Self-Hating Infestation Must be Eradicated.

Two of three potential Israeli Supreme Court nominees are candidates of the Left. The controversial choices have been a cause for surprise because the national camp recently won a majority on the Judicial Selection Committee. Currently the selections have been frozen as the Committee has failed to reach a compromise with Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, who is refusing to accept the single pro-Zionist candidate. (During the long reign of the Labor government, Israel’s bureaucracy has been heavily infused by ideologically loyal to Labor, corrupt and unscrupulous people. They have been placed in key government positions in most ministries, the army and universities! An extensive and thorough clean up is required to remove the Galut, Jewish slave mentality, from all political and educational layers of Israeli society. The Jewish national camp needs a strong and uncompromising political will to achieve this!)

A prominent Israeli academic called to boycott Israel economically, culturally and politically. Dr. Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University in Be’er Sheva, a veteran ‘peace’ activist – self-hating Jew, said that “apartheid state” is the most accurate way to describe Israel today. (The Jewish intellectuals are mentally challenged, self-hating idiots. They never display such a vigour and passion when demonstrating against Islamic terror, support of it by most Muslim countries, and anti-Semitic pressure from the Western hypocrisies!)

Israel Suspended Press Credentials. Israel's interior minister Ellie Yishai suspended the press credentials of Swedish correspondents working in Israel after the Swedish government refused to condemn an Aftonbladet article accusing Israel's military of stealing organs from dead Palestinians.

Hamas resumed rocket fire on Israel the morning of the Sabbath. 234 rockets and mortars have hit Israel this year from Gaza.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Time is long overdue to introduce strict journalistic licensing in Israel and to remove anti-Jewish lying bigots from Israel. The bastards must be kept honest! It is not a restriction of freedom of speech but a silencing the anti-Semitic bigots. Israel is losing the Media war badly!

Need to Keep the Bastards Honest. The International Federation of Journalists has expelled the Israeli branch after refusing to allow it to pay the same reduced amount of dues levied on neighbouring countries. The action by the international body is the culmination of a long-standing anti-Israeli bias. (Jew-haters are not so brisk in their protests against restrictions of freedom of speech, imprisonment and even killings of journalists in Muslim countries.)

Peace Plan Just Ink and Paper. Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Sami Abi Zohari, said that Fayyad’s plan for a de-facto Palestinian state within two years has no value and nothing remains from it except for its ink and paper. He added that the document is illegal since the Ramallah regime is “illegal”.

International Watch-Dog Protects Iranian Nukes. In a letter submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), 118 nations endorsed Iran's plan to submit a resolution at next month’s IAEA meeting, banning attacks on nuclear facilities. The move is clearly directed against Israel. (Isn’t it disgusting that so often international duplicity has been supporting the terror state which has clearly declared its intention to destroy Israel!) US, Israel and four other governments are urgently discussing the release of intelligence that Iran is running covert military nuclear projects parallel to its civilian program after Mohammed ElBaradei, director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, withheld this data from his last report.

Some Lebanese Villagers Want Live in Peace. Video acquired by IDF shows residents of Lebanese village Kfar Manisim, which is only a kilometre from Israel,  standing in front of a Hizbullah jeep which was carrying weapons and chasing it away. (The Lebanese government in violation of the UN Resolution 1701 has allowed Hizbullah to rearm and operate freely through the country. No condemnations or US pressure!)

Traitors Must Leave Government. Defense Minister Ehud Barak promised Labor faction chairman Daniel Ben-Simon to begin removing 23 unauthorized outposts in the West Bank within "upcoming weeks." These undermining statements were made just one day before Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was set to meet with US envoy George Mitchell in London on the settlements issue. (This self-hating backstabber must be put to shame and removed from the government!)

Quote of the Week: “If Israel is such an oppressive, racist and apartheid state, then it would be logical to assume that the Arabs should be eagerly lining up to emigrate to any of the 21 nations of the Arab League where they would presumably have more freedoms and civil liberties. But they are not.”- Israel Zwick, psychologist.

Islamists are Disrespectful to Ramadan. At least 21 people were killed and 27 wounded in a suicide bombing on Thursday in Pakistan, near its border with Afghanistan. The victims were security personnel gathering for a meal to end the daily fast during the Muslim month of Ramadan. (No condemnation from the Muslim world! What would happened if it had been done by America or Israel?)

One of Many ‘Impartial’ Mediators. Israel must take steps to show that it wants a resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, said Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. (What steps toward peace has the PA made?)

Jewish Economic Marvel. According to the Finance Ministry, Israel is recovering from the recession even faster than the U.S. and most EU countries. Israel was one of the world's first economies to cut interest rates when the world financial crisis reared its head last year and it became the first developed nation to subsequently increase its lending rate. (Israel has just one significant resource – human brain power – and, in spite of international hostility and Islamic terror, is using it well!)

Gaza Report Written by PA. The latest United Nations anti-Israel report was written solely "to appease the Arab-controlled Human Rights Council," said Aharon Leshno Yaar, Israel's ambassador to the UN in Geneva. The report was "written by Palestinians in Ramallah" and "screened by PA lawyers in Geneva in order to satisfy PA diplomats on the Human Rights Council." It is "totally biased" and based on unsubstantiated information, he said. "It ignores the facts and the Israeli positions." (Useless Nothing at its ‘best’ again.)

Hypocricy of the Headlines. “IDF Kills Arabs to Trade their Organs” - The Aftonbladet, one of Sweden’s most popular tabloid  - There is no limit to anti-Semitic ugliness! Stupid or/and anti-Semitic readers in Sweden didn’t even bother to question the medical practicality and validity of this absurd claim! They definitely have not protested against this gross anti-Israel malice!

Stupidity of Appeasement. The IDF has issued an order to all soldiers serving at checkpoints in Judea, Samaria and of the Temple Mount forbidding them from eating, drinking or smoking in view of Arabs during the Muslim month of Ramadan. (Do Arabs stop eating during Yom Kippur? What is next – converting Jewish soldiers to Islam for the duration of Ramadan?)

Where Do They Get Their Degree from? The Jewish people have no connection to the Western Wall, said Shamekh Alawneh, a modern history professor at Al-Quds (see below) Open University, in a television interview. He insisted that Jews invented the connection to the Western Wall for the “political purpose of convincing European Jews and Zionists to come to Palestine." (This kind of blunt anti-Israel propaganda is against the Oslo accord. It seems that only Israel must follow the rules of this worthless agreement.)

Quote of the Week: “The Arabic name for Jerusalem is "el-KuDS" (or Al-Quds), which is abbreviation for another Arabic name used for Jerusalem until the last century, "bet el-maKDeS".  Under the Arab rule, in the 10th century Jerusalem was always called "bet el maKDeS". The name "BeT el-MaKDeS" is a translation of the Aramaic and Hebrew "BeiT ha-MiKDaSH", which means Temple.  But Islam has no Temple, only the Jews did.” - by Rabbi Joseph Katz.

Likud is not Kadima!

There is Growing rebellion in the Likud party against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reported concessions to US President Barak Obama, opposing Netanyahu’s freeze on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria.

One of the leaders of the rebellion, Likud MK Danny Danon, says there is no way that the Likud should be implementing opposition party Kadima’s platform (which has failed so many times). “We must keep our promise to our voters to build in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria,” said Danon. “The Prime Minister knows very well that there is no real partner for peace with the Palestinians.”