which is currently headed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu), these NGOs sent their protest to the foreign ministers of 14 countries and international organizations

The Same Two State Stupidity and Treachery!

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Israel is "willing to negotiate with the Arab states with revisions to their 2002 peace initiative so that it reflects the dramatic changes in the region" since it was presented. He said it would include the "goal of two states for two peoples." Lieberman said he agreed with Netanyahu that there are some "very positive" elements in the Arab initiative that could make for a "serious dialogue with all the neighbours in the region." (Lieberman is not a “hardliner” – just another ‘political prostitute’. Likud supposed to be the Zionist party!)


Hamas terror organization is morphing into a Da’esh (ISIS)-like justice system as its governing body tightens its control over the population and its own fighters as well. Three Gazans were executed after being convicted of murder in a Hamas military court SAME DAY. (Nobody even cares!)

Quote of the Week:

“And you shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you… but if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then those whom you allow to remain will be like thorns in your eyes and thistles in your sides and will torment you in the land in which you dwell” - The Torah, (Numbers 33.52.55) – Fake Palestinians were not there “before” Jews; most of them came to Eretz-Israel after modern Zionists started returning to the Promised Land. But this G-d given rule should be applied to them, now we see the result of not doing so! If you are a Jew, Christian or even Muslim shouldn’t you know and respect this?

Mentality of Former anti-Semitic Masters.

by Steven Shamrak.

The following communication reveals the deep-seated hatred of ‘the master’ toward the former ‘slaves’. This attitude and twisted mentality toward Israel and Jews can be easily observed in the behavior of the French, Russians, Turks… and even some Americans, particularly the one in the White House.

These former rulers of the Jewish people appear unable to accept Jews as equals; thus they are incapable of taking an objective view on the Arab-Israel conflict and allowing Israel a free hand in dealing with her enemies. They are not willing to accept Jews, nor are they able to accept Israel as a free and independent nation. They have been doing everything possible to sabotage and minimize our successes both before and since Israel declared her independence.

Unfortunately, many Jews still are not ready to be free. We must stop bowing down to those self-centered, egotistical, puffed-up idiots who still think that they are the rulers of the world. We have no choice but to truly accept our freedom which is long overdue! We have to start doing what is right for Jews first - right now!

A while ago I received an email from a Turkish man, who is on my mailing list. His correspondence started with a semi-polite assertion, saying that Israel’s aggression is the cause of Arab antagonism and terror. The following is an extract of the communication after my initial reply:

My Turkish ‘Friend’: Mr. Shamrak, all I can say is you are impossible man (because I stood up to his initial non-factual, anti-Israel conjectures), now I can understand why you will never have peace on Middle East… I am proud of who I am and what I am. We are the conquerors (Turks), now somebody else is turn (it goes around). USA will go down sooner or later...

My Reply: You wrote: "I am proud of who I am and what I am." - But, Jews must not?

My Turkish ‘Friend’: Yes, I am proud, because we were never slaved to any nation, can you say the same thing? Just look at yourself in the mirror you will see the white wash.

My Reply: You wrote:  "we were never enslaved" – You still are enslaving millions of Armenians and Kurds. You still deny the genocide of the Armenians in 1915.  You are not only denying freedom to the Kurds in Turkey, but have invaded Northern Iraq and are killing them over there (I did not want to go into the details before and embarrass him), so do not preach morality to anyone, and in particular to the Jews!”

My Turkish ‘Friend’: People like you deserve what Hitler did. And now I understand why he did. Who knows maybe it was a mistake saving you Jews from Spanish torture and killing. You have no morality. (As you can see, when a Jews stands up to a Jew-haters they are promptly bring regret that Nazi were not successful in exterminating Jews. FYI: Most countries of the world were actively or passively assisting and, since the end of WWII, have been hoping that Arabs finish the job! Otherwise, how would you explain that over 60% of all UN resolutions are anti-Israel ones?)

”My Reply: “I guess, this is an 'apology' for the genocide of up to 1.5 million of Armenians.  The genocide that opened the door to the Holocaust!  If you want to see the face of evil, please, look in the mirror at any time.” (I received no more messages from him.)