Regain Sovereignty in Fight Against Enemies

by Yehudit Katsover & Nadia Matar

The relentless onslaught of deadly attacks plaguing Israel means that the government of Israel must rethink its strategy for combating terror and its offshoots.

The soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Security Agency, the police and other security agencies risk their lives day and night to protect us.

Firm and forceful security and thriving Jewish communities are essential, yet to effectively eradicate the roots of terrorism, a novel approach is required.

The government must lead settlement activity with strength, resolve and steadfast national pride. Firm and forceful security is essential and, no less so, thriving Jewish communities. But they are not enough to effectively eradicate the roots of terrorism.

So far, the responses of this government have been more or less similar to those of preceding ones. Our enemies interpret this as giving them a green light to continue on their terrorist path without facing any real consequences.

No more excuses about it not being the “right time.” The international community has consistently condemned Israel for every Zionist action it has taken since – and even before – the establishment of the state, and will continue to do so in response to any future actions.

It is better for Israel to accept this measure of condemnation for a significant and commendable national act that will prevent terrorism, rather than to receive the same denunciation for the legalization of an outpost or stony hilltop, no matter how important they may be.

The Israeli government must take this crucial step of sovereignty out of full recognition of Israel's moral justification in doing so.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Most international news reports have been showing long, protracted, ‘heart breaking’ stories about ‘Palestinians’ dispersed in Gaza after Hamas waged war against Israel. Most of them show ‘Pallywood’ productions of almost ‘starving’ Gazans, who have no food or water, but at the same time they look quite well fed and wearing pristine clean clothes. None of those Israel-hating news programs care to show reports about hundreds of thousands of Jews, who were forced by Hamas to flee their homes next to Gaza, and in the North of Israel due to constant rocket fire from Hezbollah!

Terrorists Eliminated at Shifa Hospital

The IDF and ISA, led by the 401st Brigade, and Shayetet 13 special forces are continuing precise operations in the Shifa hospital to thwart terrorism. 20 terrorists have been eliminated at the Shifa hospital. he IDF says Faiq Mabhouh was eliminated in an encounter with the troops while armed and hiding in a compound at the Shifa hospital. This is further evidence of Hamas' systematic abuse of hospitals and civilian infrastructure for its terrorist activities.

Israel does not Need Biden's Approval

The War Cabinet led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved IDF plans for evacuation of civilians and a military operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, along the Egyptian border. The United States has said it will not support the move, inasmuch as the plan has not been discussed with the Biden Administration. “The US needs to see a clear and implementable plan for action in Rafah. The US has not yet seen such a plan. We cannot support an operation that does not include a civilian protection and evacuation plan,” Blinken told reporters. (Did the US share its military plans when it fought Al Qaeda in Afghanistan? Did Israel approve the plans? Did they include protection and evacuation of civilians?)

Severing Ties with the PA Banks

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has had it up to here with US sanctions against Jewish 'settlers' in Judea and Samaria. In retaliation Smotrich refuses to renew his signature on a document that provides protection from lawsuits to the Israeli banks doing business with the Palestinian Authority. Without government protection, the Israeli banks are expected to sever ties with the PA banks, fearing that they would become exposed to lawsuits on charges of transferring funds to entities that pay out salaries to terrorists.

The PA Police Officers Embroiled in Terror

Almost 80 members of the US-trained and armed Palestinian Authority security forces have been implicated in acts of terrorism against Israeli civilians and military personnel in the past three years alone. Between Jan. 2021 and Dec. 2023, 44 P.A. officers were declared “martyrs” by Ramallah after being killed by Israeli forces while perpetrating acts of terror. During the same period, Israel arrested at least 25 members of the PA Security Forces (PASF) on various terrorism charges. (Another reason to remove the PA from Judea and Samaria, and reunify Eretz-Israel.)

