US Aid to Israel - the Real Cost

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Israel is paying through the nose for US aid and would be better off without it, says a researcher for the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS). American aid to Israel to the tune of $3 billion a year has been maligned by many U.S. conservatives and by the Arab world, but Israel actually loses more than it receives, according to JIMS analyst Yarden Gazit.

"U.S. aid is a net loss for Israel and Israel would be better off without it," he concluded in his report. Gazit explained that the conditions for military assistance are designed to help the American military-industrial complex at the expense of the Israeli defence industry.

One condition of American aid to Israel is that three-quarters of the grant be spent in the United States. "The 'buy US' requirement causes Israel to buy defence products at a high price, sometimes even products Israel may not need," Gazit wrote. He calculated the loss to the Israeli defence industry at $600-750 million per year.

The use of American materials instead of those from Israel also hurts competitiveness in Israel and on the world market, according to JIMS. Not using domestic materials for the IDF "hurts Israeli industry's reputation on the international market and may cause a loss of sales," the report added.

JIMS forecasts that if Israel does not forfeit the American aid, it risks losing out on the growing Chinese and Indian market for Israeli products. Those countries will be under pressure to shop in the United States in light of American economic problems and its bloated federal budget.

Gazit also pointed out that Israel is forced to spend more than $3 billion a year to retain a qualitative edge over Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, which also receives massive aid from the United States. Every dollar granted to Egypt requires Israel to spend between $1.60 and $2.10 to maintain the balance of power, according to JIMS. (But the most cynical side of the US aid is that it is used to keep Israel in political submission and forsake the Jewish national goal! The Arab-Israel conflict is a good business for the US, as it allows trade, with healthy profit margins, of arms for oil!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

We must not forget that not long ago the United States keenly fostered Nazi organizations and racist groups. Before WW2 the State department forbade Jewish producers in Hollywood to make movies against Nazi Germany, calling them warmongers. International anti-Jewish bigotry just became more sophisticated. One must judge true friends by their deeds!

Resilience of Israeli Political Rats

Defence Minister Ehud Barak (chairman, former leader of Labor party) has resigned from Labor and formed a new party called Atzmaut (Independence). Barak introduced the new party on Monday, Jan. 17, as "centrist, Zionist and democratic." (One can’t be truly Zionist while supporting the creation of another Islamic terrorist country on Jewish land! Isn’t Israel having too many political parties and politicians, who just care about their own pockets and wellbeing, with no true national leadership?)

Why Deny Rare Moment of Truth

The French government denied comments attributed to Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie during a visit to Jerusalem, Kuwait News Agency has reported. The French Minister was quoted by Israeli Radio as saying the Palestinian kidnapping of Franco-Israeli Tsahal soldier Gilad Shalit was "a crime against humanity"; a comment that sparked a Palestinian mob attack when Alliot-Marie arrived later in Gaza. (Yet another example how gutless European governments unwilling to stand up to well organised, terror based politics of Muslim countries)


Rape is the Tool of Muslim Hate

A group of seven young men allegedly trapped a 21-year-old mother in her laundry in Bendigo, Victoria and raped her as her children slept. The men, Mohammad Zaoli, 21, Aru Gar, 19, Mohammed El Nour, 18, and Akoak Manon, 18, and three youths aged 17, 16 and 14. All of them came to Australia as refugees from Sudan and Afghanistan. (For years politically correct idiots of Western media down played and even do not report gang rapes and crimes committed by Muslims. This is their expression of appreciation for our kindness for letting them come to Western countries by gang raping our girls. Gang rape is a legal tool used by Sharia law!)

Revolting Enemy Within

Army Radio upset listeners this week with its coverage of a planned housing development in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo. Left-wing presenters indicated opposition to the plan through biased language and skewed coverage. (The Left- infested  bureaucracy in Israel is undermining all facets of Jewish and Zionist life in Israel. They even broadcast enemy propaganda on IDF radio!)

