Ramadan is Month of Violence and Hate

Middle East expert Dr. David Bokai explained that Ramadan is traditionally a month of violence and is the wrong time to offer any kind of gestures to Muslims.

"Look at all of the terror attacks in Kuwait, France and here in Israel,” he explained. “They carry out terror attacks against all of the enemies of Islam. Ramadan is defined as the month of victory. All of the great victories of Mohammed and the expulsion of the Crusaders took place on that month. That is why Ramadan turns into a month of terror and violence worldwide.”

Dr. Bokai noted that Israel makes the same mistake every year, regarding Ramadan. “It's amazing that we don't learn, and we make gestures for Ramadan every year,” he said. “It drives me mad and makes me nauseous. This is not a month for making gestures, but for placing limitations. When you offer them gestures, you get terror and violence. In this month one should toughen and harden policy.”

The imam's sermons also inflame the spirits, the expert added. “You see people from the middle class upward who are influenced by the sermons at the mosques during Ramadan. After a 20-minute Friday sermon, they leave with a will to slaughter and kill. That is what characterizes Islam - it's a religion of murder and not of peace. Its culture says that the entire world must be conquered.”

Message from ISIS - “Happy Ramadan!”

ISIS “Ramadan operations” left at least 209 dead in France, Tunisia and Mid East. In the popular Tunisian resort town of Sousse gunmen killed at least 37 holidaymakers. At least 24 worshippers were killed and 200 injured after Friday prayer in Kuwait by a suicide bomber. In the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani ISIS forces executed 146 Syrians. Two men waving ISIS flags and shouting Islamist slogans rammed a car triggering a large explosion at an American-owned liquid gas factory near the southern French city of Grenoble. Around 200 people were killed, Egyptian troops, Islamist attackers and civilian, in the fierce ten-hour battle.

Muslims Massacred by Boko Haram

Boko Haram fighters have gunned down at least 80 Muslims praying in mosques in a northeastern Nigerian town during the holy month of Ramadan.

Cancel Ramadan Exemptions

Naftali Bennett expressed deep concern over the recent wave of terror attacks against Israelis, sending a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he must cancel eased restrictions on Palestinians for the month of Ramadan.

When Deadline Becomes Endless ‘Moment of Truth’

"We have our own sense of deadline," said the US Secretary of State John Kerry. Negotiators here in the Austrian capital are brushing aside the practice of setting hard deadlines in their pursuit of a comprehensive (means fake) nuclear agreement with Iran (two years gone the negotiations - no real progress is made). They have now resolved to stay in Vienna until the deal is done. "We did not set any deadline," said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

When national pride and sovereignty is involved, most countries ignore international opinion - China is defying international opinion and accelerating building of its artificial islands; Russia is still occupying Sothern Ossetia and Abkhazia, ignores outcries against annexation of Crimea and is sending arms and military personal to Eastern Ukraine! Only Israel is unable to shake off the ‘galut’ mentality and is conducting probes and investigations after endless and deliberately anti-Semitic international false accusations. It is time to learn how to ignore them and reunite Jewish land, Eretz-Israel. Our enemies are not interested in peace, only in destruction of the Jewish state!

Israel Funds Enemies of State!

Nationalist activist notes a paradox as national service directorate gives funds to radical leftist NGOs defaming Israel but not defenders of Israel. NGOs such as B'Tselem and Breaking the Silence were found to have been key sources in providing allegedly false claims against the IDF in the UN report.

Hamas is Readying for Another War

Head of the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet/Shabak) Yoram Cohen warned the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Hamas is already prepared to launch another terror war against Israel, just a year on from last summer's war with Israel.

Gaza will be Part of ISIS Caliphate

Salafists in the Gaza Strip plan to officially pledge allegiance to ISIS and openly fight under its banner. The news immediately followed the release of a video from ISIS insurgents in Syria threatening to turn the Gaza Strip into another one of their Middle East territories and accusing Gaza’s Hamas rulers of selling out Islamic values.

