Right Wing Extremism?

by Steven Shamrak

Point 1: Most people base their ideas and opinions on emotions, beliefs and assumptions, not on facts. Blinded by personal psycho-emotional history, we dismiss out of hand the logic of the facts and create assumptions to fit and support our own belief systems.

Point 2: Completely opposite ideologies: Communists, Socialists, Fascists, many Christian branches and Islamists find themselves united on one issue only – Hatred of the Jewish State. At the same time, the Western democracies, Russia and the Arab states are quite happy to maintain instability in the Middle-East region, which allows them to raise the price of oil, using Israel as a scapegoat.

Quite often I am accused of being a Right wing propagator. I wonder why? I do not promote Communism or Capitalism. and I am not a member of any political party. I can't understand why, in relation to Israel’s right to exist and to the right of Jewish people to live in peace on the land of their ancestors there are Right or Left wing political points of view. Isn't it supposed to be a point of view based on historical facts? Why do those ‘bleeding-heart liberals’ jump with unconditional support for any national minority liberation movement, but not the Jewish one?

Just because I do not support the stupid ‘political correctness’ of current the Jewish leadership, do not like the self-hating attitude of many Jews (which has been developed after the sanctuaries of enduring anti-Semitism) and refuse to bow to Jew-haters – it does not make the Right wing extremist. But, because I base my conclusions on facts, logic and self-respect it makes me Right!

Police arrested 64 Arab residents of areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority on Saturday in and around Tel Aviv.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

When Jewish leadership and the Jewish press do not support Zionism – The Jewish National Liberation movement and ignoring the fact that most of the Jewish land is still under Arab occupation, what can we expect from others!

Fighting Against Self. Over two dozen special-unit members and regular policemen burst into the homes of three Land of Israel activists Wednesday. The three Jews were arrested on suspicion of planning the construction of a new settlement in Judea and Samaria (Yesha). The police also confiscated items such as orange hats, bumper stickers and T-shirts promoting with the most common slogan: "Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) - We Continue with Our Heads Held High." (Who is the enemy? Why are Jewish patriots arrested?)

Rain of Mortar Shells and Rockets. At the time when Jews in Israel celebrate Sukkot Gaza-based terrorists fired four Kassam rockets and some 25 mortar shells at Israeli towns in the western Negev Wednesday morning.

New Energy Source for Israel. Israeli biomass energy start-up company Genova is setting up its first pilot plant, using olive pits to make energy. An engineer Dr Yuri Wladislawsky, who immigrated to Israel from Tbilisi, Georgia in 1996, came up with a new way of burning the biomass, organic waste.

When will Stupidity End? The IDF is working on a proposal that calls for a "complete disengagement" from the Gaza Strip - involving the closure of all border crossings with Israel and the transfer of all responsibility over the Gaza Strip to Egypt. The proposal was recently raised by Deputy Chief of General Staff Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky. (1. Gaza is the land of Israel! 2. Egypt has been facilitating the Gaza violence and has already several times rejected the idea. 3. Wouldn’t it be more effective and easier to transfer all ‘Palestinians’ to Sinai?)

Quote of the Week:

"I have spent a full year in prison... I regret the lack of interest on the part of the Israeli Government and the Israel Defence Forces in my case…” - Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the first sign of life from the young serviceman since he was abducted. A recorded message released by Hamas. - Hamas kidnapped and is holding an Israeli soldier! How much more proof does Israel’s government need that it is time to take decisive action and clear Gaza of its Hamas infected, hostile population!

Ramallah-Lynch Terrorist Nabbed. IDF soldiers have arrested the last of the PA terrorists responsible for the brutal lynching of two IDF reservists in Ramallah seven years ago. Soldiers apprehended 36-year-old Tanzim (Fatah) terrorist Hayman Zaben.

Shadow of Arafat’s Homosexuality. According to the Jerusalem Post, Hamas and Fatah have recently issued several statements accusing senior members of the rival terror group of engaging in homosexual sex and adultery.  Hamas has made similar allegations against Fatah for months.

Olmert is Still Delusional. PM Ehud Olmert spoke in favor of continuing negotiations with the PA.  In the past, he said, Israel had no partner for peace, but now Olmert praised PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas as a “moderate.”  He said he planned to continue releasing terrorist prisoners as a “gesture” to Abbas. (How many ‘gestures’ for nothing can Israel afford and why do we keep making them?)

Is It a Freedom of Speech? Knesset guards, last Monday, forced children of Jewish prisoners to change their shirts because they bore pictures of their fathers. The children accompanied their families to a meeting with Public Security Minister Avi Dichter (Kadima), protesting the government agreement to free terrorists while leaving their fathers in jail.

In Honour of the Victims of Hevron Massacre. The Hevron Jewish Community accused the Israeli Government of breach of trust, abuse, and hostility towards the Jewish owners of Arab-stolen property in the City of the Patriarchs and preventing “the return of the Jewish properties to their owners, and to prevent the correction of the historic injustice of the 1929 pogroms". Entitled "The State of Israel's Management of the Stolen Jewish Property in Hevron," the report was issued in honor of the 78th anniversary of the Hevron massacre, when Arabs brutally murdered 67 of their Jewish neighbours in their homes and in the local yeshiva.  The Jewish survivors were then removed from Hevron, leaving behind their homes and land to be stolen by the Arabs.

Jewish Contribution to Humanity:

MARCEL Marceau (born as Marcel Mangel) a Holocaust survivor, who revived the art of mime and brought poetry to silence, died in Paris at the age of 84. He was born in the Alsatian town of Strasbourg on March 22, 1923. After his father was killed by the Nazis in 1944 Marcel joined his elder brother in the Resistance and later he joined the French Army.

One-State Solution – Unpublished Letter.

by Steven Shamrak.

I sent this letter to “The Australian Jewish News” a while ago, as a reply to several letters about ‘Two-States solution’ and ‘Jordanian option’ (transfer control of the West Bank to Jordan) that had been published by the paper. As usual it was not printed. Pro-Zionist ideas are considered as radical, but ideas based on self-hate and treason are not!

The idea of a two-state solution has become the only focus of the peace process in the Middle East. For many years Israel has tried education, negotiation, economic stimulation, political and territorial sacrifice. Israel gave control of the West bank and Gaza to the PA after the Oslo agreement. Nothing has worked so far! The idea has failed to bring peace to Israel, just more terror.

The idea of the removal of 240,000 Jews from their ancestral land, Judea and Samaria, does not shock "Peace Now" supporters. At the same time they are rejecting the idea of the transfer of Arabs from Jewish land. Why is the idea of giving up Jewish land to enemies, whose goal is the complete destruction of the State of Israel, not considered radical, but advocating the rights of Jewish people to the land of their ancestors is? The fact that our enemies, not just Arabs, have been persistently working on a one-state solution, a Muslim state without Jews, is completely ignored by many Jews!

Recently, a new Islamic order has emerged in the Gaza Strip. People have started to talk about three or four states on Jewish land: Israel, Jordan, Fatahstan and Hamastan. Any idea is acceptable for consideration, but not the Jewish one!

Peace in Israel and the two-state solution are mutually exclusive. One-state alternative: Israel as the Jewish state on all Jewish lands is the only effective way to bring peace and end Arab terror in Israel permanently.