Scientific Approach to Arab-Israel Conflict.

by Steve Shamrak.

For centuries, with the exception of the Dark Ages, scientists and the intellectual elite have been considered as a vanguard of humanity. They are a leading force not just of technical or medical advance, but have greatly influenced and contributed to the political and social fabric of the society. All of this is achieved by dedication of their lives to their chosen fields, usually with no or little personal involvement in politics.

The recent phenomenon whereby celebrities such as Hollywood stars, between drug rehabilitation clinics and plastic surgery, express their unqualified views about anything, particularly politics, and influencing public opinion using their celebrity status has become contagious. Unfortunately this trend is spreading and seriously affecting Israeli scientists and intellectuals who are craving for acceptance and recognition by the wider fatuous politically correct and generally anti-Semitic international audience. As a result many of them, although some are quite brilliant in their chosen fields of expertise, have joined the Israel-bashing choir, blaming Israel for not doing enough for the peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Strangely, as scientists, many of them do not consider that factual knowledge and understanding of the history and dynamic of the conflict is essential in order to take an educated and qualified position...

It is alarming to see how many Jewish academics and organisations in Israel and around the world have taken an anti-Israel position. Some 530 people signed a statement that reads: "We Israeli Jews and Jews from Other Countries Support the Rights of Palestinian Refugees." Support is unconditional! They complete disregard the historical facts and the existential demographic threat to Israel…

One would expect that distinguished Jewish psychologists would be interested in studying what the long term developmental and psychological effects the Quassam rocket attacks from Gaza are having on the children of Sderot. But he is not! Another scientific study is long overdue: Why are so many Jews in Israel and overseas actively defending the enemies of the Jewish state and their bogus claims instead of supporting the Jewish right to the land of their ancestors and the right of Israel as an independent country to exist in security and peace?..

Israel has exhausted all other options, except self-destruction, which is not an option! The fact that during the recent break through of the Egyptian border over half of Gaza’s residents easily crossed the border with Egypt is ultimate proof that the Sinai option is a practical and viable way to start the process of ending the occupation of Jewish land! <More>

Mahmoud Abbas' official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper has honoured the killer of the eight high school students gunned down this week with the status of Shahid - Holy Islamic Martyr. According to the PA interpretation of Islam, there is no higher status that a human being can achieve today than that of Shahid.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel was not ‘occupying’ Gaza when hundreds of rockets were launched from it for several years - Gaza is Jewish land occupied by enemies. Israel is not responsible for the lives of ‘civilians’ - they are being used as a human shield by the enemy and most of them have happily martyred themselves in Jihad, holy war, to secure a place in heaven for themselves and their family!

Stop Playing with Land of Israel. Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, the head of Merkaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva, eulogized the slain students on Friday, saying that "it is about time we have a good, worthy leadership." "The Land of Israel is not abandoned, and people must stop playing with it and dividing it."

Hama’s Game with Crime Against Humanity. After attack Hamas admits responsibility for the shooting of eight Jewish students in Jerusalem. Later, Ibrahim Daher, head of Hamas’ al-Aqsa radio, said his station put out an earlier claim of responsibility prematurely. Abu Obeida, a spokesman for Hamas’ said "There may be a later announcement ... But we don't claim this honour yet." (This deliberate and premeditated attack on civilians is a crime against humanity, as the use of civilians as a human shield. That is why Hamas backtracked on its claim of responsibility for the Jerusalem attack!)

Is It OK to expel Gazans? Defense Minister Ehud Barak is seeking legal approval to evacuate thousands of residents of Gaza City and rocket launch areas in northern Gaza to locations in the south of the Strip to enable the IDF to attack terror infrastructure without harming civilians. If Israeli Jews could be legally expelled from their homes in Gaza, and their communities destroyed, why not Palestinian Arabs? Indeed, it is the former Jewish communities of Gaza which are being used as launch pads for rockets against Israel. (At least, it would be a good start toward ending Arab occupation and reclaiming Jewish land!)

Quote of the Week:

“An Israeli child who suffers terror-inflicted injuries is not similar to a civilian who is injured unintentionally by defensive measures anchored in international law. I say to the world: You want to judge Israel, do it by your own criteria.” Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.Good and viable words! Does she live by them? Not really! She is just another political chameleon.

