Selective Listening of Europeans

“Boycott is a very tough word. To boycott means to completely block cooperation and trade between countries. We are not speaking about such a boycott,” said Martin Schulz, president of the European parliament, after receiving an honorary doctorate (bribe) at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Although, he acknowledged that there is a debate in Europe about issuing consumer ‘guidelines’ to inform consumers about products that are produced by Jewish companies in Judea and Samaria!

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said Schulz must apologize for lying during his speech in the Knesset. "Did he forget that we expelled 8,000 Jews from Gaza? …Did he forget that (Gazans) shoot thousands of missiles at us?”

Europeans jump to criticize Israel without checking facts, said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after European Parliament President Martin Schulz cited inaccurate reports about Palestinian water usage in his address to the Knesset.

The Prime Minister said that Schulz “suffers from the same selective listening as many Europeans” in repeating a Palestinian claims... “Schulz admitted that he didn’t check if what he said was true, but he still blamed us. People accept any attack on Israel without checking it. They plug their ears,” Netanyahu said. (Did Schulz publicly apologize for his “selective listening” and using the Knesset platform, the highest honor given him by the Jewish state, to lie and abuse Israel? Or, as all anti-Semites, he thinks that it is beneath him to apologize to Jews!)

US is Holding Israel’s Hands

Iran’s leaders celebrated the 35th anniversary of their Islamic revolution Tuesday, Feb.11, with a torrent of hate rhetoric and threats surpassing even the crudely belligerent language used by former President Ahmadinejad. While a mob burned US and Israeli flags and stamped on placards depicting Obama, Khamenei called for Israel’s extermination as a “cancerous growth” in the Middle East fit only to be “eradicated.”  Yet Barack Obama opted not to react and demanded that Prime Minister Netanyahu follow suit. (Obama is conducting humiliating policies in the Middle East and denies Israel the right of self-defense!)

Policy of Defeat: Another US “Flip Flop”

The second round of the Geneva II conference on the Syrian conflict opened on Monday, Feb. 10 - this time with a seat at the table for the Iranian delegation provided by Washington. Last time the US banned Iranian participation. This is another major Obama administration concession to Tehran. For the first time, Iranian delegates took their seats around an international conference table alongside the major powers.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Whenever foreign dignitaries come to Israel, most of them publicly embarrass Israel and teach Jews, not Arabs, about importance of peace, even when they address the Knesset, disregarding international diplomatic etiquette. From now on, when a Prime Minister of Israel makes his overseas visits he should also use an opportunity and publicly remind those bigots how they had disallowed Jews to escape Europe before WW2; how they did nothing to stop the Holocaust; how their citizens and governments had happily joined Nazis in the genocide of Jews, even while being occupied themselves; how they have been helping Nazi war criminals to escape justice after the war and how they are still keeping and benefiting from Jewish assets. Those criminals still have no intention to genuinely ask the Jewish people for forgiveness!

That How Peace with Arabs Looks Like

Rachel's Tomb, the Jewish matriarch from the Torah, was hit by 200 terror attacks around 200 times in 2013. Massive Arab mobs frequently hurl explosives at visitors, police and soldiers at the site - 119 explosives being thrown in the course of 78 of the incidents. The 1993 Oslo Accords guaranteed Jews prayer access to the site.

Attacks on Kerry Are Unacceptable?

The State Department once again took Israel to task for criticizing Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to achieve (fake) peace. “Any rhetoric that is inaccurate and critical as this is unhelpful. These kinds of attacks are unacceptable. They not only distort his record but they distract from the key issues at hand,” said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. (But attacks by so-called friends on Israel foreign Minister, Lieberman, and other Jewish national figures, as well as the unjustifiable pressure Israel has been subjected since the proclamation of independence are OK?)

PA Exposed Livni’s Lies

“I told minister Livni in Munich recently that we won’t change our history, culture and religion,” Erekat, head of the PA negotiating team, said. “We are not going to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.” The announcement came in response to statements attributed to Justice Minister Tzipi Livni to the effect that the PA is ready to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. But Erekat told the Voice of Palestine radio station that the Palestinians would not recognize Israel as a Jewish state. (Livni, following her idiotic political agenda of national betrayal, is deliberately lying to Jews of Israel about the intention of the enemy!)

The Israeli-Made Sochi Security System

An Israeli company, NICE Systems, deployed a network of security platforms at the Sochi Olympic Games, a real-time “integration system platform” that takes points of data - video images, radio communications, phone calls, access control alarms - and blends it all into a single operating system that interacts with all of that.

