Happy Purim!

After Pesach and Hanukkah, Purim is the third major Zionist holiday. It is not just about the readings of the Book of Esther. It teaches us that when united and determined Jews can defeat any enemies, even living as a minority in hostile exile. Our spiritual and political leaders need to learn this lesson in order to make progress in uniting Jewish people and land!

Purim Message from a Holocaust Survivor

by Solly Ganor

Today, when we are under threat of annihilation from the same old country of Persia, Iran, we should tell the story again! Do we need an Esther Hamalkah and Mordechai to come and save us from the new Haman? Perhaps our Prime Minister Bibi Nathanyau will dress up like Esther Hamalka and our defence minister Ehud Barak as Mordechai. The two of them are all fired up to preempt and strike. After all we did it already twice: Once in Iraq and the second time in Syria without any dire consequences. Sadam Hussein, who threatened to burn Israel to the ground, if he had A-bomb he wouldn't have hesitated to use it against us.

Rules of War!

(from a list of the 613 Mitzvot)

Even before the War of Independence enemies of Jewish people were conducting genocidal war against Jews in Europe and Palestine! Israel is still fighting this war!

- That those engaged in warfare shall not fear their enemies nor be panic-stricken by them during battle (Deut. 3:22, 7:21, 20:3).

- To anoint a special kohein (to speak to the soldiers) in a war (Deut. 20:2).

- Not to destroy fruit trees (wantonly or in warfare) (Deut. 20:19-20).

- In a permissive war (as distinguished from obligatory ones), to observe the procedure prescribed in the Torah (Deut. 20:10 - “When thou drawest nigh unto a city to fight against it, then proclaim peace unto it.”)

- Not to degrade a beautiful woman (taken captive in war) to the condition of a bondwoman (Deut. 21:14).

- That the evil done to us by Amalek shall not be forgotten (Deut. 25:17).

- To destroy the seed of Amalek (Deut. 25:19).

Note: The laws of Torah stated it clearly - Jews can forgive and make peace with enemies who want peace, but not with murderous and unrepentant haters of Jewish nation!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

There are many mitzvahs, commandments, in Judaism. Two of them direct us to live a happy and purposeful life. Unfortunately, most branches of Judaism mainly promote tzdoka, donation. There are other important mitzvahs - Jewish unity and re-unification of the Jewish land, as Jews of all political affiliations used to sing “Eretz-Israel on both side of Jordan river” are imperative for Jewish survival!

Israelis are Leading Innovators of Water Technology

Israel advances water solutions for the global market. The projects include 500 water schemes in Rumania, preventing water leakage in Moscow, irrigating sugar cane plantations in South Africa, recycling wastewater at the Beijing Olympics, fish farm hydroponics in Turkey and desalination in Cyprus. So the great news is that Israel will have surplus water within a decade. Even by the end of next year, 75% of Israeli households will be using desalinated water.

Israel is Good Investment

Israel, under threat of war from its neighbors since being founded in 1948, produced better risk-adjusted returns than all other developed stock markets in the past decade as the technology-driven economy attracted global investors. The Israeli gauge returned 161 percent including dividends over the last decade, the third-best performance among developed markets after Norway’s OBX Index and the Hang Seng.

Arab MKs Deliberately Spread Dangerous Libel

The two lawmakers, both of whom draw salaries supported by Israeli taxpayers, were listed as representatives of “Palestine at the International Conference for Defence of Jerusalem in Qatar. Both Israeli-Arab MKs made statements to the Qatari media claiming that Israel is an “occupying power” in the holy city. El-Sana warned that Israel is threatening the existence of the al-Aqsa mosque, located in Jerusalem's Old City. (Israel is the only country which gives employment to mortal enemies! Isn’t it time to have self-respect?)

Israeli Scientists Discover 'Life Gene'

Israeli researchers from Hadassah Medical Center have discovered a gene that increases the lifespan of mice, and may do the same for humans. Moreover, the scientists discovered a rise in life expectancy among males, based on calorie restriction.

Why does the UN Keep Them Hidden?

Academics believe access to long-forgotten UN World War II archive could shine new light on the Holocaust and bring modern-day war criminals to account. Locked inside UN headquarters is a huge but largely unknown archive documenting 10,000 cases against accused World War II criminals. "It's outrageous that material which could help bring today's war criminals to justice and improve our understanding of the Holocaust is still secret," said British academic Dr. Dan Plesch (The UN, called the League of Nations at the time, like the Red Cross, was the main Genocide Facilitator of the Holocaust. ‘Ugly Nothing’ did nothing when China occupied Tibet, and when Pol Pot killed millions of his own people. It then appointed Koffi Annan, facilitator of genocide in Rwandan, its General Secretary!)

