Sakharov’s Wife Said it Plain and Simple.

The widow of Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov, Yelena Bonner, delivered a particularly strong pro-Israel speech last week at the Oslo Freedom Forum. She blasted the Quartet's peace-making efforts, particularly those of Russia and spoke against the 2-state solution and so-called 'right of return. “With all the money that has been invested in the problem of Palestinians, it would have been possible long ago to resettle them and provide them with good lives in Arab countries”. She continued “According to the UN’s official definition, refugees are considered those who fled from violence and wars, but not their descendants who are born in another land... Returning to my question of why human rights activists are silent, I can find no answer except that Shalit is an Israeli soldier, Shalit is a Jew. So again, it is conscious or unconscious anti-Semitism. Again, it is fascism.”

Anti-Settlements Move is Another Fake Policy. 1) Obama held talks with Abbas 10 days after hosting the Israeli Prime Minister. Seeking to revive stalled peace efforts, Obama made it clear that he would continue pushing Netanyahu to impose a total freeze on Jewish settlement construction in the occupied West Bank and embrace the goal of Palestinian statehood. 2) U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came out swinging at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and specifically rejected his policy of allowing building for “natural growth" in Judea and Samaria. (There is no pressure on Abbas or Arab and Muslim states to recognise Israel as the Jewish state and to stop all anti-Jewish rhetoric and terrorist activities! It is time for international hypocrites to shut up!)

Law Must Applied Equally. Vice Prime Minister and Interior Minister Eli Yishai, the head of the orthodox Sephardic Shaas Party, said, ''the illegal outposts should not be taken down. There is a great deal of illegal construction by Palestinians and Israeli Arabs,'' he said, ''and if the law is to be applied, it should be applied equally.''

Obama met Abbas, but “Pressure” on Israel only!

Have you heard of any statement made by the President Obama that would have put pressure the government of Sri Lanka during the last 4 months of military assault on the Tamil Tigers? He could have saved lives, prevent humanitarian disaster and re-new negotiations. Did he? But Israel is ‘another matter’!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is not a secret that the police force in Israel is heavily stacked by Labor party supporters and often plays political games in discrediting, if not blackmailing, Israeli politicians. After years of ‘investigations’ of multiple corruption charges former PM Olmert has not yet seen a court room, although the threat of prosecution has kept him in line with Labor’s political agenda.

Israel Rules out Return to '67 Borders. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday ruled out a return to Israel's 1967 borders, as cabinet rebuffed calls to remove Jewish settlements : “A return to the borders of '67 today, as we are being pressured to do, would not end the conflict, would not guarantee peace or security, it would simply move the conflict to within the '67 borders." (This is the first step in the right direction. The next is to set the Jewish National Goal and implement the Sinai Option!)

Appeasement and Inaction do not Work. North Korea threatened war after South Korea joined an anti-nuclear proliferation treaty last week. The country also reportedly restarted processing nuclear fuel for weapons production, and fired three short range missiles a day after it had tested a nuclear weapon and fired three additional missiles.

A ‘Spanner’ in the Government. Defense minister and Labor Party head Ehud Barak strongly opposes the draft law that would outlaw the commemoration of the Naqba by Israeli Arabs. (Commemoration of the Naqba, catastrophe – defeat of Arab armies during Israel’s independence war, is forbidden in Jordan. Why does he not object to it?)

There is no Reason to Wait. Strike is Needed Now! Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said last week that his country would not negotiate with international powers over its nuclear program. Nuclear talks between Iran and Britain, China, France, Russia, the U.S. and Germany have been frozen since September.

Police Play Political Game Again. The Israel Police interrogated Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman last Wednesday for the fifth time since he took office. The session lasted five and half hours and leaks that immediately followed it suggest that the police are tightening the noose around the Foreign Minister, and will recommend within a month’s time that the Prosecution press charges against him. (Either charge him or put a sock in it!)

Quote of the Week: "We call on all security personnel to refuse expulsion orders! A soldier or a policeman who is asked to take part in an uprooting operation is obligated to refuse this order, which goes against Torah values. The holy Torah prohibits taking part in any act of uprooting Jews from any part of our sacred land." - Leading Rabbis of Israel, including rabbi Yaacov Yosef, son of the spiritual leader of the Shas ultra orthodox political party. – I hope this the beginning of a new Zionist revolution in Israel.