It's Ok to Hits Back at and Ignore US

After US Secretary of State John Kerry expresses disapproval of French business delegation to Iran, French FM Laurent Fabius denies that trip is 'business as usual'. The French delegation is the latest in a string of foreign trade missions to beat a path to Tehran since the November deal. Late last month, a large delegation visited from fellow NATO member Turkey, headed by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (Any country is entitled to have its own foreign policy and has the right to rebuke ‘suggestions’ made even by the United states, as long as it is not Israel!)

Liberman is a Political Prostitute

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, who lives in the Judean community of Nokdim, said that he would be willing to be evicted from his home as part of a peace deal that would establish a state of “Palestine” alongside Israel.

Israel Must Do What Enemies are Expecting

Official Iranian state-run media has released several false reports in recent days using fabricated quotes purportedly from an Israeli minister vowing to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Iran’s Fars TV website quoted another state-run Iranian media outlet, Al-Alam, as reporting that, “Ariel called on Friday for the construction of what he claimed as ‘the Third Temple’ to replace the holy site (Al Aqsa Mosque).” The next day, Iran’s Press TV reported, “Saudi Arabia is supporting the Israeli regime in its plan to replace the holy al-Aqsa Mosque with a temple.”

Gutless Governments are Shame of Israel!

The government decided that it would pay $20 million to the families of nine Turks killed on the Mavi Maramara in 2010, who were members of Islamist groups that supported Hamas. They were killed after they attacked IDF soldiers who boarded the Marmara, in accordance with international maritime law. (When will Israeli politicians learn self-respect? Israel does not need fake normalization of ties with the Islamic state of Turkey.)

War on Terror: Terrorists Do a Good Job Themselves

At least 22 Iraqi terrorists died during a training exercise after a commander instructing would-be suicide bombers accidentally detonated himself. (All suicide bombers should practice with real bombs first.)

Quotes of the Week:

"UNRWA is perpetuating the notion that the descendants of refugees are themselves refugees, and it is based on this principle that the Palestinians are demanding the right of return, something that will not happen in any future agreement. The main point is that UNRWA is entirely supported by Western countries whose official policy is to aim for a two-state solution..." - Einat Wilf, former Israeli Labor MK - Even some Avoda (Labor) apparatchiks have realized the idiocy of the existence of UNRWA and fallacy of the two-state solution.

Iranian Evil Remains the Same

Iran’s leaders celebrated the 35th anniversary of their Islamic revolution Tuesday, Feb.11, with a torrent of hate rhetoric and threats surpassing even the crudely belligerent language used by former President Ahmadinejad.

A common theme of their speeches to the masses was threats to the United States and Israel of defeat and annihilation at the hands of the invincible Iranian army, following the first deployment of Iranian warships - the helicopter carrier Khark and Sabalan guided missile destroyer - near America’s Atlantic shores.

As his audience burned US and Israeli flags and stamped on placards depicting President Obama, President Hassan Rouhani intoned: “I say to those delusional people who say the military option is on the table that they should change their eye glasses.” His meaning was clear to his mass audience: Iran no longer faces any military threats, either from the United States or Israel.

The Iranian officer pressed on to suggest “the Americans” were cowards, who “cannot hide themselves in the sea since the entire Middle East region, Western Europe, the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Oman and the Straits of Hormuz are monitored by us!”

After Iran’s military test-fired two long-range missiles Monday - one with radar-evading capabilities; the other laser-guided for firing from the ground or the air - Defense Minister Gen. Hossein Dehqan crowed that Iran now had missiles with multiple warheads able to penetrate the anti-missile defenses of the enemy (America and Israel).

Many of the insiders in President Barack Obama’s circle preferred to dismiss these menacing speeches as no more than whistling in the dark by men frightened of their own shadows.

At the same time, the White House and State Department hastened to appeal to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to ignore the Iranian belligerent rhetoric and keep his ministers quiet too. (All the recent US international initiatives have failed grossly. Instead of admitting it and changing direction, Obama is continuously pressuring Israel to compromise its national security!)

Iran: Nuclear Detonators are for Civilian Applications?

Iran agreed to clarify to the UN atomic agency its need for detonators used in nuclear devices. The IAEA believes they form "an integral part of a programme to develop an implosion type nuclear device.” Iran told the agency in 2008 that it had developed EBWs for "civilian and conventional military applications". (It is like saying that you need a telescope to look at a photograph of your family!)