Happy Yom Ha'atzmaut – Next Year in Eretz-Israel!

Real Obama and Disingenuous Jews.

by Steven Shamrak.

Not long ago the Reform movement voiced outrage at a U.S. congressman who said Muslim radicals would celebrate Barack Hussein Obama's election. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) recently said: "They’ll be dancing in the streets because who his father was and because of his posture that says, 'Pull out of the Middle East. Pull out of this conflict.'" Only self-hating Jews were offended by this statement. but not Muslim radicals. Just recently Hamas indorsed Obama's candidacy.

Obama is not even true African-American: His biological father was a Kenyan Muslim, who was raised by Muslim stepfather in Indonesia. His family did not suffer from slavery and have not being experienced racial discrimination throughout generations in US!

Some time ago Obama chose to be a member of the black racist church, where his own mother would not be welcome. This church propagates the racist ideology of scholars such as James Cone, who said: "The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community." This kind of racial hate is propagated in Obama’s church, but after 20 years membership he pretends to know nothing even about the racist preaching of his own spiritual mentor and friend, Rev. Jeremiah Wright who, like Barack Obama, was a Muslim before ‘converting’ to Christianity. (According to Muslim law, one is Muslim for life!) An old proverb states: “Tell me who your friends and I shall know who you are!”

Where his American patriotism is concerned, Obama does not wear a flag lapel pin and did not bother to place his hand on his heart when the American National Anthem was played. Is Obama a racist, liar, fraudster or just another political chameleon? It doesn’t really matter. Neither qualifies him to hold position of the President of the United States!

It is shocking to see that in the leading democracy of the world, public is mesmerised by euphoria of fake political correctness and is still believe in empty, demagogic political speeches. Nobody wants to ask or even hear the answers to tough and valid questions!

Is Obama Muslim? In January 1968, Obama was registered as a Muslim at Jakarta's Roman Catholic Franciscus Assisi Primary School under the name Barry Soetoro, whose stepfather worked for the topography department of the Indonesian Army. Later Obama was enrolled also as a Muslim in the Besuki Primary School, a public school in Jakarta. Obama acknowledged in his autobiography studying the Quran and describes the public school as "a Muslim school." The Times' Nicholos Kristof wrote Obama recited, "with a first-class [Arabic] accent," the opening lines of the Muslim call to prayer, which Obama described as "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” Obama's brother Roy is certainly a practicing Muslim. Obama, the presidential candidate, wrote in his wedding book in 1992: "The person who made me proudest of all was Roy… two years ago he decided to reassert his African heritage. He converted to Islam, and has sworn off pork and tobacco and alcohol." (Obama’s religious affiliation and upbringing must not be an issue during US presidential election! It would not be public concern if he has been open and honest about it! What is he hiding and what is his hidden agenda?)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned Tehran that if she were president, the United States could "totally obliterate" Iran in retaliation for a nuclear strike against Israel. – Wouldn’t it be too late and, by deliberate inaction against existing nuclear threat to Israel from Iran and not removing it prior the attack, constitute facilitation of the second Holocaust?

An IDF inquiry has found that the family was killed in Gazan a week ago by secondary explosion after the IAF hit terrorists. The terrorists were caring explosives near victims home, in populated area, in violation of the Geneva Convention! No media outlet has pointed this out!

Gaza terrorists fired two rockets at Sderot on Wednesday evening, during the Holocaust remembrance ceremony.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor by Israel was met with pretence of outrage; bombing of a Syrian nuclear reactor received mute approval. Must Israel always do the dirty work for an inept, ungrateful, anti-Semitic international community? The goal of Islam is world domination. Like it or not, Israel is the word’s front line of defence, at least start appreciating this!

US Pressures Israel. Pressure is picking up on Israel to reach a cease-fire deal with Hamas in the Gaza Strip ahead of US President George W. Bush's planned visit to Jerusalem on May 14. (I would like to see the reaction of the US President to Israel’s pressure on the US to reach a cease-fire with Shia resistance fighters in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Bush’s fake photo-ops can wait!)