Political Persecution in Israel. Tzviyah Sariel, 18, is to remain in prison for yet another month without any formal charges being placed against her, in spite of the fact that the Arab complainant said Tzviyah did not hit him and that he signed the complaint because the police told him to. "I'm surprised that the girl who made all the problems is not here," Hussein said. "It was the other girl". She who has been imprisoned for almost three months on charges of having attacked Arabs who attempted to enter her town of Elon Moreh in Samaria.

The Same Stupidity of Impotence in Progress. The Security Cabinet decided last Wednesday to put an end to the rocket and mortar attacks fired by Gaza terrorists at Israel. The resolution adopted by the cabinet included a decision to destroy the Hamas regime in Gaza, while continuing to negotiate a final status agreement with Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas. (It took them 7 years to make decision to stop the rocket and mortar attacks. However, they still remain blind by insisting on negotiation with enemy!)

Right Idea. "The day will come when we will banish you from this building and from the national home of the Jewish People," MK Eitam told Arab MKs during a Knesset session on Wednesday morning. He was referring to an anti-Israel protest held in the Israeli-Arab city of Umm El-Fahm. (But he spoiled it by saying “We must expel you to Gaza." – Gaza is Jewish land!)

Put Olmert on Trial. Billionaire Lev Levayev told the Haaretz newspaper that when Prime Minister Ehud Olmert finishes his term, "Investigate him and try." The Jew from former Soviet Union, also said that the Prime Minister Olmert is betraying Jews by preparing to negotiate over the status of Jerusalem and blamed Israeli political elite for importing "the new American religion" at the expense of Judaism.

Hypocrisy - ‘Loaded’ Headlines:

Last week, Australian multicultural TV station SBS - World news hour ‘balanced’ the news about killing of 8 yeshiva students in Jerusalem by showing pre-made segment about life of ‘poor Palestinian’ in Gaza during the same program. Strangely if not symptomatically, IDF counterattacks against Arab terrorists are never balanced by information about Jews who are suffering from daily Islamic terror attacks by this TV station!

Humanity vs Rockets and Terror. Over 70 trucks laden with food, medicine and humanitarian equipment crossed through Israel's border crossings into the Gaza Strip last Wednesday. Meanwhile, 25 Gazans made the trip into Israel in order to receive medical attention. Over 7,000 residents of PA controlled territory were treated in Israeli hospitals during the last year.

One Hour Game. PA President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday that he would not resume peace talks until Israel reaches a truce in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. "The negotiations must be started, but after the truce," Abbas said. "Once the truce is achieved the road will be open for negotiations." (The word “truce” in Arabic means Hudna, a peace agreement that Arabs can break at any time they wish!) PA President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday said he would resume peace talks with Israel. "The peace process is a strategic choice and we have the intention of resuming the peace process." (“Strategic” means to facilitate the distruction of Israel!)

Recognition of Jewish Refugees, Almost? The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee approved a resolution calling for equal treatment of Jewish refugees from Muslim countries, 850,000 of them, in any peace deal. "For any comprehensive Middle East peace agreement to be credible and enduring, the agreement must address and resolve all outstanding issues relating to the legitimate rights of all refugees in the Middle East, including Jews, Christians, and other populations displaced from countries in the region," Such a policy, were it adopted by any U.S. administration, would help limit Palestinian refugee claims against Israel. (What about Bedouin refugees from Saudi Arabia, who were re-settled ‘temporarily’ in areas designated for the Jewish state within trans-Jordan in the 1920s? As a result, Jordan was annexed from the Palestinian Mandate to give them permanent shelter, at the expanse of Jews!)

Egyptian and World Duplicity. Israel's current military escalation in the Gaza Strip "is grave and dangerous, and puts in peril peace efforts conducted by Egypt with the concerned parties," Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul-Gheit was quoted. He called on Israel to immediately cease its military operations in Gaza, describing them as "excessive use of force." (For years Hamas has been terrorising Israel with Qassam and Katusha rockets. Was Egypt concerned about “peril peace efforts”? The same question is applicable to all bleeding-heart liberals’ who are ‘concerned’ about ‘poor Palestinians’, but never care about Jewish lives!)