Foreign Interference - Israel is a Sovereign Democracy

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Herzog charged that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership. "Israel is a sovereign democracy. It is unhelpful, all the more so as Israel is at war against the genocidal terror organization Hamas, to comment on the domestic political scene of a democratic ally. It is counterproductive to our common goals." (Jewish self-hating, 'useful idiots' have a pathological need to 'prove' to Antisemites that they are ' nice' Jews!)

Hamas Benefits from Aid to Gaza by Land, Air and Sea

Tons and tons of humanitarian aid is entering Gaza from land, air and sea - but most of it is still being hijacked by Hamas terrorist operatives and criminal elements who sell the supplies at exorbitant prices on the black market. Despite all of Israel’s efforts to cooperate with the United States and its international partners to ensure that aid reaches Gaza civilians, Secretary of State Antony Blinken still found it necessary to criticize Israel.

A pilot project to surge additional humanitarian aid to people in northern Gaza without interference from Hamas terrorists has failed. Six humanitarian aid trucks that entered northern Gaza on a specially-paved road directly from Israel were hijacked and looted in exactly the same way that all others have been as they drove from southern Gaza to the north. (Silence and no condemnation of Hamas.)

Settler Violence Fabricated by Foreign Anarchists

As Knesset lawmakers grappled with the disruptive effects of foreign anarchists, a police official said that half of the reports of “settler violence” were manufactured by the agitators. Judea and Samaria District Central Unit police commander Avishai Muallem disclosed to lawmakers that half of the 191 complaints of “settler violence” reported in the South Hebron Hills area were deemed false and manufactured by foreigners. Of 70 similar complaints filed with authorities in the Jordan Valley, half were also found to be unsubstantiated.

Hamas Fakes Casualty Figures

The Hamas terrorist organization is disseminating fictitious figures for casualties in the current war in Gaza. “The numbers are not real. That much is obvious to anyone who understands how naturally occurring numbers work. The casualties are not overwhelmingly women and children, and the majority may be Hamas fighters,” writes Abraham Wyner, a professor of statistics and data science at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in a Tablet magazine report. For those familiar with “Pallywood,” the term coined to describe the Palestinian industry of faking everything from casualties to Israeli attacks, the fact that Hamas produces phony numbers will seem self-evident.

Quotes of the Week:

“We want to speak very clearly and concisely to say that this is not only highly inappropriate, it’s just plain wrong for an American leader to play such a divisive role in Israeli politics while our closest ally in the region is in an existential battle for its very survival.” - The US House Speaker Mike Johnson criticized Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for calling on Israel to hold elections.

"Israel is not a protectorate of the US, but rather an independent and democratic country whose citizens are the ones who elect the government. We expect our friends to work to bring down the terror regime of Hamas and not the elected government in Israel.”  - A senior Israeli official responded sharply to a US intelligence report saying that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in “jeopardy” and predicting Israel would have trouble destroying Hamas.

Sinai Option – the Road to Permanent Peace!

by Steven Shamrak

Not long ago, most parts of the Middle East, including the area designated later as the British Mandate of Palestine and the entire Sinai Peninsula, were desolate, arid landmasses, not belonging to any country. It was a no man’s land with which Jews had an unbroken spiritual and historical bond for 2000 years!

After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War 1, the League of Nations created a Mandate system, appointing new masters, Britain and France. This laid the foundations of the current Arab-Israel conflict!

Trans-Jordan was the part of the Palestinian Mandate which was allocated for the creation of a Jewish state in 1922, in accordance with the Balfour Declaration. Its separation from the Mandate was an illegal act! Unfortunately, the dominant imperial powers, Britain and France, who controlled the League of Nations, used it to rubber-stamp their shady deals at the time.

As a result of the deal, Britain secured financial interests in the Suez Canal; Sinai was illegally given to Egypt by the British with the permission of King Hussein of Hejaz and Nejd, now Saudi Arabia. In return, Britain transferred control of the land east of the river Jordan to Abdullah, son of Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca. Control of the Golan Heights was ceded to the French-run Syrian Mandate. In exchange, the United Kingdom got control of newly discovered oil fields in Kirkuk.

