Religious Forgery of Islam.

by Steven Shamrak

One of the most widely accepted ideas about Islam is the belief that “Allah” is one and the same as the God of Israel. Is it really true? Let put political correctness a-side and take a brief look at the history and facts.

Mohammed was born in A.D. 570 into the Arabian tribe of Quraysh (sounds very much like the root of the word Quran). The tribe was in control of the city of Mecca, the town where pagan tribes would come to worship at the Kaabah stone, a pantheon where they kept all their gods and idols in the cube-like construction.

Mohammed proclaimed Allah, the widely worshipped moon god throughout ancient Mesopotamia, as the only true god. He chose a powerful god Allah from the many pagan celestial gods in order to accommodate the pagan population in Arabia (Like Christians before him, who put the story of the virgin birth of a popular Syrian god into the Bible and adapted the pagan tradition into Christmas and Easter). Allah was the prominent moon god, who was married to the sun goddess. The word “Allah” is a contraction of al-llah, an old Kaaba god – he was the top God of the pantheon of 360 pagan gods.

It is not surprising that Islam retained many aspects of paganism. It is heathenism discussed in monotheistic form. Muslims still make an annual pilgrimage – Hajj - to the black Kaaba structure, like the one where gods of the Arabian tribes were stored. Therefore, Islam is actually nothing more than the Arabic cult of a pagan self-professed prophet and the moon God of the Kaabah named Allah. Their claim to continuation of Judaic traditions is just a fake – the claim to Jerusalem is political hypocrisy!

How Long will the Deal Last?

US, Europe remove sanctions from Iran as nuclear deal takes effect - Netanyahu vows to ‘monitor Iran,’ says it hasn’t abandoned quest for nukes

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

I don't know when the last time you were truly shocked about the state of Jewry - the lack of guts in our leadership, the moral bankruptcy of so-called progressive leftist Jews... it is hard not to be dismayed! There are still plenty of Jews, who are creative professionals, advocates and contributors to Jewry, Israel and broader society. But the numbers of Jews with no sense of self-preservation and self-respect, who are selling themselves short, is rising! They are self-indulgently endangering the rest of us and betraying our ancestral heritage for a trifle of recognition by enemies, who actually hate them. Their stupidity, ignorance and perpetual weakness, reminiscent with a galut mentality of our past suppression in Diaspora, are becoming unbearable. It is pathetic and dangerous!

Some Christians are still anti-Semitic to the Core!

The United Methodist Church on Tuesday placed five of Israel's largest banks on a blacklist of companies it will not invest in, citing "human rights reasons." The church is one of the largest Protestant denominations in the US and numbers at more than seven million members.

Israel is still Using ‘Vitamin P’

Worrying results were found in a recent poll - 16.9% of respondents said Israel is a very corrupt country, while 55.7% classified it as rather corrupt! A full 92% who feel that you need connections in order to get things done. (“P” stands for “Protection” - it is called in Israel “Protekcia”!)

‘Friend’ Needs to Shut Up!

The US State Department (predictably) condemned Israel’s decision to expand the boundary of an existing settlement bloc in Judea and Samaria. Israeli officials have repeatedly asserted that the government intends to hold on to the area under a future peace deal with the PA, but the PA ended negotiations in 2014. (True friends support each other unconditionally!)

The Europe is still Genocidal anti-Semite!

With money transferred from the European Union an illegal road is being built in the middle of the Judean Desert by Palestinian Authority (PA). Preparation for the construction of the road, which extends beyond PA territory of control and into Gush Etzion, heading towards the Dead Sea, is completed several weeks ago. (Another step toward destruction of Israel is financed by traditional ‘friends’ of Jews!)

Ugly ‘Pride’ of Jewish Left!

A video caught left-wing activist Ezra Nawi bragging how he turns in Arabs, who plan to sell land to Jews, to the PA security forces with full awareness of their fate after they are caught. The laws on ownership of land under the PA controlled areas, originally enacted during the Jordanian occupation of Judea and Samaria (1948–1967), prohibit Arabs from selling Arab-owned lands to “any man or judicial body corporation of Israeli citizenship, living in Israel or acting on its behalf.” (Why not use a similar law to forbid non-Jewish ownership of any Jewish ancestral land? Our enemies have been doing this as ‘normal’ for centuries - Jews were not allowed to own any land in many parts of Europe. This would also allow Israel to appropriate land own by Vatican, including the one the Knesset is standing on, and remove Arab enemies from Eretz-Israel as well!)

Why Do 'They' Dislike Israel Transparency Law?

A new law under consideration by the Israeli Knesset, the Israeli Transparency law, will require NGOs (by the way, that stands for NON-governmental organizations) to identify when they’ve tipped the scale from being independent of foreign governments into an entity which receives a majority of its funding from foreign governments. The US law analogous to Israel's proposed Transparency law imposes criminal penalties, onerous reporting requirements and vague standards, none of which are found in Israel's proposed law. (And yet, the US and others do not like this proposed law!)