Welcome to the ‘Spring’ - No Apology Necessary?

A furious mob has desecrated dozens of Commonwealth War Graves in a Libyan cemetery amid continuing fury in the Middle East over the (alleged) burning of the Koran by US soldiers. Headstones commemorating British and Allied servicemen, killed during World War II campaigns in the Western Desert, lay smashed and strewn across Benghazi Military Cemetery.

Israel could End Iranian Nuclear Development for Years

A leading European analyst has determined that Israel could destroy Iran's nuclear weapons infrastructure. A former senior German defence official has asserted that the Israel Air Force was capable of destroying key Iran's nuclear facilities within hours. Hans Ruhle, planning director of the German Defence Ministry from 1982 to 1988, said Israel could torpedo Iranian nuclear weapons development for years by bombing only six of up to 30 Iranian sites. (The problem is not with Teheran, but Washington. US governments have been restricting Israel’s right to defeat her enemies, using political and economic blackmail, since the inception of the Jewish state!)

‘Useless Nothing’ is at Its Best

The governments of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Pakistan are slated to run unopposed for seats on the UN’s 47-nation Human Rights Council this year. “These are hypocritical candidacies. Chavez throws judges and critics in jail, bullies young student activists and uses his UN vote to shield the atrocities of others,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based UN Watch.

Arab Supreme Court Judge Refused to Sing Anthem

An Arab judge of Israel’s Supreme Court caused an outrage when he refused to sing Israel’s national anthem. “There are citizens who demand rights and government positions, but who scorn their national obligations with insolence and arrogance... Whoever does not like the national anthem should find a country with a suitable anthem and go there” said MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union).

Even 'Peace Now' Fed up With Arab Officials?

Americans for Peace Now's Director of Policy and Government Relations, Lara Friedman, has expressed her discontent and dissatisfaction with the failure of Arab officials to acknowledge Jewish rights to Jerusalem. “This is a serious problem,” Friedman proclaimed. “If President Abbas cannot acknowledge Jewish claims in Jerusalem, he should not be surprised if it is more difficult for Israelis and Jews, wherever they are, to believe that he can be trusted in a peace agreement that leaves Jerusalem sites precious to Jews under Palestinian control. (More and more delusional Jews are coming to the realisation that Arabs do not want peace with Israel, but destruction of the Jewish state!)

Fake Integrity Failed Again

The French Constitutional Council struck down a draft law that would have criminalised the denial of the genocide of 1.5 million of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks, legislation that has soured relations between France and Turkey.

Dispeakable Attempt of Spiritual Genocide

Slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints nearly a decade after his death. Pearl, who was Jewish, was killed by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002 after being kidnapped. The practice of posthumous baptisms intends to provide members of other religions a (unsolicited) chance at (Christian) salvation after their deaths. In 1995, it said it would stop baptizing Holocaust victims. (Disclaimer: This information was released recently by a conservative Christian site in order to discredit Mitt Romney, who is Mormon, as a Republican presidential candidate)

Quote of the Week:

“Look, you apologize when you’ve done something wrong and you want to make amends. You don’t apologize when someone makes you admit to a mistake that you haven’t made, and in fact, in this case incites the people to do some of these things, because they think the apology is an admission of wrongdoing.” - John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations - An angry mob is an effective terror weapon of Islam! When will the Western leaders learn that Islamists, and Arabs in general, consider an apology as weakness? It only inspires more Islamic violence and terror!

Wishful Thinking or Plain Stupidity?

1)     Isaac Herzog, member of Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, said that the Syrian opposition want to "be friends" with Israel. He refused to name his sources because he said they fear retribution by Assad. He said they are aligned with the main rebel factions. (Why are so many Jews always eager and ready to be fooled and used by Israel’s enemies?)

2)     The opposition Syrian National Council is willing to work with Hezbollah, the council's leader said, provided the extremist group does not interfere with democratic change in Syria. (They say “democracy”, but scream "Allāhu Akbar"! There is not united Syrian opposition, just some gangs of Islamic thugs. Do we really need to replace another Arab egomaniac dictator by a lawless Islamic mob?)