Peace Partner? Moderate Terrorists? My Foot! A PA court, under the control of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah organization, in Hevron sentenced a 25-year-old man, Emad Saad, himself a former member of the PA forces, to death for giving Israel information that led to the elimination of four terrorists.

Not Bad for a Little Country. Israel successfully launched the Amos 3 communications satellite from Kazakhstan. The satellite was built by Israel Aerospace Industries' MBT Space Division and is to replace the Amos 1 next 18 years. In addition to the TecSar and the Amos 1 and 2, Israel operates the Ofek 7, Eros B and Ofek 5 spy satellites.

Quote of the Week:

“Israel leaders, what is it going to take for you to get real, to wake up, to show courage and determination to protect your people, the rightful owners of all of Biblical Israel? What does it take Israeli Leaders to remember what it was, and the a lack of, meant that 6 million people who died in the Shoa would never have died of -that being, systematically rounded up starved raped tortured gassed and slaughtered, genocided by the islamonazis fascists and Nazis with full participation by anti-Semetic evil people from European countries. Wake up and stop the political correct madness which is going to lead to absolute destruction of Israel from within unless you are prepared to stand up to the world and say no, this is our country, this is a sovereign state and you will not tell us what to do, not now, not ever.” Gabriel, Catholic Australian of English and Irish descent.

Fuel for Rockets. Hamas terrorists held up the Nahal Oz fuel terminal on the Gaza side of the crossing and stole at least 60,000 litres of gasoline intended for the PA's Gaza power plant.

Is Netanyahu a Jewish National Leader? Olmert's office issued a statement on Sunday, that Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu was willing "to give up the Golan Heights, before negotiations even began (with Syria)." The comments came in response to Netanyahu's earlier accusation that PM Ehud Olmert was offering to give up the Golan. (A self-hating PM pointing at a weak leader to justify his own treachery. In order to end terror in Israel we need a true Jewish national leader! Is Netanyahu, who surrendered Hebron and allowed the Oslo war to proceed, this leader?)

Education Produce More Educated Islamic Terror. The Hamas terrorist group swept student elections at a Hevron university and says it will do so in PA elections in all of Judea and Samaria.

Bush: New Arab State Top Priority. American President George W. Bush told visiting Mahmoud Abbas that creating a new Arab state within Israel's current borders before next January remains a high priority. The president's term of office ends in eight months, and he is anxious for an agreement on a final status plan by then. (Another hopeful idiot eager to ‘make history’ or secure his prosperous financial future at Jewish expense!)

Israelis Spend Overseas. Israelis spent NIS 12.4 billion (more than $3 billion) overseas in 2007. In Israel, foreign tourists spent $2.4 billion in 2007. (So much for the tourism in the Holy Land!)

Hypocrisy of the ‘Loaded’ Headlines:

Israel Threatens Holocaust In Gaza...Vive le Canada” and  democracynow.org Inappropriate overuse of the term “Holocaust” is a deliberate attempt to dilute the significance of the sufferings of Jewish people during WW2 and a dishonest exaggeration of relatively minor ongoing international issues and conflicts. The article actually was about: “A seventeen-year old girl was lightly injured Thursday when Palestinian rockets struck the Israeli town of Ashkelon.” The headline was just a cheap anti-Israel propaganda shot!

A Well-Known Secret. Khaled Mashaal, the Damascus-based Hamas leader, said in an interview with pan-Arab Al-Jazeera television that Egypt had proposed a six-month truce (Hudna) between the Hamas rulers of Gaza and Israel would be a "tactic" in the group's struggle with the Jewish state. "It is a tactic in conducting the struggle. ...Hamas is known for that. In 2003, there was a cease-fire and then the operations (terror) were resumed." At the same time, he warned of an explosion of violence in Gaza if Israel rejects the truce. (Well, Israel is facing ‘violence’ now and will have even deadlier one if Hamas obtain more rockets and weapons in next six months. The choice is obvious – Free Gaza, Jewish land, from Arab occupation and end Islamic terror in Israel!)