Islamic Assault of Europe – Welcome to Eurostan!

The news from Germany about thousands of Muslim men, many describing themselves as an asylum seeking refugees, raping and groping women during New Years eve celebrations keeps getting worse. The number of cases of violence has risen to 516. To make matters worse, the attacks appear to have been coordinated.

Uproar and Silence of anti-Israel Hypocrisy

A major uproar exploded across the political scene recently when Donald Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” There was deafening silence on the official proclamation by PA president Mahmoud Abbas: “If there is an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, we won’t agree to the presence of one Israeli in it.” “Israeli,” of course, means “Jew”! Abbas has no problem with Arabs living in Israel or a Palestinian state. (This is purely a racist policy, but human right activists, anti-Semites and self-hating Jews, are silent. They are not screaming “Apartheid” The next step of the Arab plan, which they do even not hide, is taking over all Israel and removing/killing Jews!)

Netanyahu vs. Netanyahu is not Democracy!

Registration for the race to head the Likud party closed 12 days ago, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remained the only candidate on the ballot. The prime minister has often boasted of the democratic process in the Likud party. (Is it now? Or, by removing all opponents has Likud become an autocracy!)

Hillary's Clandestine anti-Israel Ploy!

Advisers to Hillary Clinton suggested clandestinely encouraging Palestinian Arab protests and also to raise “billions of dollars” in a “Pledge to Palestine.” Clinton: “I am very interested.” While the US government complains about a proposed Israeli law that will force non-governmental organizations operating in Israel, it turns out that the US government itself planned to use NGOs in Israel to manipulate Israeli policy, by sparking demonstrations among Palestinians! (The US governments, the White House, have never been real friends of Israel!)

Quote of the Week:

“I am mystified how self-hating Jews cannot see the forest for the trees! Do they think that any Arab will welcome them with open arms for helping to destroy the Jewish state? Have these people learned nothing from history? Where do they think that they will go if Israel ceases to exist? Nobody wants the Jews! These self-hating Jews are no more than pawns and useful idiots to the enemies of Israel.” – Steven Hirsch, a Face Book posting.

Blame Jews for Everything!

by Steven Shamrak.

Throughout history, Jews have been blamed for almost everything. We were responsible for the Black Death during the Dark Ages and responsible for the exploitation of working classes by Capitalist society and spreading the ideals of Communism around the world. Jews were slave traders and were fighting against slavery; we are branded as Imperialists and human rights activists; we destroyed the rule of Tsar in Russia and created and obliterated, 70 years later, the Soviet Union. We are Anarchists and Socialists, Hippies, gay and women’s right’s activists, as well as neo-Conservatives!

All this stupidity began after a Jewish guy, Jesus, started preaching a basic Jewish law – LOVE - for fellow human beings! Several hundred later his followers, with the blessing of a Roman Emperor, alleged that Jews are responsible for his death. After two thousand years most people, mainly Christians, still have not asked or even want to know about the facts. Crucifixion was the Roman way of punishment of ‘criminals’, people who opposed the brutal Roman occupation and Judea and Samaria were the hot spots of resistance to the Roman Empire. It is only after the Rome adopted the Christianity that Jews were blamed for the killing of the Jewish guy. After all, the Romans and the early Church could not admit killing their own chosen god!

There used to be a saying in the Soviet Union: “If there is no water in a tap, it must be Jews who have drunk it all” – in a word, that means, blame Jews for everything! Paranoid accusations and anti-Semitic propaganda that Jews are in control of the world have now spread from the Christian to the Muslim world.  This technique has always been used by kings, dictators and even by democratically elected governments to control and divert the attention of the mob, sorry population, from the problems that a kingdom or country has been experiencing and their true causes. We have even been accused of using the blood of Christian children in preparation of Matzos for Passover, with complete disregard for the fact that the Torah explicitly forbids Jews from using or eating any blood in food.

Jews have persistently been used as the most effective scapegoat! Some say: “If there were no Jews, they would be invented.”

If all these innuendoes that a nation, which numbers less than 0.2% of world population, has so much power over all Humanity are true, Jews must be really the Chosen people! Therefore, it would be a clear sign to any Christian or Muslim person, who believes in the Jewish teachings, as the Christian Bible and Koran claim, that they must worship Jews and allow us to gain full ownership of all Jewish land. Otherwise, they are not true believers! But we do not ask for any of this. The only request we have is: please leave as alone and let us live in peace on our land, Eretz-Israel!

And finally, I wonder if Jews are so powerful and such a world-controlling nation, as our ‘admirers’ say, why aren’t we yet, almost 60 years after declaration of independence of Israel, in complete control of the land of our ancestors? Furthermore, all of us must ask: what a low level of self-esteem and/or heightened hate for Jews those idiots, who blame Jews for everything, have? Aren’t they able to do anything significant at all, good or bad, on their own? At the same time, I sincerely wish that they were right!