Real Apartheid Entities!

Countering Israel Apartheid Week folly

In 1948, the Arab League of Nations applied the Apartheid model to Palestine, and declared that Jews must be denied rights as citizens of Israel, while declaring a total state of war to eradicate the new Jewish entity, a war that continues today.

In 1948, at the directive of the Arab League of Nations, Jordan devastated the vestiges of Jewish life from Judea and Samaria, and burned all synagogues in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

In 1948, member states of the Arab League of Nations began to strip the human rights of Jews and to expel entire Jewish communities who had resided in their midst for centuries. And since its inception in 1994, the newly constituted Palestinian Authority, created by the PLO, has prepared the rudiments of a Palestinian State, modelled on the rules of Apartheid and institutionalized discrimination:

1. The right of Palestinian Arab refugees and their descendents to return to Arab villages lost in 1948 will be protected by the new Palestinian state. (Jewish refugees are not allowed to return to Gaza and other Arab controlled lands)

2. While 20% of Israel’s citizens are Arabs, not one Jew will be allowed to live in proposed Palestinian State.

3. Anyone who sells land to a Jew will be liable to the death penalty in the Palestinian State. (This law is already enforced by the PA)

4. Those who murder Jews are honored on all official Palestinian media outlets (and by ruling officials, like Abbas).

5. PA maps prepared for the Palestinian State depict all of Palestine (including Israel) under Palestinian rule.

6. PA maps of Jerusalem for the Palestinian State once again delete the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

7. Recent PA documents claim all of Jerusalem for the future Palestinian State.

8. The right of Jewish access to Jewish holy places is to be denied in the new Palestinian State.

9. The Draft Palestinian State Constitution denies juridical status to any religion except for Islam. (In the West Bank under Jordan, since 1948 till 1967, the practice of Judaism and Christianity was ‘only’ restricted)

10. No system which protects human rights or civil liberties will exist in a Palestinian State. (Since the Oslo Accord was signed, the PA has shown its complete disregard for the human rights of individuals, political groups and religious minorities)

If that is not a formula for a totalitarian apartheid state of Palestine, then what is?

Have You Heard about it? Violent clashes between Muslims and Christians near Nigeria's city of Jos left more than 200 dead in a nearby village.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Not long ago, the United Kingdom vigorously and murderously fought against the independence of Ireland; the United States occupied and annexed the South East of north America and later Hawaii. But Jews are not allowed to end Arab occupation and take control over Jewish ancestral land!

Useless Talks Approved by the Arab League. The Arab League has approved "indirect negotiations" between the PA and Israel. The League limited the talks to a preliminary four-month period. The US will broker and make sure the indirectness of the talks. Up until now, Abbas has refused any discussion with the Jewish state. (Why must the talks between two parties be approved by political masters who created the conflict in the first place? It is in their interest to maintain the status quo. "Indirect negotiation" is the display of disrespect by Arabs toward Israel. Must we negotiate with bigots?)

Another Embarrassment for Obama Administration. Syrian President Bashar Assad sat down with Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah for dinner in Damascus last Thursday night, just one day after United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Syria to distance itself from Iran. The trio of terror-hungry Muslim leaders denounced Israel and America and discussed ways to aid ‘resistance groups’. (No hard feelings - it is just another humiliation the US has received from a Muslim country!)

Peaceful Nuclear Program? Ayatollah Yazdi, spiritual teacher of Iran’s dictator Mahmoud Ahmedinajad, says the acquisition of nuclear weapons is a religious obligation. Just ten days ago, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the opposite: “Our religious beliefs are against the use of [nuclear] weapons. We in no way believe in an atomic weapon and do not seek one." (They are inventing ‘religious’ justifications to disguise their murderous agenda!)

Quote of the Week: “…in Egypt more than 17 TV channels every day promoting the Wahabi ideas, and this way of understanding the religion is very exclusive in the sense that they are against anybody who is different. They are against Shia, people of Iran. They are against even Muslims who are for democracy, like myself, accusing me of being secular, against the religion. They are against Jews, of course. They are against Christians (especially Egypt’s Coptics). They are against everybody who is not with them.” - Muslim author and democracy activist Alaa Al Aswany - He also said that beginning in the 1970s there has been a steady rise in the Wahabi brand of religious interpretation of Islam, imported and financed from Saudi Arabia. This is what Saudi Arabia has been doing all over the Islamic world with the silent blessing of its best friend, the United States!

Israel Should Protest Against any Construction in Manhattan. The United States criticized Israel for authorizing the construction of 600 more housing units in the north Jerusalem neighbourhood of Pisgat Ze'ev: “We've relayed our strong concerns to the government of Israel, that this kind of activity” (After all, most land of the United States was forcibly taken from native Indian tribes – in contrast, Israel is building the Jewish state on the land of our ancestors!)

