See NO Jihad, Hear NO Jihad, Speak NO Jihad!

Is the U.S. government still serious about protecting Americans (world) from the extreme violence of Islamofascism – or isn't it?

* The Department of Homeland Security, created to defend the nation after the Sept. 11 Islamic terror attacks, has dramatically shifted its focus, earlier this year advising police nationwide to watch out for "right-wing extremists"...

* The U.S. Army ignored a mountain of absurdly obvious warning signs that Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan had been brainwashed – yet it did absolutely nothing to avert the Fort Hood massacre of dozens of American soldiers.

* Why do the media concoct the most moronic explanations for terrorism – such as Time magazine blaming post traumatic stress disorder for Hasan's Fort Hood rampage (even though he was never deployed in a war zone) or the Associated Press's revelation that the shooter was "lonely"? Or why did the press advance six different theories to explain the terror reign of Beltway sniper John Muhammad, but not one mentioned jihad as a possible motive?

* Five Gitmo terrorists – the worst of the worst, including confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in civilian court in New York City, offering these mega-terrorists the worldwide stage they crave from which to spread their ideology...

* Dozens of Islamic terror training camps are operating right under the nose of law enforcement, not in some far-off land, but all across the USA!

* Why do you suppose, whenever there's a terror attack on American soil, the FBI always announces immediately – before it could possibly know – that the massacre is not terror-related?

* Why does President Obama take every opportunity to criticize America and fawn over Islam – even calling America "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world"?

* Why does Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano oppose referring to Hamas as a terrorist organization?

Regular Americans understand the Islamofascist war that's been declared on America. The government and media either don't – or won't. What's going on here? Does the government really care about national security anymore? (Suicide bomber who attacked CIA post in Afghanistan was trusted informant from JordanIt is time to end the stupidity of political correctness, pretence and appeasement of enemies. We must clearly identify our enemies and start a real war against global Islamic terror!)

Jews are still Used as Deflectors of Public Opinion. The United States pledged to be ''even more committed this year'' to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, warning that any further delay would only hurt the interests of all parties involved. ''We know that the Palestinians deserve a state to fulfil their aspirations So we're going to be even more committed this year'' Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said. (While the Obama administration is failing on all fronts and breaking most of its election promises, it has resorted to the traditional method of deflection of public opinion – Jews! Personally I do not know how “the Palestinians deserve a state to fulfil their aspirations”. Could Mrs Clinton explain? We only know that they committed acts of terrorism and made fake land claims.)

White House Fed Up with Israel and PA. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel has told Israeli officials that the US government is fed up with both Israel and the PA. “Were tired of you Israelis adopting ideas too late, and we also are tired of the Palestinians always missing opportunities for peace.” (If this is so, allow Israel to resolve the conflict?)

Israel’s Fifth Column. Three Arab employees of Israeli institutions revealed that they use their positions to slam and undermine Israel.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel must stop responding to international criticism and accusation and do what is right for Israel and Jewish people. This technique works: Barack Obama has been successfully ignoring demands to prove that he is “a natural born citizen” – Why is it so difficult to produce the birth certificate? - Now almost nobody cares if he is a legitimate president of the United States!

It is Time to Make it Clear. The Israel Beitenou party has introduced a draft law requiring Knesset deputies to swear allegiance to a ''Jewish, Zionist and democratic'' state of Israel. Deputies refusing to swear allegiance will not be able to do their jobs. The law is specifically meant to target Arab deputies.

Where is International Outcry? Clashes broke out last week in the Egyptian port of El Arish between security forces and pro-Palestinian activists in the Viva Palestina convoy led by British deputy George Galloway. More than 50 people were injured.

Death Threat Is Shabak Fabrication. Chairman of the National Union party, MK Yacov Katz, says that the letter threatening the life of Defense Minister Ehud Barak is a fake engineered by the Israeli Secret Service and meant to weaken the national camp. "The extreme left is terminally ill with nothing left inside. They are fighting us in every way possible,"

Jewish Heritage of ‘Palestinians’? Jordan and the PA have asked Canada to seize Israel's 2,000-year-old Dead Sea scrolls, currently on display in Toronto. The PA acknowledges that the scrolls are Jewish, but claims that they are "also part of Palestinian heritage just as ancient Roman and Byzantine ruins comprise part of their history." (Wasn’t the existence of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem recently denied by ‘educated’ Arabs?)