The Vatican Remains Deeply anti-Semitic

After recognizing PA as a 'state,' Pope Francis's supposedly apolitical Vatican signs a treaty, covering the life and activity of the Church in Judea and Samaria, with 'Palestine' before it does so with Israel. In contrast to its rush to sign accords with the PA, the Vatican has had diplomatic relations with Israel since 1993 but has yet to conclude an accord on the Church's rights in the Jewish state which has been under discussion since 1999.

Is Bombing Iran still an Option?

The US Air Force has conducted at least three trial runs of a bombing campaign against Iran’s nuclear facilities last year. That report noted that B-2s carrying the bomb had taken off from an Air Force base in Missouri. President Obama has repeatedly said “all options are on the table” to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. (Does he really mean it?)

Erdogan Against Kurdish State in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will never allow the establishment of a Kurdish state in Syria.  In a strong-worded warning, Erdogan accused the Kurds of ethnically cleansing other communities (Turkey still has not apologized for ethnical cleansing Turkey of Armenians, Greeks and Kurds a hundred years ago!) from land they have taken after pushing back Islamic State forces from the Turkish border. (He supports the creation a state of the fake people, Palestinians, by action or inaction aids ISIS, but is against creation of Kurdistan for the nation of almost 35 million - what a hypocrisy!)

Anti-Israel Position of Orange is Clear Now

Telecoms giant Orange announced it is ending its presence in Israel, after agreeing to pay the Israeli mobile phone operator Partner Communications approximately $88 million to sever ties between the two companies and take control of its brand in Israel.

Tunisia to Shutter 80 Mosques

Tunisia plans within a week to close down 80 mosques that remain outside state control for inciting violence, as a countermeasure after the hotel attack that killed dozens. Tunisia, which has been hailed as a model of democratic transition since its 2011 'Arab Spring' uprising, is one of the most secular countries in the Arab world. But the country has also struggled with the rise of Islamist movements (Almost 3,000 Tunisians joined ISIS) as ultra-conservative preachers took advantage of the upheaval and young democracy to take over mosques. (As the first step toward fight against the Islamic State the Western democracies can follow Tunisia and close Islamic hate centres!)

Quote of the Week:

"The great powers had photographs of the railway routes that the trains took to the concentration camps, like Auschwitz, to kill the Jews, and also the Christians, and also the Roma, also the homosexuals. Tell me, why didn't they bomb those railroad routes?” - Pope Francis - Jews have been asking this question since the end of WW2. All international anti-Jewish bigots, including USA, were complacent in the genocide. Before the war “the great powers” blocked the escape of Jews from Europe, after the war they facilitated escape of many Nazis from justice! This particular Papal statement was largely ignored or convoluted/hidden by international media. Almost immediately, the Pope recognized Palestine – this is hypocrisy!

Good, Bad and Ugly anti-Semites

by Steven Shamrak.

Dear human beings. It has become apparent that a phenomena of anti-Semitism - in its old and modern forms - is on the rise again.  At the same time, according to one of the EU directors there is "a problem with the definition of anti-Semitism” For that reason, I would like to focus on the definition of the people who subscribe, perform and propagate anti-Semitism. They are three types of anti-Semites:

1. Good anti-Semites: They express freely their prejudicial feelings toward Jews. I admire people who have an opinion and openly express it, regardless of their political inclinations. I welcome and respect any opinion, even if it is based on lack of factual knowledge. When an opinion is expressed it is opened for discussion. Discussions facilitate growth and change for the better.

2. Bad anti-Semites: They actually act on their prejudicial belief system. They paint graffiti, smash Jewish tombstones, break windows in Synagogues or even sacrifice themselves in suicide attacks. The rule of law must be indiscriminately applied to any act of violence against individuals, organizations and government institutions regardless of their political, racial or religious affiliation!

3. Ugly anti-Semites: They are the worst kind. Many of them are, seemingly, nice people. They could be beggars or multi-billionaires, your neighbours or Prime Ministers. Most of them are nice, polite and very illusive. They are quiet when their voice must be raised but vocal when it is not. The silence facilitates the rise of any ugly discrimination and prejudice, not just anti-Semitism.   

Only simple human decency and intolerance to ugly ‘killer silence’ can stop the sickening circle of hate.