The creation of a united Arab kingdom, Caliphate, and the Jewish state was proposed and accepted by both Arab and Jewish leaders over 100 years ago! This would bring permanent peace to Jews and Arabs, who could then live with dignity in their own countries.

Britain, France, and the League of Nations have deliberately sabotaged, ignored, and disallowed this. The United Nations has been artificially keeping this ugly status quo!

Since its independence, Israel has fought many wars with its Arab neighbours; signed numerous cease-fires (so-called Hudnas - temporary "calm" or "quiet"), and even peace agreements. All those efforts have not brought about any permanent solution to the endless terror Israeli/Jewish society has been enduring daily.

The Sinai option – the transfer of all the so-called Palestinians from the land that used to be called the “Palestinian Mandate” to the Sinai Peninsula – is the Road to Permanent Peace!

The Sinai option will separate the two entirely incompatible communities, and will create an environment conducive to the development of a new nation totally independent of Israel.

1.   The Sinai Peninsula is a contiguous land which is comparable in size to the entire Palestinian Mandate: Israel, Gaza, Judea, Samaria, Golan Heights, and Jordan!

2.   It will provide so-called Palestinians with a contiguous landmass. Isn’t that what the PA is demanding?

3.   It will give Arabs full territorial, financial, military, political, and religious control over the land and its natural resources, as well as their population. There will be no dependency on Israel!

4.   The new entity will be accountable for its actions in accordance with international law.

5.   Israel will be able to securely control its border with the new state, and keep it accountable for any terror activity.

6.   All anti-Israel terrorist organisations and supporting population will be removed from the Jewish lands.

This plan is also relatively easy to implement.

Several years ago, during the breakout of violence on the Sinai border with Egypt, almost half of Gaza’s population went to Sinai and came back in just two days. This is proof that the Sinai Option can be swiftly implemented by Israel when an opportunity presents itself!

1.   There are only around 250,000 people living in the Sinai today, predominantly Bedouins.

2.   The SINAI OPTION will resolve the so-called Palestinian refugee question, as they can be easily re-settled in the Sinai. (Note: Over 70% of Jordan’s population is so-called Palestinians - others are decedents of the refuges from Saudi Arabia.)

3.   For many decades (over 70 years) the international community has been wasting/spending billions of dollars on the maintenance of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The SINAI OPTION offers the opportunity for investment in the permanent resolution of the conflict.  Those billions of dollars can be productively used to establish a homeland for so-called Palestinian refugees and will be available to alleviate the suffering of many real refugees over the world!

4.   Population transfers were successfully implemented before and after the adoption of the Fourth Geneva Convention resolution, 1949. In fact, Israel is the only country this resolution is targeting - to prevent the transfer of the fake Palestinian population from Jewish land after the War of Independence!

5.   It will create investment opportunities and would be of great benefit to Egypt, as well as a financial bonanza for those Palestinians who are currently living in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and Jordan.

6.   It will improve the lifestyle and living conditions, and bring peace, stability, and prosperity not just to so-called Palestinians, but to the entire Middle East region – including the Arabs states and the people of Israel!

This will be the beginning of the process of ending the occupation of Jewish land by enemies, and establishing true and permanent peace in Israel - free of terror! The new entity can be either part of Egypt or becomes another independent state. 

The plan can be implemented humanely and gradually under the supervision of the international community or Israel can execute it unilaterally by force when the Arab enemies of the Jewish state start the next war or commit a hideous act of terror against the Israeli population. Israel must be ready to implement the SINAI OPTION at any time!

This is the only way toward permanent peace in the region and fulfilment of the 2000-year-old commandment and inspiration of Jewish people – the return to the G-d given land of our ancestors!

The International community and Arab and Muslim countries insist that they want peace in the Middle East! Why don’t they even want to hear about this alternative plan?