Fatah is Increasing Terrorist Activity. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terror group belonging to the Fatah, which in turn is a member of the PLO which controls the PA, claimed responsibility for the drive by shooting on Highway 443 last week. (The terrorist organization Fatah has never renounced terror against Israel, but lately it has increased the number of direct terrorism acts in order to compete with Hamas!)

No International Condemnation of Israeli Government? For the third time in a month, Israel’s security forces have destroyed a synagogue in the Samaria town of Nachliel. Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Labor, has sent forces in the middle of the night to destroy a shack used as a synagogue (What would have happened if it was a Mosque or Church?)

Israel Gave them Voice, they Propagate Terror. Israel’s public Arabic-language television channel has become a mouthpiece for Muslim and anti-Israel propaganda. The station’s promotion of pro-Palestinian content is effected largely by Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem who are not Israelis and who occupy influential positions in the Arabic station. (It is just another example of the stupidity of ‘political correctness’. Shouldn’t the Israeli government have full control of its own propaganda apparatus?)

Another UN Joke. The Iranian Islamic regime is expected to seek a seat on the United Nations' Human Rights Council. The 47-nation body is scheduled to hold elections in May.

Hypocrisy of the Headlines.

French FM wants international recognition of Palestinian state before borders are negotiated – Another traditional ‘friend’ of Israel. Israel must recognise the Basque state even before France and Spain agree to acknowledge the legitimate claim of the Basque people for independence! So-called Palestinians do not have this legitimacy, but their fake claim is supported by anti-Semitic international bigots anyway.

Truth is Hard to Swallow. Turkey is recalling its U.S. ambassador, after the committee on Foreign Relations of the House of Representatives approved a resolution by narrow majority to call Turkey's massacre of Armenians during WWI "genocide". (The genocide of up to 1.5 million Armenians by Turks opened the flood gates for the Holocaust and other inhumanities of the 20th century. Why did it take the leading world democracy almost 100 years to acknowledge the truth?)

Hypocrisy of the US Genocidal Foreign Policy.

A similar resolution was approved by the same committee two years ago, but did not go forward to the House after pressure from the George W Bush administration.

Before Election: Barack Obama: "If elected President, I will recognize the Armenian Genocide." Hillary Clinton: "I have been a longstanding supporter of the Armenian Genocide Resolution."

After the resolution: Mrs Clinton - who had urged the House Foreign Affairs Committee not to hold the vote - "We are against this decision. Now we believe that the US Congress will not take any decision on this subject." (The busters lie without any shame!)

From Australia with NO Respect. Australian Federal Police (AFP) agents in Israel investigating the Dubai assassination allegedly hit-and-ran a female Israeli bicycle-rider. (They came to ‘investigate’ the alleged involvement of Israel in the assassination of an Islamic terrorist with no respect for the people and laws of Israel!)

Why there are Israeli Arabs - Why Transfer Jews?

by Steven Shamrak.

Critics of Israel love to mention UN resolutions, but they do not like it when people in fact read them. Quite often interpretation of the UN resolutions has nothing in common with the actual text:

Resolution 181 (II). Future Government of Palestine, adopted on 29 November 1947, address the issue of citizenship of the future population of Palestine.

Chapter 3 - Citizenship, international conventions and financial obligations

"Citizenship: Palestinian citizens residing in Palestine outside the City of Jerusalem, upon the recognition of independence, become citizens of the State in which they are resident and enjoy full civil and political rights."

At the time of declaration of Israeli independence most Arabs were not residents of Israel, but the proposed Arab state. Therefore, they should be citizens of an Arab state. It is not Israel's fault that Arabs rejected the UN partition plan.

"Persons over the age of eighteen years may opt, within one year from the date of recognition of independence of the State in which they reside, for citizenship of the other State, providing that no Arab residing in the area of the proposed Arab State shall have the right to opt for citizenship in the proposed Jewish State…"

The UN resolution allowed Jews to live outside the official border of the Jewish state. I would like to ask if Arabs are allowed to live in Israel, why Jews must leave territories, regardless of the outcome of future negotiations? Therefore, I would suggest that transfer of Jews from the territories contradicts UN Resolution 181, as well as recent UN resolutions related to population transfer.

The issue of Jews living in the West Bank and Gaza is used as another propaganda decoy tactic. Most forgotten by now 'big and important issues' like: construction of by-pass roads, Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount etc. They all have one purpose - to hide the Arabs' intention, probably not only Arabs, to destroy Israel!