Entry: Right or Privilege?

Pastor Terry Jones who caused global uproar by his fake threat to burn the Quran, has been barred from visiting Britain. He was invited by a group that is critical of Islamic immigration into Britain. "The government opposes extremism in all its forms which is why we have excluded Pastor Terry Jones from the UK ...Coming to the UK is a privilege, not a right, made by Pastor Jones are evidence of his unacceptable behaviour,” a spokesman for Britain’s Home Office said. (When Israel does not allow entry to anti-Israel bigots it's a major international news, for any other country it is "not a right" but "privilege" of entry)

Accidental Act of Political Self-Criticism

Kadima MKs whip out air fresheners during a Knesset vote, explaining that they need to “get rid of the stench.” (Yes, Israel must get rid of idiotic political rot. Setting and pursuing the Zionist National agenda is imperative for survival of the country and Jewish future!)

Quote of the Week:

“Dark storm clouds are gathering. The Iranian nuclear threat has not diminished; the tide of hostile public opinion throughout the world continues to mount; our military leaders speak openly of an impending war, and warn that the long-range rockets provided to Hezbullah and Hamas may cause unprecedented civilian casualties. Yet despite these chilling developments, in the political arena business proceeds as usual. The politicians continue behaving as if their only concerns are to score points against their opponents, and fail to focus on the looming dangers. The government is already displaying signs of dysfunctionality …the coalition is heading towards dissolution.” - Isi Leibler

War Escalation

Less than 24 hours after the breakdown of its nuclear dialogue with the six world powers in Istanbul, Iran announced plans Sunday, Jan. 23, to send a fleet of warships, including a home-made destroyer, on operational and intelligence-gathering missions to the Red Sea and on to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.

Israel is Good for The Palestinians

by Ari Bussel

Israel is good for the Palestinians. It supplies them electricity. It fulfils any order of the Palestinian Authority as a conduit into Gaza. It allows tens of thousands of them to go for medical treatment in Israel. It provides drinking water, assists with the water infrastructure and treats their sewage.

Israel provides vaccinations and helps fight the spread of diseases like bird flu. It supplies many commodities and products that are of far superior quality and at the same or lower prices than those brought from Egypt.

Israelis are good for other reasons. They actually care about Gazans. Despite being bombed and kidnapped, ambushed and murdered, Israelis will not target civilians of any age. They protect women and children and the elderly and will do everything, risking their own lives repeatedly, to save a human being be he or she a terrorist fighting against them or an innocent bystander.

Christian Arabs in Israel love Israel... Christians also know what it means to live under Muslim rule, be it in an Arab country like Lebanon or in any one of numerous African countries where they are slaughtered, their churches set on fire with their occupants burned alive.

Druze love Israel. They are loyal to Israel as the Druze in Lebanon are loyal to Lebanon and the Druze of Syria loyal to Syria. But there is something more here - it is loyalty that goes beyond the call of duty. Almost 96% of Druze youth serve in the IDF, a number three times the average for Israeli 18 year old males (if compared to the general Jewish population).

Israel, it seems, is a country so many love, yet so many others love to hate.

Israeli Arabs are still making up their minds where their loyalties lie-with their country, the Jewish State of Israel, or with a convoluted idea of a revolt, a national aspiration to be disconnected from Israel. When offered the chance to leave and become citizens of a Palestine-in-formation, they reject the idea.

Jews choose Israel, for it is their homeland, their shelter, the meaning of their very being, even if often times they do not know how to express their love and appreciation and seem to be distancing themselves from their own land. Mistake not, they have no right or ability to exist if Israel were to cease to exist.

Do not mistake past accommodations and patience for weakness. We are strong and our resolve will not be broken. It is harder than granite, stronger than diamonds. It has been shaped under the immense pressure and temperatures of inner earth, over millions of years, and it is included in the DNA of every Jewish person.