The ‘Best’ Choice for the UNESCO Chief? Egyptian Minister Farouk Hosni, a candidate for head of UNESCO - the UN’s education and cultural organization, has called in the past for the burning of Israeli books. Now, in order to get the ‘profitable’ position, he is saying: “I am a man of peace”.

Rebuilding the Jewish Temple – Not a Bad Idea! Sheikh Raad Salah, leader of the Northern Wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel, believes Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will try to rebuild the Jewish Temple. Jewish religion commands the Jews to rebuild the Temple as part of a Divine plan for the salvation of the Jewish people and the entire world

Another Top for Israel. Israel remains in the top tier of healthiest countries in the world to live in, according to the 2009 World Health Organization Statistics. Life expectancy in Israel reached 81 in 2007, The newborn mortality rate in Israel (3 per 1,000), the under five-years-old mortality rate (5 per 1,000) and the maternal mortality rate at childbirth (4 per 1,000) were much lower than the European averages of 10 per 1,000, 15 per 1,000 and 27 per 1,000 respectively.

Jordan: We Are Not Palestinian State. Jordan officially objected to MK Aryeh Eldad’s pronouncement that it is the official Palestinian state and that Arabs in Judea and Samaria should be given Jordanian citizenship. Almost 60% of the Jordanian population are so-called Palestinians. (It is true, Jordan is not a Palestinian state - it is 77% of the Jewish land, occupied by Arabs!)

Hypocricy of the Headlines.

Israel 'Willing to Risk' Relationship with the US” – Several publications – It is better to risk a relationship with any country than to gamble with sovereignty and even the existence of the State of Israel!

US Must Stop Meddling and Start Respect Sovereignty. A visit by United State Vice President Joe Biden to Beirut was labelled by as meddling in Lebanese affairs by Hizbullah MP Hassan Fadlallah: "We call on all Lebanese, regardless of their political views, to rise up against such meddling which represents a flagrant violation of Lebanese sovereignty." (Hizbullah, Fatah/Hamas and their friends in the Islamic world do not complain about the US’ true meddling in the affairs of a sovereign state when it is the Jewish state which is being pressured to surrender to Islamic terror by visiting ‘envoys’ and secretaries and being called to the ‘red carpet’ for presidential admonishment!)

Russia is ‘Unbiased’ Member of Quartet? Russian foreign affairs minister Serguei Lavrov said contacts with the Hamas must be maintained. Following a meeting with Hamas political office chief Khaled Meshaal in Damascus, Syria, he said, ''Russia is the only member of the Quartet for the Middle East that does not boycott the Hamas.'' (I bet that the sale of arms to Lebanon and Syria is a major factor behind Russia’s love for Hamas!)

Don’t Raise Your Hopes. Arab League secretary general Amr Mussa said that rumours that the Islamic Conference Organization could propose a separate peace accord to Israel are totally unfounded. (They are not interested in peace, only destruction of Israel!)

Will it Stop UN’s Anti-Israel Bigotry?

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon met with President Shimon Peres not long ago. Peres made it clear that Israel would not apologize for its actions in Gaza. “We do not accept even one word from the report. This is an unfair and unilateral report, which ignored the cruelty and incessant fire by Hamas”. Ban Ki-Moon promised that the U.N. would not conduct any more inquiries without coordinating them with Israel: “I took action to balance the latest report in which Israel was attacked for ‘Cast Lead,’” Ban told Peres. “I admit that the committee made several recommendations that were beyond the scope of the mandate given it.” (In plain English, it is as close as Israel can get to an apology from the UN for its highly anti-Israel biased report.)

Ten United States Attorneys general wrote a letter last month to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defending Israel's military action in the Gaza Strip and condemning Hamas’ rocket attacks on Israeli citizens and blending between civilians and combatants as war crimes. "By intentionally targeting 6,300 rockets against Israel's civilian population, Hamas is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of a war crime in that it has violated … the Geneva Convention of 1949," says the letter. (The UN report has completely ignored this information!)