Rare Normality Among Europeans

by Lahav Harkov

Ambassador Daniel Meron was counting his blessings, looking back at his time in the Czech Republic. “I really hit the jackpot with this posting,” Meron said. “The Czech Republic is probably one of Israel’s best friends in Europe.”

Polling that showed 70% of Czechs are supportive of Israel. “The level of antisemitism is also extremely low."

“Every year we see resolutions passed and action by the government when it comes to Israel,” Meron said, “including standing up in defense of Israel and in defense of truth at the UN and in the EU at every opportunity.”

“Here in Europe, such support is unheard of,” he said. “The level of antisemitism is also extremely low, and generally, we see a great feeling of support towards Israel.”

That support has repeatedly been translated into action, when the parliament rejected the EU’s prohibition for products from Judea and Samaria to be labelled “made in Israel”; adopted a resolution that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel; adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism and condemned the BDS movement.

The Czechs know “Hamas are the bad guys and Israelis are the good guys”. The same goes for Hezbollah. The Czech Republic banned the Shi’a group in its entirety as a terrorist group last year, going further than the EU proscription of only its “military wing,” a distinction that Hezbollah itself does not make.

One explanation Meron gave for such enthusiastic support in the Czech Republic for Israel is “something we repeat time after time, which is received here very well, that Israel is a democratic state where freedom of speech is central, and that is quite unique to see in our region… They say we are a democratic state and we support you, because you are adhering to similar values as the Czech Republic.” (Apparently, the population of the most democratic countries do not cherish democracy much when it comes to support for the Jewish state. For them the anti-Semitism has the highest priority!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The biggest challenge for the Jewish people, especially Zionist-minded ones, is not Israel-hating Arab states, nor anti-Semitic bigots of the international press or European and US governments, but how to remove self-serving, pathetic Israeli/Jewish politicians, including the pathetic leadership of Zionist organizations, who have forsaken the true Zionist aspirations of the Jewish people!

Ceasefire (Hudna) did not Last Long

Israel bombed four "weapons and storage manufacturing sites" following violent demonstrations that took place near the Gaza perimeter fence, during which an Israeli Border Police officer was critically injured by gunfire. This latest outbreak of violence comes just three months after Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire following 11 days of fighting.

Russian Military Engagement in Syria

Russian-made Buk-M2E and Pantsir-S systems intercepted 22 of the 24 missiles fired from Lebanese air space against facilities in the Damascus and Homs suburbs on Thursday. In mid-July when he commented on a purported Israel air strike against Syria. Russians took credit for downing 9 out of 10 Israeli missiles.

Egypt Closes Gaza

Egypt closed its main border crossing point with the Gaza Strip. The closure was connected to Cairo’s efforts to broker a long-term cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. It was the first time the Rafah crossing was shuttered during a workday since early this year. (It was not done by Israel. Therefore, no condemnation by international anti-Semites.)

Lapid Won't have a Government

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked rejected any possibility of a political settlement that includes the establishment of a Palestinian state in the current government. She said: "In a government of which we are members, a Palestinian state will not be established. This is known to Lapid and the members of the left. It was clear that in this government they will not deal with controversial issues." (Enough with political games! Enemy occupation of the Jewish land is intolerable.)

Fatah: There will be no Peace

The Fatah movement, led by Mahmoud Abbas, stated once again that the city of Jerusalem and the holy sites of Islam and Christianity in it are a "red line" and that the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount area) belongs only to Muslims who will not accept an order that would see its use split with Jews. The Fatah movement also clarified that there would be no peace or stability in the region without the liberation of Jerusalem, the establishment of a free and independent state of Palestine and the return of refugees.

The movement sent congratulations to the residents of Jerusalem who stand firm and defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Arab neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, emphasizing that the will of the Palestinian people is stronger than the Israeli war machine, and that the "ethnic cleansing" policy will not succeed since the Palestinians stand by "the historical homeland."

(The enemies, both Hamas and Fatah, do not hide their intention to destroy Israel and kill Jews. Israel does not have a peace partner. When will the government of Israel realise this and take appropriate action?)

Palestinian State Won’t Happen under Bennett-led Government

A deal for a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be finalized while this government is led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. “There is no agreement for this (two-states) within the government,” Lapid said. Lapid was asked if this would change after the government rotation when he replaces Bennett as prime minister. “It could be,” Lapid said. "I want to separate from the Palestinians," he explained adding, "I don't have any interest in ruling over 2 million Palestinians in Gaza or 2.9 million in Judea and Samaria." (Let hope that his rotation will be cancelled. Fake Palestinians are occupying the Jewish land! The best 'separation' from them is to let them leave.)

Hamas Embraces Takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban

Iran and Hamas effusively welcomed the final capitulation of the Afghan government to Taliban insurgents, praising the hardline Islamist organization for its “brave leadership” in defeating the “American occupation.” (There is an old saying - "tell me who your friends are and I'll tell who you are".)

Quote of the Week:

“Our leaders and spokespeople cannot win the information war by devoting themselves to pointing out the West’s hypocrisy and double standards, or the rank mendaciousness and bigotry that stands at the core of their approach to Israel. No one ever won a war by only playing defense.” - Caroline Glick, in “Why Israel is losing the information war”

Facts about Long Forgotten Oslo Accords


The agreement established a timetable for the Middle East peace process. It planned for an interim Palestinian government in Gaza and Jericho in the West Bank. It also included provisions for the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from six West Bank cities and about 450 towns. Additionally, the pact set a timetable for elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council.

The Declaration calls for:

- Israel to withdraw from Jericho and Gaza, and eventually the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).

- Five years of limited autonomy for Palestinians in those areas.

- Election of a Palestinian Legislative Council within nine months.

- Establishment of a Palestinian police force.

- The question of Jerusalem was left undecided.

The Oslo Accords did not envisage creation of another state (only some autonomy) and it has not brought peace to Israel. The agreement expired a long time ago. It is time to correct the mistake! (This failure, which was signed by Israel under great pressure from the United States, only brought an escalation of violence, terror and loss of lives. It has been quietly swept under the carpet and not even mentioned now. It is time to realize that all enemies of Israel and the Jewish people use the fake Palestinians as a tool to achieve the demise of the Jewish state!)