Quote of the Week: "The PLO did not represent a state and was no political authority. Most leaders of the PLO were from the elsewhere in the region, Arafat for example was an Egyptian, Faizal Husseini (Arafat's chief assistant) was from Iraq. The biggest mistake, therefore, has been that these people were recognized as representatives of the local Arab population... There are many Muslim leaders in Rome who have fled the extremist situation in their home countries. Therefore they consider the threat they faced in those countries as the same as threat that Israel is now undergoing." - Professor Sheikh Adbul Hadi Palazzi, an Italian Muslim leader.

Political Stupidity in IDF Must End. Leftist activist Edna Canetti has used her presence on Channel 2’s Big Brother program to make political comments and attack the IDF's policy in Judea and Samaria. Now it turns out that the Defense Ministry has invited her to speak to disabled IDF veterans and share her views with them. (The IDF have been systematically hindering propagation of Zionist ideals in the army. Soldiers must know what they fight for!)

Know the Enemies and Their Cronies. During U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s first year in office, some of the heftiest contributions to her husband’s charitable foundation came from royal families of Arab nations. (Foreign contributions corrupt politicians and have an adverse influence on US policy. Shouldn’t they be forbidden?)

Do International anti-Semites Care about Western Sahara? After the King of Morocco announced a countrywide regional re-organizing program that includes the Western Sahara region, the Algerian Assembly, Abdelazziz Ziari has accused the Alouite kingdom of acting like a colonial power: ''The Western Sahara is about colonization.'' He compared Morocco's actions in the large desert area populated by Sahraouis, an area that Algeria wants for itself, to former colonial activity by France in North Africa.

Recycling Islamic Terror. According to The Times of London, 12 former prisoners at Guantanamo have joined the ranks of Al Qaida in Yemen.

Jewish Craze has NO Limit. A small group of ultra-Orthodox Jews flew from New York to Egypt on Friday to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath in Gaza, in an unlikely show of support for Hamas. The four members of the Neturei Karta sect, vehemently opposed to Israel's existence, were an unusual sight in Gaza.

Hypocricy of the Headlines.

“Five Americans Arrested in Pakistan Planned to Attack U.S.” - and LA TimesThe fact that all of the so-called “Americans” are Muslims was well concealed in convoluted articles by both ‘reputable’ publications. No wonder that after 8 years of the War Against Terror the US has no hope of winning it - The first rule of war “Know your Enemy” is long forgotten!

War Among Arabs. US president Barack Obama finally brought himself to accuse al Qaeda in Yemen of the failed attempt to blow up a US airliner Saturday, Jan. 2. The plot was writ large five months ago when an al Qaeda assassin using explosives hidden in his underwear failed to murder the Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, chief the Saudi campaign in Yemen. (They hate each other, Shiites and Sunnis, a lot. But there is no difference between them in what they are prepared and willing to do to satisfy their hate toward the West.)

It is Time to Start Representing Israel. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman opted to conclude last week's conference of Israeli ambassadors at the Foreign Ministry by chastising the 150 or so diplomats: ''I have seen that some ambassadors identify themselves with the other side to such an extent that they are all the time trying to justify and explain the position of the other side.''

Non-Jewish Walls Can’t be Criticised? The Egyptian minister of legal affairs, Mofid Shehab, has accused Al Jazeera TV of seeking ''to provoke a civil war'' there by broadcasting images of the metal barrier being built at the Rafah crossing with Gaza. He accused the Qatari TV of ''working against the Egyptian government to begin a civil war and inflame the Egyptian and Arab street.'' (Why is it OK to inflame Jewish “streets” only?)

Another Jewish Miracle. Israel's economy grew in 2009, against all expectations, and in contrast to other developed economies in the world. Israel's gross domestic product (GDP) grew 0.5%, in contrast to an OECD average of negative 3.5%.

International Facilitation of Terror. The Islamic Hamas government of Gaza has declared a budget of $540 million for 2010. Only $60 million comes from taxes raised (including a tax on tunnels), while the rest comes from ''assistance from outside.''

Forget about Cooperation for Peace. The Palestinian Authority has refused an Israeli request to arrest one of the murderers of Rabbi Meir Chai a few weeks before the attack that took the rabbi's life. The Shabak Israel Security Agency made the request after it received information that 36-year-old Anan Subuh of Shechem had returned to terror despite the terms of his amnesty.